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Need some clarification. The Cessna 210 was produced throughout the 1960s and into the 1980s. Carenado's model represents an aircraft from the mid 1970s.

Would this count as a classic because of its heritage (main difference is a slightly stronger engine), or a modern because of its year of construction?

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On 9/12/2017 at 9:04 AM, Captain Doctor said:

Hey there,


first of all, it sounds like a wonderful challange. :D


Three questions from me:

  • Real weather...well...FSGRW isn´t available for P3Dv4 jet, and P3D has no real weather function like FSX. Is there some good Freeware or an idea what I can do?
  • Is the Twin Otter a modern or a historical aircraft?
  • Where can I find the kmz files? :wacko:

realworld weather engibe FREE........FSXWX.   Very simple but works!


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I have come upon a question I hadn't considered.  Greece has so many wonderful islands, provided I stay on the dateline schedule and hit all the airports I've already posted can I do some further sightseeing and log it as well?  As I said, I'll keep the original plan but add a little to it.

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Hi @Mathijs Kok

I have a question about the event.

I'm currently in college, and in the last 2 weeks I had 4 finals, so I really didn't had the time to post in the forum.

May I join the event? I'm not planning on competing, so I don't care if I'm not elegible to win.


Gabriel B

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Just a little question about historic..

I am flying historic for the trip.

While we wait for the next section to start from Bombay (I can never get round to calling it Mumbie) I am doing  a few trips in India to show our hero some sights.  If I fly a modern aircraft for a couple of these will it mean I lose the historic status?  Also if I promise to fly it at least once.....can I get the discount on the Otter.

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