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  1. Hi everyone, I went ahead and bought Iceland X during last week's discount. So far I have checked out Reykjavík, Akureyri and Grímsey. It seems to be working perfectly in FSX SE both day and night. It even found the steam install folder during installing. I'm very happy with it, brings back fond memories of a vacation. Maybe this post will help in the future if someone googles compatibility. Peter
  2. Mathijs, have you thought about starting a new around the world event after your new Airbus Pro models come out? I really enjoyed the 80 days event and it would be nice to do something again. Or maybe just a weekly challenge with different approaches and time/weather settings etc. This would be a great way to celebrate and see the new models in several situations.
  3. Thanks Mathijs and data63, I'm gonna take a look at Orbx as it's freeware but I fear it will be too heavy for my computer. I'm more interested in the airports though, I would love to do quick domestic flights all over the island.
  4. Dear Aerosoft Team, I am very interested in the Iceland & Keflavik scenery pack especially that it's on sale now, but I see that FSX Steam Edition is not listed as a compatible sim on it's shop page. Is it only because the install routes are different or does it need to be compiled differently? Could I install it to a temporary folder and manually insert it into Steam's folder structure? Or is it planned maybe to release a compatible installer alongside a P3D version in the near future? Thank you, Peter
  5. I would also welcome a new Embraer for FSX with today's standards because it's a very interesting aircraft in between Boeing's and Airbus' logic. However the Wilco/FeelThere E-Jets is a great addon that is still complex enough today to get into airline flying and FMC operation if you are willing to look over the outdated graphics. I don't know how detailed it is under the hood but when flying I feel it has been created with the same philosophy as Aerosoft's Airbus. It even has a similiar copilot function. And a scenery request (or a question): does Iceland X work with FSX Steam? If not, do you plan to update it or release a new version for P3D?
  6. I don't mind if we have more time to read, but it is strange that so many people didn't use the official google logbook made by the moderators. There are much more topics than entries in the spreadsheet and to be honest I mostly read those who took the time to update their rows. If the competition is only about choosing everyone's favourite this is not a problem, but if there is a nice prize for the winner (say, a big discount on any aircraft) then the moderators should check every topic if they comply with the rules that were given before the event. Then you could release the list of those who fall in this group with links to their diaries and from those we could chose the 3-3 best after reading. The easiest solution would be to give a generic gift to everyone who finished and the moderators should decide who deserves more. I'm sure though that some would say this wasn't emphasized before and it wouldn't be fair to decide this after the event. Maybe just give a free A330 to everyone who finished, I'm okay with that
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