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  1. Hello, yesterday during a flight with A330 on P3DV5 HF2, I was in the taxi for the take off, and the Copilot called flap 2 but full flaps were inserted. The same thing happened during the approach. Is there any solution for this problem?
  2. Hello Bob, The problem is the Automatic copilot. Every time he always inserts full flaps every time he asks for a notch of falp. If I do by hand with any axis assigned by Fsuipc/Linda etc, it correctly inserts the required flaps.
  3. Is there no solution for this problem? It is starting to get boring and heavy where you can get rid of full flaps with every notch of flap inserted.
  4. This problem is also being revealed on the V5, every time he asks for flap 1 he puts full flap, and if I manually change the flaps to 1 when the copilot asks for the next flaps but always in full flap
  5. Hello, Has anyone updated the file for GSX for Malpensa PRO? I find the Jateways to be a bit disturbing, and I am not familiar with making massive rounds for GSX L2. Thanks in advance
  6. Update: I realized that from the sim, it had been assigned to an axis as an incitement of flaps. Now in manual everything works. The flap problem always remains with the co-pilot in automatic. Whenever approaching he calls flap 1, he always inserts full flap, going in over speed. Where can I check if there is any error in the automatic call lists of copilot? Thanks
  7. I had opened a post, but it was quickly dismissed as solved and caused by Fsuipc6! I still use the V4.5 HF3 with the latest Aerosoft updates of A320/321 andd A330. Whenever I call a notch of flap, either from the automatic checklist, or from the button assigned or directly with the mouse by the flap lever on the central pedestal, both the A320 and the A330 always insert full flaps. I have already tried to reinstall the latest version several times but without solution. In addition, I also noticed that when I completely retract the flaps, they never go completely to zero, am they remain in a middle state between 1 and 0, so I have to intervene again to bring the flaps to full 0. There is any solution?
  8. Hello everyone, I noticed that since I installed Fsuipc6, every time it is called by a notch of flap, it is always put full flap. Whether it's the co-pilot or me via the joystick button, but full flaps are always inserted at any occasion. This thing with Fsuipc 5 has never happened to me, and while I am still using P3Dv4.5 Hf3, the developers said that Fsuipc6 also worked with this version. You can verify? In addition, since the last update A330, the green text strings that were displayed on the screen have also disappeared. In the P3D settings they are active, because I see the text strings of the ActiveSky's ais.
  9. Hello Mathijs, yes I have read. But I think I a problem of Fsuipc. If I set the MAX and min from the axis calibration, the throttle work only in the reverse mode. If I don't set axis in the the axis calibration, the throttle work pretty good but with the two axis not synchronised at the 100%. For don't open another topic, I write anothe problem (I think) with Fsuipc6: After have installed Fsuipc 6, now the copilot when ask Flap 1 or any flaps, set always Flap Full. If I reinstall Fsuipc5, this problem don't exist. It's possible check?
  10. Good morning, Yesterday I was given the saitek throttle block. I tried to set the two levers for the throttles for the engine 1 and 2 through Fsuipc (both for A320 and for A330), but if I set the direct command through calibration of Fsuipc, the engine levers only work as Reverse and do not give engine power. How can I do to be able to assign the engine power control to the two levers? Thanks
  11. Ok, then I believe that the fuel planner does not do the right calculations. With Simbrief the fuel for LIRF-LIPZ is 6590 kgs minimum with final reserve of 1157 kgs. In the fule planner the fuel released is 10514 kgs. So if I'm not wrong, the mistake is in your fuel-planner. So I'm too heavy because of the fuel in excess. If it is correct that the trim is set to DOWN in any case, then I will start flying with my nose down
  12. It's possible produce the livery of Air Italy https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cb/Airbus_A330-202%2C_Air_Italy_JP9004277.jpg Thanks
  13. For have the first UP 0.1, I have to put 8500 kg in the cargo on the A320. But in this mode the Zero Fuel Weight and the Landing Weight there is red and out of limits See the immage above.
  14. I have installed the last versione of A320/321...but the fuel planner is same as before!! I have deleted all the folders in the documents folder/aerosoft/etc .... But the trim it's alwais DOWN (look the immage above) Please correct this problem.
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