Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Hey Dave.....same ole excuse....real life getting in the way of simming! Planning more trips to the lightning capital of the world in the future (other than when the Expo is held there...)....going to eventually retire down there....will let you know when our next trip is. Hope you and E are well!
  2. Thanks Dave! I'm not a big fan of dirt on passenger aircraft except where it's supposed to on the tail of an old MD-80 for example....(and you can see the ring around the L1 door from the boarding skirt) Even on the many Freighter's I've done, I don't slather a lot of dirt on....only, like I said...where its supposed to be like on these Cathay Freighters (mostly around the cargo door).... It's harder to see on metal...but usually around cargo doors you'll see it. Most A330's I've seen are pretty clean....not sure if too much dirt is appropriate on this model. Stephan's paints look right on....I know any 330s I paint will not have much dirt...more "weathering" may happen if I decide to replicate any from pics that show it in detail.
  3. In addition to Tom's instructions with pictures showing you where to go on this site, if you're still struggling to find what you're looking can do a Google® search. Try typing "Aerosoft repaints" as see what you come up with. The top hit was the correct one when I tried it....and took less than .38 seconds (It took me longer to open the page and type in the search) I remember in 7th grade I had to do a report on the sulton of butan...I had to go to the library, break out the Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Took me HOURS and hours to find a few tidbits of info on the subject. As you can see below, I got six million, four hundred and thirty thousand results on the subject in a half a second. I even spelled Sultan and Bhutan wrong above (on purpose) just to point out that I didn't even have to know how to spell it and this wonderful machine in front of me instantly knew what I was looking for....and didn't even make me break out a paper dictionary to get the proper spelling (anyone remember those?) Anyway.....just trying to point out that Google search is your friend when looking for anything if you don't like to explore within the vendor's website specifically, and it is uncanny how fast and accurate it can be. might take you a few MINUTES to find exactly what you're looking for on a slow day...but imagine if you had to go to a library to find the same info like my example? Here.....I can even give you a one-click solution if you're in a hurry and seconds count: Click here to get the Google search for Aerosoft repaints Amazing technology. This whole post took less time to compose than it took me to ride my bike to the library that day looking for info on the Sultan. Perspective.
  4. I plan to try Lufthansa on 4096 textures and see if there is any performance hit (I really don't think there will be). Scaling up the maps is not hard...but re-adding all the detail at the new resolution is certainly going to be time consuming. I want to have a fuse that complements the photo-tail I'm placing on her: By the way....this is the same photo tail I've been using on all my Lufty paints for years (just have to scale and shape it to fit each tail....that is the tricky part!) On the Queen (Fictional Freighter): On the real Queen: On the CRJ: On the 777F: Having too much fun flying the Bus now to concentrate on painting, hehe. (I blame that squarely on Aerosoft!) Besides, I'll have some serious testing to do with her in the very near future (right Dave?)
  5. Lufthansa rocketing out of EDDF on a sunny summer day. (The tail is a custom photo rendition, I plan on painting the whole plane soon...I just threw it on Holgi's Lufty paint for now).
  6. This is ONE issue that should never be forgotten as we all know....I hope if nothing else if it fades into obscurity, the justified actions were taken and the issue was dealt with accordingly (I feel we'd know that by seeing a certain website suddenly vanish with no explanation, all eCommerce activity suspended and eventually terminated) LOL I can only imagine the firestorm it created in the Dev back rooms. I was a sailor for 11 years and I bet some of the expletives heard on those private Skype sessions are ones even I never heard from my fellow sailors...ROFL! (and we even made some up)
  7. Well said Mathijs! And your customer service efforts to deal with piracy in a Professional manner, not some back room, shady method that will impact the entire freaking community! (That fact is so lost on some...thinking ONLY FSL has to deal with this). Trust is the key as you say...and to put your great comment into a computerisque' tone "Trust comes in years of effort building good customer relationships, but leaves in a microsecond NANOSECOND of complete and utter stupidity!" FSL not only obliterated trust for them, but for EVERY flightsim software vendor is impacted...having the eyes of the computing world examining us as recent, global computer enthusiast sites have picked up...our community is now viewed as a bunch of prepubescent kids trying the best way to get a copy of an airplane for free. Not how we want to be portrayed to the rest of the world for sure.
  8. Hey Emi, With that said I don't suppose we'll ever see him attending any FlightSim conferences throughout the globe huh? This incident has really shown our whole community how naive and blindly fanatical some very sad simmers are who in any way try to rationalize or (gasp) condone his behavior JUST because they like his software and fear they won't get their precious other Airbus models if FSL goes under. (that they'll have to pay for separately too..and I see them trying to skin $40 for each because they are "so" different and they put sooo much dev time into modeling those differences, ). They don't see that there is no difference in what he did than if he physically came into your house, grabbed all your credit cards, and that piece of paper that you store your passwords on, and commenced to buying stuff with your cards. The comments about whether a customer stores anything regarding passwords and logins on their system or uses chrome tools to expedite the many internet transactions we ALL do have absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. That's like someone coming up to you and shooting you in the chest...and some folks try to reflect the blame for damages on you because you were not wearing your Kevlar vest (which you didn't know you were supposed to be wearing just to walk to the corner market to get some millk? Come on...really?). What he did purposely and worst, covertly to EVERY customer and not just trying to target a specific group (that being pirates) was immoral, illegal and purposely deceitful. I mean, if they really thought it was the right way to catch pirates, they would have (or should have) made a general statement saying : "Hey, we're putting malware in our installer, it will lift all your chrome passwords/log-ins and send them to us...over an UN-ENCRYPTED HTTP port for any hacker to lift from us without our knowledge, BUT...BUT...ONLY if you are trying to register our software with a serial we have on some list of "suspected" serials that pirates have been known to use in the past." TRUST us that you won't be at risk..IF you're not a pirate, OR mistype the serial, OR something unforeseen goes wrong during the install process and our MALWARE payload releases on YOUR (our paying customer) PC." How many simmers would be willing to install software if it had that kind of statement associated with it? Optimistically I'd like to say zero...but sadly we know different. And...what nobody has mentioned about this scenario: 12 year old flightsim fanatic and Airbus lover is on Dad's PC, who has all sort of confidential info on HIS machine (remember the issue whether he should or not is irreverent)... "Hey Dad...there is this cool new software for my flightsim passion, can I buy it?". "Sure got straight As on your report card this semester....go ahead..just make sure you run it through our anti-virus software 1st"... "OK problem" (like he listened or even cared)...After buying he goes to the official forums....Reviewing the official install recommendations on the site "Turn off your anit-virus software when installing"..."OK, I'll do that because its an official vendor recommendation"...Well I don't have to finish the scenario... Suppose that same kid, who's Dad says "$140...for ONE way son, sorry" .... but he REALLY wants it, and his "friend" told him about a site he could visit that would let you register the plane for FREE!!! Imagine Dad a few weeks (days, hours, whatever) later is getting all sorts of credit card alerts about purchases from a place half way around the world from him....yeah...that is a real scenario this horrendous episode by the poor decisions of FSL brings to our community. Just sad that our community has had to deal with this....some remain ignorantly bliss, or decide to rationalize this behavior for the sake of defeating those terrible pirates or worse, wanting their Airbus soooo badly they are willing to absolve them and think all is good now, while a few simmers who know better, understand just how bad this was and will forever stay clear of FSL and hope they get the justice they have coming to them.
  9. Repaint requests

    Please I need crj900 for libyan airlines

  10. Yep...and the tail is different too....the blue does not cover the whole vert. stab. That is not too hard to change but the belly can be very tricky, plus where Endeavor puts its reg looks like it spans across the mid and tail texture there is alignment to do there. I actually have a Delta CRJ in the back corner of my paint hangar...when I push out some other paints I can probably make her an Endeavor version (may be a while though, we'll see).
  11. Hey AJ, I'm OK...I actually live in Dallas but have been doing volunteer work at the shelters here in our city that have been setup for the Houston folks that have been displaced by this storm. So hence my lack of progress on paints recently. I hope to get back to painting soon.
  12. The day after they release their P3d V4 update. Seriously though....not sure....real world duties put painting in the corner for a bit....Something about a little hurricane in Texas.
  13. Naw, its always good to ask questions that I'm sure most are curious about when it comes to repainting....even as painters we still get confused about permissions, intellectual property, credit, etc. Like I mentioned...a EULA (End User License Agreement ...just in case)...can provide the guidelines for how we use and redistribute our paints, based off an official paintkit. The developer typically includes this document so there is no ambiguity with the rules...and when not present, we either follow the generally accepted rules for repaints, or hold off on release until we either get a EULA for repaint distribution or notification via these forums from an Aerosoft representative. The American Eagles I released, as you saw, were approved by Stefan, the creator of the AE textures. Now granted, he is in fact the original creator of ALL textures related to the CRJ, since the modeler typically creates the texture maps as well. However, when there is an existing livery involved, that may require a separate permission request if the modeler didn't paint that livery (Let's say Holgi painted it). John, being the very experienced painter he is, knows he needs to get the proper permission before releasing a paint that he did not create from scratch. Just like as pilots, I actually have a checklist of all the things I need to do before releasing a paint. Getting permission to use other folk's work is always one of those checklist items.
  14. Yes...that is the 2nd part of the process...the first, crucial step is to get permission from them to modify/reuse their work. Still a problem. Even though the reg is changed, the rest of the textures (i.e. the rest of the plane) still belongs to someone else, so the same rules for using them apply. Unless you are creating a new paint from an official paintkit with all the EULA info associated with it (which includes the terms about redistributing and credit stuff), you are essentially painting on someone else's textures. These are things us freeware painters need to be crystal clear on before we release paints to avoid any issues in the future....based on recent events surrounding the topic. My motto is..."If in doubt, don't roll it out" Stefan answered my question about modifying the default American Eagle repaints here: @Tavers John, I'd speculate that Stefan also painted the Delta paints, but of course we'd need him or another AS representative to chime in here to verify and give permission before you'd be able to upload them.
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