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  1. Has anyone made any liveries for Mexican airlines like: Interjet or Volaris? There are versions for prior editions of the Airbus, but am having trouble adding them into the new model. Thanks.
  2. My autothrottle has been misbehaving a lot. After takeoff, it accelerates to 300 knots and climbs like a demon. It will do the same thing on an approach; while on the glideslope, it will suddently accelerate and climb. I am not sure, however, that the problem is with the model and I may try to isolate it.
  3. I have found that the checklist function is not working quite right. The co-pilot does not flip many of the switches.
  4. My bad! I found the sticky for this aircraft and found the second perf page and enter the data. The plain is following the flight plan. I still need to figure out how to capture the glideslope.
  5. Same issue here. The plane simply is not following the flightplan. From Nuremberg to Hamburg: SULU3M SULUS L604 OBISI P605 NOLGO NOLG3A Take off at Nuremburg. I am letting the auto checklists do everything. Gear up. Flaps up; turn on autopilot. Nothing. The plane does not go to the first waypoint. I use the direct to function to a later waypoint. Nothing. The plane doesn't turn or anything. It is like there was no flight plan or no autopilot at all. AutoSave Mon 095936.wx AutoSave Mon 095936.abx autosave mon 095936.asc autosave mon 095936.fms AutoSave Mon 095936.fxml
  6. I have been trying to learn how to use this aircraft by going through th tutorial flight. I am using the CRJ in boxed FSX with an I7-4770 CPU at 3400GHZ. My GPU is an ASUS GTX780. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. I have 16GB ram. Before starting FSX I ran the DX10 fixer. I also changed your CRJ with the default CRJ and saved that as a separate flight. I then load the CRJ filight with the default CRJ and then change it to your CRJ. I am not running a lot of extra software. I am using FSUIPC for the bindings. Also I am using Aivlasoft's Simplicam to control views. I have a number of ORBX sceneries installed, including the Monteray airport and California regions (in addition to FTX global and LC North America.) I am not using any weather, ATC or traffic programs at this time. When I load the plane, I get blank blue screens and blue boxes around a number of the buttons.
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