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  1. Exactly this. Its nice to be able to pull out the tray table and every now and then open a window on the ground, but I dont see the need to have it random done by a ghost. Might aswell just look at an A330 cockpit video and have the flying done for me aswell.
    I was waiting for this, great to have several liveries. I hope you will add PK-GHD (retro) also someday.
  2. I deleted my Inspector profile for p3d and it was fixed, I now see the range rings.
  3. Not at my pc right now so I cant send the log file. strange thing is I also have a GTX1080TI like most others with this issue..
  4. TAP Portugal would be nice Also Garuda Indonesia
  5. I love the CRT’s. They look so much more realistic! Looking forward to flying a Garuda CRJX all over Indonesia.
  6. Please do so. While I understand some people like it because it might add some to the whole experience, I find it a bit game-like and annoying. Other than that I truly love the Airbus, you guys did a wonderfull job!
  7. Hi, Is it possible to turn of the animations like the footrests and fold out table after climb/before descent, paper between the throttles before the flight etc? I've searched the documentation but couldn't find anything about it.
  8. I would love to see more Asian sceneries. Now we have the Airbus in P3D v4 my sim just lacks decent sceneries in Asia to fly some of the many A320 flights in that continent. KLIA Kuala Lumpur WIII Jakarta WAHH Yogyakarta VTBS Bangkok Int VTBD Bangkok Don Mueang VTSP Phuket VTSG Krabi VLLB Luang Prabang VVNB Hanoi VVTS Ho Chi Minh city just to name a few..
  9. I did that already, almost 2 hours ago.
  10. I just e-mailed, I registered at the support site but couldnt find any way to open a ticket.
  11. Hi, i ordered the bundle with discount a few hours back buth the IDEAL page didnt show up properly. When I tried to order again it says coupon not found/already used. E-mailed support but I didnt get a reply. I am quite inpatient because I looked forward to flying it tonight. is there anything you can do to help me or do I need to pay the full price now? kind regards, Luc
  12. Mathijs directed to you as a dutchie. Apologies for my phones autocorrect in advance. What do you think about the end of Fokker service in europe/klm service later today? Wouldn't it make an awesome addon for P3D v4?
  13. I love this! Not an airbus fan, but I got to get this one. Would love to see an 747 classic done by you! Anyway, any idea how long the SP2 with this beautifull flight engineer's panel will take?
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