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  1. I don't have the lights assigned to anything (don't have the switch panel yet, just radio) but gear and flaps work via my X52 Pro - although they're mapped via P3Ds own settings rather than via SN...
  2. Hi all. Does anyone have a SPAD.next profile for the CRJ? What I have is mostly working however the NAV standby frequency doesn't update within the aircraft when setting on the panel - so end up having to do this within the VC. This is what I have set for the NAV1 selector: TIA
  3. Is this only going to be available via GFO? Or will there be a Hoppie integration also?
  4. So does that mean that work is continuing on the P3D version meantime or that you're considering it being abandoned in favour of the MSFS version?
  5. And for those not moving instantly to MSFS? Any progress with the P3D version?
  6. I've had the same issue today with the A330 on build Was unable to either create or join an existing session. P3D v4.5.14.34698 Windows 10 pro, 1909 build 18363.900 Noted on another thread that someone was able to run it OK on Win7 but not Win10 so given OS build details above
  7. Ignore, based on the response in the A318 topic, managed to find these in the old paintkit
  8. OK, will dig the old ones out in that case. Thanks Bob!
  9. I do but surely there was a more up to date paintkit done for the liveries that were released with the AS package?!
  10. I'm looking to repaint our (fictional) VA's Airbus fleet however I don't see a paintkit option for the A319/20 CFM variants with Sharklets, only the A321 CFM. As the 321 has a different wing size to the 319/320, this, as far as I'm aware, can't be used and copied to the A319/20. In the A320_IAE_JETBLUE_N828JB folder, I see a separate AS_A320_WANNE_C.psd file which has the actual sharklets in for painting - however as this appears to also have other parts that would be duplicates of sections in other files, would I be right in saying this simply can't be copied over either?
  11. Unfortunately none of that worked for me and a friend last week or this week. We've tried: - toggling brakes - toggling who is PF/PM - coming our of CFD and back in - Restarting P3D - reversing axis' None of these helped, we either had an A330 sitting with the Parking Brake on permanently or Differential Brakes engaged and unable to set the Parking Brake (and therefore the aircraft wouldn't move). We've not had a successful attempt yet... Not being able to move the aircraft would, I'd suggest, be a deal breaker, moreso than screens no
  12. They're not all like that though! Go to Bristol which is a busy airport in the UK, or Inverness and see... There's still a lot of work to be done...
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