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  1. Thanks a lot for the help, I'll see what I can do Yeah, still the same. It's probably an FPS issue, so I'll focus on that.
  2. My frames are OK, can't give an exact number, my PC specs; i7, AMD R9 370X, however, it is bootcamped (installed Windows on Mac) so it runs a bit worse. Still, performance is good with all other aircraft, around 30FPS or so... (even when at airports with scenery). With Aerosoft, I can say that the frames go down slightly, but not as much. It is still fliable (except for the aileron issue). I was testing recently and saw that this only really happens right after I move my joystick and I tried during P/S and saw on the ECAM that the ailerons move left-right only after I move my joystick. This does also occur on default airports and I do not see a big difference in performance between default and paid scenery.
  3. I've got a bug with the Aerosoft A320 family (literally all types), where, the ailerons move left and right all the time even when I'm not moving my joystick. It is a bit as if I was moving it left-right-left-right all the time. It causes a lot of crashes because even when AP is on, it still does it and it disconnects the autopilot and the story goes on. It is actually unfliable. It's not lag or any controls issue because all other aircraft work just fine. It worked fine before I moved on from FSX to P3Dv4. Please can I get some help? This has been an issue on all A318-A321.
  4. Hi there, Urgent Request Vueling A319 for the new Aerosoft A319 professional. I am supposed to be flying for a group flight tour tomorrow in the A319 but can't find any livery. Thanks. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead, as stated clearly in the first post on every page of this topic.
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