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  1. She is a very photogenic lady!...and very fun to fly!
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Canada_DHC-6_Twin_Otter#Variants Specifications section has all the answers I think. Hmm..looks like both the 100 and 300 have the same seating capacity....didn't expect that
  3. That doesn't seem to work in the sim. I typed in "BEOGA" in the airport search and a list of small airports in the area showed, then picked it. Can't recall if it showed the icao there
  4. The default scenery is not too bad....I just took off from there and it looks very nice. Not to say a freeware dev could create a nice package there.
  5. Thanks Mathijs! So far no takers, but will monitor my inbox to give that little extra customization...I think its pretty cool to have your name on the side of your plane. Have a Merry Christmas @Mathijs Kok!
  6. I can tell you (just as @jeffw can), that flying formation and in groups, in MSFS especially, is an absolute blast! I recently painted a custom DC-6 livery for a simmer who was creating a charity flight for a children's cancer hospital in Poland, and told him I had also painted a custom, secret livery for his Twitch stream event (During the last Cross the Pond), and may join him along the way during his stream. I joined him just outside Las Vegas, and we flew formation and had a great time chatting while we flew....It was so cool to find him...see him just as a dot for a while while I slowly intercepted him, then joined up on his wing. He was in the white one, and had not seen the red one before I joined him. I just reversed the colors on the white one as you can see....he loved them both And we wound up making over $3000 US for the charity ....in 20 years of painting for the community...this one meant the most to me (obviously). I'm offering to paint pilot's names on the side of their DC-6 for this RTW event if they are flying one of my paints...see here: I'm snappedtiara694 in MSFS BTW, mostly on server USAEAST
  7. Sadly I won't be able to participate this year mostly due to paint projects in work for several Devs. However, with the popularity of the DC-6 for this wonderful event, I can offer a custom nameplate on the side of my DC-6 paints for anyone wanting to fly them round' the world, similar to what I did for a friend who did a special charity event during Cross the Pond for a children's cancer hospital in Poland (that wound up making over $3000 US for the event!) This was a completely custom paintjob (Sorry I can't do one for this event, but maybe next time... ), complete with the names of the top donors to the charity (I put Rob's name in there as a placeholder to float the idea to the organizer, hehe) Should you want to fly any of my paints with your name on the side of the aircraft, please IM me with info (my paint you're flying, the name you want to display and an email address I can send to), and I'll send back the file to replace in your MSFS DC-6 folder to add the name. Please do not ask me to modify other artist's paints, as obviously this violates the EULA, and expect a realistic turn-around for your request. (Not "I'm heading out to Paris in 10 mins, can you have my paint ready by then?" Hehe. ) It does not take long and I'll do my best to accommodate everyone in a timely manner (respecting that I do actually sleep and my time zone may differ from yours, LOL). You can get my DC-6 paints here at flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/profile/SteveDra/uploads Happy World Circumnavigating, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Simmers!
  8. Yep...that's it! Here we are taxiing down that ridiculous ramp....gotta's wonder how nervous he gets with his PC-12 (if you've seen the vids)....going up and down this hill? The pavement is the exact width of his plane's main tires, crazy place to taxi. Gotta make sure your brakes are in top notch shape! Love the ladies sitting at the picnic table...the dog is like "Wait....that's not the PC-12 I usually ride in" LOL You can get the scenery at flightsim.to. Its outstanding....get the author's Bolzano scenery too. With the 2, you can have an awesome 10 min trip between these airports.
  9. Can anyone guess the field? She made it in with room to spare. ....Gotta' watch those power lines!
  10. I can't believe you guys haven't figured it out yet. The "42" was the missing primer that solves the mystery if you had all the other clues and were waiting for the one that solved it. If you take Mathijs' birthdate, combine all the digits to get the number (full 4 digit year) divide that by the square root of the day (on the Julian calendar) he 1st mentions "42" (ignore the fractional remainder)...you get the numerator of the fraction that will be used in the final calculation. Then take the date the of the 1st flight of the TWOTTER, combine the digits like you did above, and again, divide that by the square root of the day (on the Julian calendar) he 1st mentions "42" (ignore the fractional remainder)...you get the denominator of the fraction that will be used in the final calculation. Take that fraction you created, and multiply it by 42. So if for example the fraction is 1/2, then it's 24 days until the release. If its upside down (10/5 for example), then reduce to the lowest common denominator, get the whole number, and multiply by 42...so in this example it would be "2" or double the amount of days of 42, hence 84. Pretty simple if you ask me. If you guys couldn't tell I was pulling your leg by the 2nd step and tried to figure it out, please don't reply and tell me the math is all wrong, because it's completely made up....just adding to the enigma that is the perpetual search for release dates, and having some fun.
  11. Its been a year of years...let's just say. Just finished my 3rd surgery in as many months, but all have been successful and I'm improving health-wise every day. (2 of them just on my eyes, removing cataracts) Hope to learn how to paint in blender and substance and open a new chapter from 2d texture map painting I've been doing for 20 years now, to the new 3d methods that yield unbelievable results. Long road to learn and I'm not getting any younger...in fact about to hit the official OLD milestone in 2 weeks! But will keep learning until I can't do it any longer.
  12. Here is my entry.... Pulling into the vertical right over the Mighty Mo' in Hawaii. Loved your shots @Kroswynd, esp the one of that DA-62. The paint job looks STUNNING!
  13. Sorry for the late reply.... Did not use beta, was light (after dumping all those jumpers, hehe), and managed the approach with idle thrust and a healthy dose of reverse on touchdown. Still working out throttle settings in the beta (beta test, not the prop beta range, hehe)
  14. As a painter and generally a very detailed-orientated person, I tend to overthink a lot of things. LOL. If you coulda' peeked inside my brain when I was painting the Aerosoft A330, you'd see a flurry of activity when I was deciding how to fake a door on the air Hongkong freighter, or whether to add 4k maps to the American paint to get the mica-infused paint to look right in the sim. I think they both turned out ok way back when....you can see them here: Steve's Aerosoft A330 paints.
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