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  1. I'm in the same boat... And Brussels will be a must by when Jo completes that!
  2. Still looking good for Monday? Shop issues resolved or is there still work ongoing which may force a short pushback (if you'll excuse the pun...)?
  3. See original request below: A lower texture demo of course won't be a good indication of performance, same as the UK2000 demos won't be for their full products. However, the point is moot as they won't happen anyway
  4. Now there was my first A320 add-on... Manual, fold out chart with details of the cockpit layout, en route charts, ILS charts....
  5. Feb - A318/319 Mar - A320/321 Apr - A330? Or was that meant to read "or April" as in sometime in these three months?
  6. Thanks for the update Mathijs. In regards to the above, I'm assuming consideration has been given to falling back on this initially with the move to your preferred option being made as part of an update/service pack to prevent extended delays while LM have their own internal discussions/decision making on this?
  7. Please don't get me wrong here but while all the enhancements to what was available in the previous version look great and will be welcomed by the majority of simmers, I can't help thinking that perhaps this may have been looked at in a different way. With the number of simmers who've moved to P3Dv4 growing and eagerly awaiting the updated Airbus series, would there not have been a good argument to get the core product out with the reworked code but on a feature list that was on par with the older product initially, saving all the enhancements (dimmable lights, printer etc) for a Service Pack/update release? Apart from getting money in the door sooner, you could benefit from a plethora of "pre-upgrade testing" from simmers on the core before all the new stuff was added (then effectively re-tested on that release) giving you less of a codebase to troubleshoot against? Or is that just me...?
  8. No worries Holgi, was hoping the fact they were already there for the A320 would make them an easier conversion
  9. Holgi, any plans to pick up the Air Malta ones from the other thread or want them posted separately here?
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