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  1. Now you've lost me... I don't have a Mixture Axis, I don't press the relevant Mixture key assignments, not even sure that can be done on an A330 or C-17 (only other aircraft I've had the issue with...)?
  2. Apparently there's a patch coming soon (as noted on Thursday on their own forum)
  3. Sure. Note that the 'DLL_XML_Before_A330 Professional_was_installed.cfg' file has exactly the same content... dll.xml
  4. Although the F-22 at Eglin is set as the default flight, the main 'launch' screen comes up and I load into the A330 at my selected airport from there. So the first time I actually "enter" a cockpit is in the A330. I have crash detection turned off.
  5. No, definitely didn't try to load a flight or anything like that - in fact, was actually sitting doing work on the other machine while this flight carried on. File attached as requested Prepar3D_Default.fxml
  6. I'm assuming nothing obvious from the Data folder from my "incident"?
  7. The packs shutting off first, then engine power loss leading to A FLOOR is exactly what I've had in that other thread. When you say "reload the situation", what exactly do you mean? Are you saving the flight mid-flight then reloading it at some point?
  8. Had enabled it just in case but wasn't sure what data you needed. Time of the screenshots was around 20:20z so I'd imagine in the 5/10 mins just before then. Thanks! Data.zip
  9. OK, had a nearly successful flight and grabbed a few screenshots. Was in the descent so engines idle when I got the Packs Off indications. Quickly fired up the APU but still lost power. Grabbed a screenshot of the fuel state at the time the engines died: Restarting the engines gave me thrust again to complete the landing with APU powered on.
  10. I've removed Carenado aircraft from my model matching but once again had the issue. When this had happened before, I turned the APU on and left it on however despite trying to run the flight with the APU on, I still experienced a packs cut off, then engines before losing electrics.
  11. Popped online in Greenland (no traffic!) and left the 330 running engines on there for an hour - no issues. Have removed Carenado aircraft from Model Matching rules in my vPilot install and will try a flight again with traffic to see if the issue re-occurs.
  12. I've now had this on both A330 flights I've tried this week but have not (yet!) experienced this in any other aircraft. As I've only just come across this topic, I've no idea whether a Carenado aircraft was called as AI or not at the time however leaving the APU running in flight allowed the flight to carry on uninterrupted pending finding the root cause.
  13. That is THE answer of this whole topic! I doff my hat to you sir...
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