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  1. Sorry Secondator. I don't' know because my Chrome have shared this post in Italian language. Below is the translation: I also have the same problem with the Furthermore, the magenta dot (as you can see) remains at an undefined height. I hope to release an update soon I do not want to repeat everything. I-DAMG
  2. Ho lo stesso problema anche io with the Inoltre, il punto magenta (come puoi vedere) mi rimane sempre ad un'altezza indefinita. Spero di rilasciare presto un aggiornamento . Non voglio reinstallare tutto. I-DAMG
  3. magna91

    License number of PFPX

    You're right, I'm sorry. I saw badly and I did not notice what I was writing
  4. magna91

    License number of PFPX

    Dopo aver compilato tutti i campi, non attivo la casella per installare la licenza.
  5. Hello, I had to reinstall PFPX, but if I enter the product key that is newl my Aerosoft account, it does not unlock the possibility to install the license. How should I do? I have entered all the right data but does not let me activate the license
  6. magna91

    APP for tablet

    Sorry but in what section of the manual can I find it? I find only "CONNECTED FLIGHT DECK"
  7. Hello everyone, Can you tell me if there is any APP to use on the tablet for the MCDU or even other functions with A320/321 Pro?
  8. magna91

    Repaint requests

    Hello, Would it be possible to create the livery of the A320 and 321 Neo Alitalia? I know it does not exist, but it would be possible to create the livery from the A320/321 AirItaly. (for me it's a fantastic livery)
  9. magna91

    Restart checklist

    I tried to restart the flight and now the checklist stays with me after the cockpit preparation: The "before start" has never left. If I try to select an item to start it, it does not do any action I'm using a A321-200 della Finnair.
  10. magna91

    Restart checklist

    the problem and I do not know where it has stopped. I think of the last item of the cockpit preparation.
  11. magna91

    Restart checklist

    Goodmorning everyone, I'm flying with the A321 and I started the checklist from the copilot to speed up the departure times a bit. After some items the copilot got stuck and did not go any further. I do not get nenach efuopri "skip item" to move to the next call. If I try to close the checklist automatically it writes me "OFF DELAY". Would not it be possible to insert a button that restarts the checklist? or make sure that after an X time that remains blocked, skip that part? Or even make sure that you have already moved on to a later stage, skip this "missing" item?
  12. magna91

    Contrails behind the plane

    Hi Dave, Wow you know I do not know. I think so. T was -54 ° to FL340. But I do not know. I always saw them in any condition before the update. Did they correct this topic?
  13. magna91

    Climb slow

    OK I'll try. But because so much difference from one update to another?
  14. After the last updated the contrails behind the aircraft were lost as shown (FL340)
  15. magna91

    Problem before the update

    After the last update, this problem comes up with the pressurization It's normal? How can I solve?