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  1. I write here because I don't know where to write. To have a chat, what are the addons (For es. Active sky, EFB2, etc) that you can't do without to fly on a Flight simulator? I hope I have not done a wrong asking for this. Thanks
  2. Yes, I looked for it, but I only find the sound for the Aerosoft A320 pre professional (extended to speak).
  3. But the links where you can buy these sounds?
  4. yes of course thank you....but I would like to have links maybe, since I only find the sound for Airbus not Pro.
  5. Is there any program, addons, or anything else to make the sound of the engines of the A320 / 321 pro more relalisit? Like something from the Turbine Sound Studio
  6. It was not a criticism towards you it was just to say that I don't feel like having to spend any more money trying to recover problems caused by incompatibility between the various addons. Anyway now I will see if Saitek's help will give me some answers (I fear they will never answer) and at most I will let you know what their solution is.
  7. No, I use the original Saitek drivers. I don't want to pay for another sofwear to solve problems
  8. Then I'll test the panel a little bit too. I also rechecked the QNH problem, when I set it on the A320/321 Pro, on the display panel I see only the value set in the QNH. I have to turn a few wheels to view the COM frequency for example. It only happens with Airbus professional while with PMDG everything is fine.
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. Do I have to ask Saitek for something (since I have open an ticket) to see if there are any communication problems?
  10. with the latest Aerosoft updates, when I insert in QNH in 3D, it turns off all the displays on the saitek panel and shows me only the set QNH. Did you change anything in the controls? He didn't give these mistakes before
  11. I "discovered" that there are problems with the Saitek radio panel and the latest Aerosoft update: When I try to enter a standby frequency on NAV1, the active frequency also starts changing. I know the airbus doesn't have radios like the 737, but with this panel it's the only way to change frequency. It seems instead that the COM goes perfectly.
  12. Hi, I usually enter the whole squawk then 2 0 0 0, but this also happens using the Saitek radio button.
  13. When flying on IVAO it happens sometimes not to be checked, and as many of you will know, you have to set up the Transpondere on 2000. But when I go to set up the Transponder on 2000, it almost always returns to the initial 1200 frequency (unless I set the VFR frequency in America). How can I prevent the Transposnder from returning every time to 1200? I often have to set it to 2000 or the code assigned when I am in flight because otherwise it does not keep the code. Thanks
  14. Thanks Aerosoft Team for this work! Nice Job!! I look forward to news about this CRJ 1000
  15. I'm using P3D v4.5 with Active Sky and REX Environmental force, and since I installed REX my radar system no longer works. Absurd step in a hurricane and the radar does not tell me anything. What should I do?
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