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  1. What about those who have the bundle? Will we be notified or how?
  2. I am Looking forward to Monday
  3. It is not a very good message , but Thanks
  4. Are the old Liveries compatimble with the A320/A321?
  5. Can you post some Aeroflot A320 pics that would be very nice
  6. Which liveries will be included in the A320/A321 Pack?
  7. Do you make an A321-100 or 200?
  8. wow this pics are awesome . Can't wait!!!
  9. CuzIm_Tom

    One week (okay 8 days) and where are we?

    Will The A320/A321 will be released 5 weeks after the A318/A319 release , i think
  10. CuzIm_Tom


    When the A320/A321 will be out?
  11. Will the buses come into Tier 1?
  12. Can I fly this plane with a GTX 1060 wit 6 GB too?