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Airbus X A320/321: Hotfixes und Updates

Kurzfristige Fehlerbereinigungen und Updates

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    • I notice,  Capt.s Clock not syncing with P3D and the PC, unable adjust the clock! Adjustment knob not Working!   How you sync Clock?   PC and P3D v4 are on the same time!   The 2D display of INS 1 &  2 using Shift Control, doesn’t work or is inactive!   Is it for selecting between INS 1 or 2 when using the A/P?   I had quick look in the manual, it wasn’t any help!   Thank you.   Graham   O/S Win. 10 64. P3D v4.4        
    • I know it works with FSX/P3D versions but I just want to make sure first before I buy it.
    • Thanks for bringing that up. I also agree, and hope to see that the developer(s) for PFPX will update this if it's not already included in the new release PFPX v2. Updating PFPX to export to the new XP11 format would be great.   In terms of the X-Plane legacy v3 format verses the new X-Plane 11 format, what differences are there? I think you should list them here, since it'll make it easier for the PFPX developers and community to see and perhaps they can respond quicker as having to go to another forum.
    • Hey guys,great news:you can get the ADF ident by putting the ADF switch on the pedestal to BOTH
    • It's coming soon.  Still working on it. 
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