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  1. Let’s hope. It a lovey plane just needs an update.
  2. Hey all!! I recently have been loving the show Outer Banks and would love to see the repaint for that twin otter. The registration is N132FX. If someone knows where one is or can create one in the cargo variant I would appreciate it much. Thanks!!
  3. Maybe an Air Greenland a330 even though they operate the -200? https://www.airgreenland.com/about/our-aircraft-and-helicopters/airbus-330-200
  4. Air Asia please!!!! https://www.avitrader.com/2019/06/04/zephyrus-aviation-capital-acquires-airbus-a330-300-on-lease-to-thai-airasia-x/
  5. Delta if possible even they use PW engines along with Hawaiian? That would be amazing!
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