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Repaint requests (A330)

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Just got the plane.....

I have this in work.......

Please login to display this image.


I'll try to showcase the wonderful PBR effects Stefan put into this plane....its simply stunning when the sun hits it just right!


So far this is what I plan to paint:

Lufthansa old D-AIKL (as seen above)






If the mods here approve....I'll post random progress shots and release notifications here so we don't have to navigate and monitor a separate posts. 

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8 hours ago, Bernd E. said:

Swiss A330 ❤️  (not sure if it is already included?) 




7 hours ago, Crazychris said:

Scandinavian Airlines 330 would be nice, cant have a 330 without SAS :P









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Request A330-300 fictional Paint for  MEA 

Any reg of the following OD-MEE Or OD-MEA 
Thanks in Advance

p.s i know MEA only have the -200 variant but i dont mind having the livery painted on the -300

inner winglets >> https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/982998/od-mec-mea-middle-east-airlines-airbus-a330-200/


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