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  1. magna91

    Date for PRO ATC X

    I know it is not your product, but in this screen above you enter data relating to the flight model you are using. I would like to be able to enter the required flight data, as you have set up in your flight model A32'-321 pro.
  2. Hello, how can I compile the part of PRO ATC X, regarding the data of the airplane, to make it as equal as possible to your A20-321 pro? Thanks you so much Have a nice day
  3. I hope I have understood correctly how your file works I tried to insert the file as described in the readme file. But now let's make sure there is no "noise" when the gear is lowered. It's correct?
  4. magna91

    A320, speedbrakes and FSUIPC problem

    Hello, I hope I understand your problem correctly. I have solved this problem to directly assign to the desired axis (via FSUIPC) the direct command "Speedbrake", and then from the menu to calibrate the axis I went to assign the maximum and the minimum of that axis. If it was not clear, I'll send you a few screenshots tonight when I'm home.
  5. magna91

    Doors with GSX level 2

    Yes ok, but to start the pre-pushback check list all the doors must be closed, and then once is written "follow GSX instruction". If I call the pushback this does not make sense. I think there is some "mistake" in the sequence.
  6. magna91

    Doors with GSX level 2

    Good evening, With the last update I thought you had entered the automatic closing after GSX levle 2 had finished loading the baggage. Now you have to go to MCDU3 and do it manually, I do not know is possible, but it would be nice to close the doors alone (at least the cargo) if you could close all the doors automatically would be even better. Also because if I do not close all the doors do not start the automatic checklist. Thanks
  7. magna91

    Use FSUIPC for lights

    First of all, thank you for the answers. I found a video in Italian by The Maddog where he explains very well how to do isntalalre Linda and how to use it. Now I'm doing some tests, but I'm already enthusiastic about the help you gave me.
  8. magna91

    Use FSUIPC for lights

    So with FSUIPC I can not assign the lights to the pulsanit? Can you explain to me how LINDA works?
  9. magna91

    Use FSUIPC for lights

    Good evening, How can I set buttons with FSUIPC, to control taxi lights and landing lights? Is there a list of commands (like for the PMDG)? Thank you so much
  10. Thank you very much, I do not know what I've touched but now I can see everything
  11. Now I have schedule the flight form LPFR to LEBL as you can see but if I come back to this screen tomorrow, this flight will not be there anymore
  12. Good evening, Whenever I create a flight and do everything I need, the next time I log in to PFPX (the next day or even the same day) the flights I've created have disappeared from the home screen. How is all this possible? How can I solve?
  13. Sorry Secondator. I don't' know because my Chrome have shared this post in Italian language. Below is the translation: I also have the same problem with the Furthermore, the magenta dot (as you can see) remains at an undefined height. I hope to release an update soon I do not want to repeat everything. I-DAMG
  14. Ho lo stesso problema anche io with the Inoltre, il punto magenta (come puoi vedere) mi rimane sempre ad un'altezza indefinita. Spero di rilasciare presto un aggiornamento . Non voglio reinstallare tutto. I-DAMG
  15. magna91

    License number of PFPX

    You're right, I'm sorry. I saw badly and I did not notice what I was writing