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  1. @tdohrer Try disabling RealGlass, if it is enabled (Add-ons > Real Glass) There's an issue with this, that has just been fixed by TFDi and I'm sure it will be rolled out to Aerosoft soon, but in the meantime, fly with it disabled
  2. Thanks for the response @masterhawk. Yeah everything seems to be correct with that texture folder eg. fallback folders in texture.cfg, using AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.dds and the correct model defined in the aircraft.cfg file. The 'stripped paint' effect only happens on a few repaints, so not a big issue really.
  3. I'm running Prepar3D V5.1.12.26829 and in addition to the reflections issue shown in the screenshots above, on some repaints it looks like the aircraft needs an urgent repaint (like the one below). Is this the same issue, just caused by a different repaint technique? It happens with EA turned on or off. Are PBR exteriors currently being developed for the A318-A321 Professional series, or is all the effort currently on MSFS development? I appreciate you've got limited resources, so just want to know if I should post this on the LM forums and ask that the legacy shaders get fixed up
  4. Changing over to latest Nvidia Studio Driver; 456.38, has fixed the KLAS to KLAX flight running under the IFR-LowerVRAM profile, so that's encouraging. I then decided to do a longer flight, this time using the A321 from KDFW to KSAN and again using the IFR-LowerVRAM profile. Unfortunately, about 5 minutes into the cruise the g2d.dll crash with Exception code: 0xc0000005 reoccurred. I appreciate these issues may be just something to live with until there's a new Nvidia or Windows update. If you have more suggestions let me know? Otherwise, the IFR-EvenLowerVRAM profile is working fo
  5. Thanks @mopperle I will try that, do the flight again and report back.
  6. @DaveCT2003 I got no CTD with default graphic settings. So then tried my own 3 IFR graphics profiles. With my IFR-EvenLowerVRAM profile, again there was no CTD. When I moved to the higher profile I've been using: IFR-LowerVRAM, the g2d.dll CTD returned. Attached are the differences between these 2 profiles. On average VRAM was 2.5 with default settings, 3 with the IFR-EvenLowerVRAM and 3.5 to 4 with the IFR-LowerVRAM. Until version, I've been able to use the IFR-LowerVRAM profile when flying between 'heavy' sceneries e.g Latin VFR LEMD, and an even higher IFR profile for '
  7. Hi, Since updating to version, I have started getting g2d.dll crashes with Exception code: 0xc0000005. The error is repeatable. I've flown the same flight from KLAS-KLAX 4 times now and the issue has occurred on 3 of the flights, with a different outcome on the 4th flight (see below). I can do pre-flight and take off, then at some stage during the climb, the error will occur. I read that the g2d.dll controls on-screen text. I always have the Checklist with Co-Pilot and Info Bar options on. On the 4th flight, I set Info Bar to OFF to see if this was the issue. I got a D
  8. Thank you for this Hans. I just had an autopilot disconnect using CRJ V1.0.2.0 in P3D V5, which I assume occurred due to high winds using ASP3D Beta #7. I will try the same flight and reduce the AP Disconnect sensitivity.
    The zip is missing a few files. However you can get an Airbus X download at: https://elmikey.wixsite.com/hangar226/a319cfm and just bring in the missing files
  9. Hi I've just completed my first flight in the A320 in P3D V5. It all went smoothly. I didn't run out of VRAM or have any issues. The A330 has no issues either. You've also ported over most of your airports to V5 and I've not had any issues with those either. In fact they look better in V5, because the GPU gets used more in V5 and the CPU is no longer getting maxed out, so I can put the sliders over to the right more. Congratulations Aerosoft! I think you have done a great job with the migration to V5. You've not over-promised and now you're ahead of other developers! When you
  10. @Capt. PERO thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply. I will create a few new profiles using your guidance (especially using the scenery configset) and hopefully will see faster P3D startup times.
  11. Hi, I bought SIMStarter NG a few weeks ago and can see it has many good features. I was unable to make the livestream a few days ago, but watched some of the recording and didn't find an answer to the main question I have about the product, which is; Can SIMStarter NG be used to reduce the time it takes Prepar3D to start? I have many add-on airports, aircraft (and liveries for those aircraft). I also recently started using Alpha India Group AI traffic and it now takes almost 4 minutes for P3D to start up. I know it is the add-ons which are causing this, because P3D was re-install
  12. I've found out what the problem was. In the DLL.XML/EXE.XML Manager the as_connect Add-on which controls the as_srv\as_connect_64.dll was inactive. As soon as I activated it, Active Sky worked without a problem. So this issue is now SOLVED!
  13. Hi, Since purchasing and installing SIMstarter NG P3D yesterday, I am getting the attached error in Active Sky for P3D V4. The error didn't occur the first time SIMStarter was used; ActiveSky worked well. However, the next time SIMStarter was started, there were some configuration changes which appeared in DIFF Manager. I accepted the changes and clicked the Assign to profile.... button and assigned them to the main profile. Unfortunately, I don't know what the parameter changes were and the Logbook does not show the changes. In case it is important, in the Settings >
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