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  1. Hi @Stefan Hoffmann, any update on this at all or still under discussion?
  2. The door won't stop you if you're in the "drone" cam - just go through
  3. Strange, I entered a hold last night in the UK (TARTN for EGPH) and it let me update the inbound course, speed and timed leg settings with no issue. Can you replicate at a different published hold?
  4. To be honest, while the H135/145 is a welcome project, it really needs someone to go for it with the larger stuff, some of which was lacking in P3D also. The one I'd loved to have seen in P3D and would especially like in MSFS is the S92... Whether some of the "names" are waiting for better helicopter support before getting into it... *shrugs*
  5. The VFR Obstacle list here might give you a number of locations but will only be for UK airspace: NATS Digital Datasets As it's an Excel file, you should be able to add a filter and pull out the offshore stuff from the full list.
  6. I'm not asking about sound files - I'm asking for an update after he said he'd check on 10th March
  7. Anything further @Mathijs Kok?
  8. May be good to test on the recommended (16Gb) rather than the ideal level (32Gb). If this is going to be available to the same detail on Xbox, the X only has 16Gb memory. I'm lucky, I have 32Gb on board (admittedly the GPU is lacking as it's still on back order) so should be OK but not everyone can afford to go to those levels at this time
  9. Which is why I'm never that fussed about seeing inside a terminal with moving escalators etc - I load up my sim in the cockpit, not in my house or a car on the way to "work". While I get it will appeal to the screenshot junkies, it really does nothing for me in the slightest other than use up precious memory
  10. Hi Mathijs, wondered if you'd gotten anywhere with this?
  11. Can you point to where on the decal sheet would align with the two doors please as it's not noted on the UV map, thanks.
  12. Additionally, could the two cockpit doors have their own textures rather than them being shared (as it was with the P3D model)? Unfortunately it means anything such as text that goes on one door is reversed on the other...
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