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  1. @Capt. PERO thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply. I will create a few new profiles using your guidance (especially using the scenery configset) and hopefully will see faster P3D startup times.
  2. Hi, I bought SIMStarter NG a few weeks ago and can see it has many good features. I was unable to make the livestream a few days ago, but watched some of the recording and didn't find an answer to the main question I have about the product, which is; Can SIMStarter NG be used to reduce the time it takes Prepar3D to start? I have many add-on airports, aircraft (and liveries for those aircraft). I also recently started using Alpha India Group AI traffic and it now takes almost 4 minutes for P3D to start up. I know it is the add-ons which are causing this, because P3D was re-installed on a bigger SSD a few months ago and before re-installing any addons, it took less than 20 seconds for P3D to start and get to the scenario screen. I have set up a profile in SIMStarter NG, with an Add-On.xml ConfigSet which only loads 12 add-on airports in Australia and New Zealand (I use add-on.xml files for all scenery, including ORBX Global, etc). I hoped this would reduce the startup time, but it has not. I suspect I'm hoping for too much from the product, but hope you can comment on this.
  3. I've found out what the problem was. In the DLL.XML/EXE.XML Manager the as_connect Add-on which controls the as_srv\as_connect_64.dll was inactive. As soon as I activated it, Active Sky worked without a problem. So this issue is now SOLVED!
  4. Hi, Since purchasing and installing SIMstarter NG P3D yesterday, I am getting the attached error in Active Sky for P3D V4. The error didn't occur the first time SIMStarter was used; ActiveSky worked well. However, the next time SIMStarter was started, there were some configuration changes which appeared in DIFF Manager. I accepted the changes and clicked the Assign to profile.... button and assigned them to the main profile. Unfortunately, I don't know what the parameter changes were and the Logbook does not show the changes. In case it is important, in the Settings > Program Settings... > External Programs (3rd Party) tab, Path to Active Sky 16 = C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\AS_P3Dv4\AS_P3Dv4.exe and Use Active Sky Version: = Active Sky 2016 (as that is the only option in the drop-down box). The following software versions are used: SIM Starter NG v2.0.0 (rev 175) Prepar3D and Prepar3D SDK V4.5 Hot Fix 3 ( Active Sky for P3D v4 version: 7410 Hope you can help me.
  5. Is there a way to create airline-specific cabin announcements? If I took a full copy of the \Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Sound_ASC folder and replaced some of the ASC_CC WAV files (e.g. ASC_CC_Safety.wav) with an airline-specific file, for say, Delta, is there a way to reference the alternative 'Delta' Sound_ASC folder I've created, using the aircraft.cfg file, so only Delta aircraft play those announcements, in the same way that QualityWings QWPAS works?
  6. Thanks for the information. I have this very issue and I know I turned the APU on during refueling, so it's good to know how to workaround this.
  7. Aer Lingus would be good: New livery https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1018786/f-wwcr-aer-lingus-airbus-a330-302 Old Livery https://www.planespotters.net/photo/348146/ei-edy-aer-lingus-airbus-a330-302 Thanks
  8. Great, unexpected news. It will be good to have an all-new and improved CRJ. The shots look good.
  9. I followed your instructions DaveCT2003 and then tried the same scenario with the British Airways IAE. It loaded properly! I then made the following changes: Changed configuration to use Navigraph and 'realistic' company routes. Added a company route file I had from the previous install Ran Navigraph FMS Data Manager to load database to ...\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph Modified the aircraft.cfg file to make some atc changes and also remove most of the cockpit views. Ran it again and the same CTD problem as with the previous installation Replaced the modified aircraft.cfg with the original copy and no CTD! Modified the original aircraft.cfg file, removing only the [cameradefinition.xxx] sections this time, ran and no CTD! So hopefully the attached aircraft.cfg file will replicate the problem for you and the only changes in it, compared to the original file should be.... Line 11 changed BRITISH AIRWAYS to SPEEDBIRD Line 106 changed GWI to EWG Line 370 changed A319IAE to A319 aircraft.cfg.problem
  10. Thanks for the speedy response DaveCT2003. I will do the full re-installation right now, and report back.
  11. Hi, With the V1.0.1.2 update, P3D v4.3 is crashing when I load any A319 IAE model. This happens if the aircraft is loaded immediately, or as soon as the vehicle is changed to an A319 IAE. The A318 and A319 CFM models are working correctly. This was not an issue in the previous versions, as I completed a flight in the A319 IAE Eurowings. I have lots of add-on scenery (e.g. ORBX and airports), ActiveSky, UT Live, etc. I've tried loading the A319 IAE British Airways and Eurowings at both EGLL and EGAC, both as the first aircraft loaded and then again where another aircraft is loaded first and I select these models as a new vehicle. The crash occurs as soon as the aircraft is loaded, there is no delay. No error trace is produced in Windows Event Viewer. P3D just crashes! There is no "P3D is unresponsive" message.
  12. Congratulations to all the team behind the release of the Airbus Professional A318/A319. It includes everything good from the FSX version, plus great new features and RealGlass and RealLight adding to the whole product. I am REALLY impressed with the way you are rolling out fixes through ASUpdater, (just need to make sure I save aircraft.cfg modifications before updating!) and also for letting FSX bundle owners upgrade much earlier than anticipated. I wasn't happy with all the false starts about release dates! Looking forward to the A320/A321 and then the A330 to look forward to...... now, when is Dublin airport going to be fixed?
  13. Thanks data63. When I look closely at the chart it says loc crs offset 3° I haven't come across that before with an ILS landing. There is always something new to learn with flight simming!
  14. Hi, I am using Napoli X v1.0 with P3Dv4.2. I have ORBX openLC Europe and FTX vector. I also have a Navigraph AIRAC subscription. I've flown various ILS 06 approaches in different aircraft and every time the approach veers 4 or 5 metres to the left of runway 06, landing on the grass. I've reinstalled and still have the same issue. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there an adjustment I can make to get this approach to line up correctly? Thanks
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