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  1. Hi Dave, could you tell me where this vocal package is? I would like to do one in Italian (if it does not already exist), but I would like some examples to make announcements.
  2. I have just tried an a321 and the gates always work. Sorry. I still have a question: why on P3D, when I select the starting gate, do I mark all ramps and not gates and parking?
  3. Ok then, I'll watch that evening. Last night in a gate (G502 I think) he pointed to medium, I positioned myself with A320, and GSX told me that the gate was too small for that plane.
  4. Good morning, Where can I find a SODE gate package for the Mega Airport Rome scenario? Thank you so much
  5. Hello, Would it be possible to have, perhaps in a PDF or similar, the checklist that follows the first official of Aerosoft? For me it would be nice to be able to follow it even without hearing the voice, so as to check what has already been done and what I will have to do. Thanks you so much
  6. OK Dave, so am I waiting for an update with GSX improvements? Before this update everything seemed to go perfectly with GSX
  7. I changed my topic as I realized I had taken a screen of the wrong screen. sorry. But the GSX problem remained
  8. I found these one problem with the latest version of the A320. pro: GSX no longer starts to load fuel and passengers automatically. He asks me to manually activate everything, but from the MCDU4 panel I can't do it because the buttons seem to be disabled.
  9. Now with the version the checklist work correctly.
  10. Ok I'll try to install the latest version of A320. For everything else, everything is updated to the latest version. Only P3D is still at 4.4.
  11. but when it happens to me that it crashes after the push managed by GSX and keeps telling me to follow the GSX instructions, and GSX has finished all its work and is already gone, how can I go about getting on with the items? When I turn on engine 2 during/after the push, and I don't hear the call of Engine 2 stabilized, how can I skip this item? These are the points that block me. Thanks
  12. And how can I understand what is the external factor that affects this problem? Where can I get a *.log file or checklist error?
  13. I have already done this test, also installing P3D v4.4 from scratch, but nothing has changed since what is described above.
  14. Hi Mathijs, checklists stop at random items. They never stop at the same point. What happens more and when I start pushback I get stuck at the call of the stabilized engine 1, which happens sometimes when I'm in a taxi after landing. It does not always get stuck at the push: other times it is blocked directly to the cockpit preparation after calling the parking brake and is no longer distributed. Instead it happens very often that it stays on the lights: I use Linda to be able to interface with a console that I built and when, for example, it requests the beacons I turn on and the checklist remains still for 40/60 seconds before going on to the next item . I hope I was clear. Good day
  15. Hello, After the last update, the checklist hangs in different item. What happens to me more often and after the push, hangs up telling me to follow the instructions of GSX even if GSX has gone away. Can you check this error? Thanks
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