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  1. Aer Lingus!!!!! https://www.google.com/search?q=A330+Aer+lingus+EIG&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiv87uXt6nmAhVjQBUIHR2rBpoQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=A330+Aer+lingus+EIG&gs_l=img.3...1988.4153..4423...0.0..0.153.649.10j1......0....1..gws-wiz-img.LLw915HXS9Y&ei=9bHuXe-kGeOA1fAPndaa0Ak&bih=625&biw=1360&rlz=1C1CHBF_enIE856IE856#imgrc=4Dpi7GviTaCllM&imgdii=h2R6JpwoYskCoM
  2. I would strongly believe that this is coming from your sim's lack of FPS which sends the Fly-by-wire system crazy, particularly on rotation when your sim's view suddenly increases to the city (LA) and terrain around you.
  3. Then as stated in the quoted topic above fill in the second INIT page, double clicking the ZFW also. This happened to me and once the ZFW was put in it solved it.
  4. Hi Martin, to the left side of the MCP (autopilot panel area) underneath the ND controls (range and ARPT, VOR etc) and to the right of the altimeter are two 'levers' with ADF and VOR written on each side, they will be flicked right, which means lateral navigation of the autopilot is following them. You need to flick them into the neutral position to allow for the LNAV to engage and follow your MCDU's routing. Hope this solves it for you.
  5. Yes that's a good point, I forgot about Geneva. I would agree that Dublin would be great to put first - it's a much more popular airport in the simming community and real life.
  6. Hi, After my post in the 'request X' thread about Dublin gained some traction, i was wondering if somebody could answer my question: Is the conversion of this scenery -> P3DV4 a 'port' over to V4 or is it more complex? I am desperately searching for any kind of Dublin scenery but there is absolutely nothing - does anybody have an idea of when and if aerosoft are looking at Mega Airport Dublin? AFAIK it is one of the only Mega Airports not on the 'to do' list for the compatability in V4. Thanks!
  7. Is Dublin the only field that isn’t being updated for v4??? Is it even in the endless ‘pipeline’? If not, can it be? It’s a hugely popular field with no scenery at all.
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