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  1. Yes, I talk of Aerosoft A320/321, with alla engine variant I have I noticed this "problem". Ok then no problem. Thanks you so much
  2. Yes, perhaps with a photo it is clearer, sorry. Can't hear the announcement sounds only when the CAB button has been activated? image source: http://www.a320dp.com/A320_DP/communications/sys-2.1.0.html
  3. Thanks @DaveCT2003. Then wouldn't it be possible for these announcement sounds to be heard only the microphone is activated to speak with the crew?
  4. Sometimes I change my view, perhaps to take an external photo, while the hostess is making security announcements. But after switching to the external view, when I return to the cockpit, the announcement is gone. Even though it has just started making the announcement, it disappears. How is this possible?
  5. Any news about the new update?
  6. Thansk a lot for this link. But I have used the EFB for the performance, but for teh fuel calculation for a flight, how should i do?
  7. Thanks @DaveCT2003 I look forward to the new update
  8. I keep having problems with the fuel planner. I did the update first to and little has changed (now I only saw Nose Down always and no longer 0.0 always), then I did and like the versions before always Nose Down...now comes out and I think it is all correct. Instead always Nose Down! The tirm goes UP only if I go out of all the weights of the plane. If on an A321 I set 180 pax, 12615 kg of cargo and for example 11.731 KG of fuel, then I can set Trim UP0.7, with all the previous values they are always in Trim Down. You can correct this problem. Thank you so much
  9. Hello, I just bought the CRJ Pro, but I don't see any "Manager" anywhere. It's normal? where do i set fuel and passengers from? Also, are there any tutorials on correct CRJ procedures?
  10. Thanks Beatsì578, do you have a link? I have see in Facebbok, but with out any result
  11. Thanks a lot, I installed the scenario and everything seems to be working. But I would like to know if there is any type of file for GSX L2 to improve the jatway and the rest? Do you know if someone has made public a configuration for this scenario?
  12. I have downloaded the last installation from my account, but whe I install the ROME tell me this alert: What should I do?
  13. Hello, There is some update for the Mega Airport Rome? I would like to install it on my P3dv4.5 Hotfix 2, but I'm not sure if it works properly. Thanks
  14. Hello all, I have updated the A320/321 with the new installer, bu the Fuel Planner dosen't work. Let me explain: the CoG now works, but it means that the trim is always positioned in Down. It doesn't seem normal to me. I tried to set different setting with different PAX, Cargo, wind and FL to change the amount of fuel, but it continues to give me only as trim on A320 it makes me select at max 0.0, on the A321 it makes me select at max DOWN 0.4 . I ran the installation after: removing the old A320/321 Pro, restarting the PC, deactivating the antivirus, running the installation as Admin, restarting the PC and at the end opening the Fuel Planner.
  15. Hello, The Livery Manager of the A330 don't work? Below the image of the Livery Manager in the A330 PRO folder...
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