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  1. According to some tests, it could be, that FT Vienna interfers with the Scenery, but I have to test further.
  2. Same here. Did you get a solution?
  3. Hi there I today purchased this wonderful scenery. However, during Taxi, the texture change. See pictures below. I also run the Autoconfig Tool of ORBX. I use ORBX Global, Vector, Open LC. Any help is appreciated. Also in my opinion, the brown tree textures seems to be a bit early for august(?] Kind Regards Patrick
  4. Hi I today purchased the Scenery and it's fantastic. Although I've never been to Slovakia in RL, should the trees now (20 August]already be in autumn colour? This seems a bit strange in my opinion, while the whole vicinity is in summer coulour. If I select July, then the trees are green. Isn't 20.august a bit early for brown trees? Kind Regards Patrick
  5. Hallo zusammen Im Download Bereich gibt es für die Airbus Flieger ja bereits einige Voice Sets zum Downloaden. Gerne würde ich aber selber ein paar erstellen. Dass sie im WAV Format sein sollten und vermutlich von Youtube stammen ist mir soweit klar, nur: Mit welchem Programm sollte ich diese am besten Downloaden? Ich bin mit solchen (Freeware]Programmen aus dem Internet sehr vorsichtig, weil ich Angst vor Viren, Malware usw habe. Könnt ihr hier ein Tool empfehlen, welches wirklich sicher ist? Gibt es neben dem WAV Format sonst noch was, dass ich berücksichtigen müsste? Besten Dank. Liebe Grüsse Patrick
  6. I got mine today. Do I first have to download the latest driver or just plugin the Stick and Quadrant? Kind Regards Patrick
  7. So with this xml, the autogen problem is solved or do I habe to do something else with the Autogen folder? Kind Regards Patrick
  8. Hi First of all, thx for releasing this long awaited scenery. In the past, I found out, that Autogen entries in the xml causes issues with ther dev. i.e. Justsim, Godzone etc. In the past, I always deleted the Autogen entries out of the xml and moved the autogen folder to the same place whre the scenery and texture folders of the corresponding Scenery are located. With this, I always was able to see the different autogens from various developers worldwide. After installing your Scenery, Autogen in 29 Palms and all Justsim Sceneries are missing again. Doing the same procudures with your Autogen folder brings me back the autogen of other dev. but then it's missing in TLV. Kind Regards Patrick
  9. Wow, the Throttles. Will it be possible to start the Engines with the AS3XX Aircraft through the Ign. and Eng. Start Switches on the throttles? Kind Regards Patrick
  10. I heard sometimes also a strange sound like the jittery sound desribed above in the A330 and lately in the a320 but only for 2-3 sec. But I'm still on an older version. Have to upgrade to the newer builts once I have more time..
  11. I have the same (since) 1.0.7. Before, I entered the Pax, Cargo and Fuel into the MCDU and pressed Instant. Then everything was fine. Now, the FUEL keeps blinking and the fuel amount is always a bit higher, than the data I entered. Kind Regards Patrick
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