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  1. 🤩 I‘m looking so forward. Regards Patrick
  2. Outstanding. Looking forward. Thanks for the update. Is HF2 required, because it’s written between brackets. I use 4.5 but not HF2. Would be do nice to see the CRJ200 oneday. Kind Regards Patrick
  3. Wow great news of my homebase. Is it a complete new scenery from scratch which takes longer, or "just" a major Update? Kind Regards Patrick
  4. That are great news. But as of the screenshots, the new long haul terminal which is due to open by 2020 is not included. Will this be updated? Regards Patrick
  5. @JRBarrett Many thanks for this very detailed information. I'm on FSX. I will see how my time will be next week, so I'll give it a try or maybe up to then, there will already be a new hotfix available :).
  6. Hi Sorry for the stupid question, but as my time I have for Flightsim is very limited, I sometimes miss a lot of news. I'm still on an old version 1.0.6 but wanted to update it now. So my Installer which I can download is 1.2.0 and as I understood, everything newer I have to update via the updater which comes with this version(?) Now I read that the newer version is more buggy than the previous Can I download version 1.2.0 and then only update to version instead of or will automatically the newest version be installed? Kind Regards Patrick
  7. Many thanks for your effort. Looking forward to download the new version. Regards Patrick
  8. Perfect, that it is confirmed, just tried the new version an have the same. Would be nice if we can get a hotfix instead of a new installer again. Kind Regards Patrick
  9. Hi what happened to the announced Nordica repaints? I mean the blue paint. I only found the white one but the blue one is so beautiful. Regards Patrick
  10. Ok many thanks for the explanation. Hans I really just had 30minutes time yesterday, but the first impression is awesome! Ich wünsche Dir noch viel Geduld für die Behebung der teils gemeldeten Probleme. Soll ich das 2015 V64 auch deinstallieren oder noch belassen? Entfernt wurde nur das x86. Many thanks Patrick
  11. Hi I'm really sorry to start again, but my computer knowledge is not very good, even it's a bit difficult for me to understand everything in English. So yesterday I purchased the CRJ. Before installing it, I had VC2015 (x64) and (x86) installed, of course they are also older files installed. With the CRJ installation, I now have the newer 2017 version installed. The 2015 X64 remained, but the 2015 x86 version disappeared or is now uninstalled. In my opinion, this is correct as I understood, that the 2017 is a patch (replacement) of the 2015 X86 but as I wrote above, the explanation in English was a bit difficult for me to understand. Can you confirm, that this is as it should? Kind Regards Patrick
  12. I just wait for the upcomming patch and than I will finaly buy it. Is it still better to not install the RAAS until further notice? Regards Patrick
  13. ICAO: OOMS NAME: Muscat TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Armi Project LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/armi-project-muscat-international-airport-ooms-fsx-(de_11320).phtml
  14. Hi I'm also looking for Nordica (Estonia) and.. Tunisair Express CRJ900 Kind Regards Patrick
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