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  1. I have the same (since) 1.0.7. Before, I entered the Pax, Cargo and Fuel into the MCDU and pressed Instant. Then everything was fine. Now, the FUEL keeps blinking and the fuel amount is always a bit higher, than the data I entered. Kind Regards Patrick
  2. Hi I have noticed the same. I didn't have time to fly the A330 regulary but I did to short Test flights (MUHA-KMIA) and KMIA-MUHA, but not on the same day. On both flights, I heard it once during climb. On both flights I only heard it once, the last flight was exactely then, when I used the A330 Printer. On the first flight I don't remember that I hit a button but it was also on climb at app. 12'000 ft. It was like you discribe it the sim would hang (not realy an engine sound). Did you heard it again or have you recorded it? Maybe you can attch. it here so I can compare if it's the same that I have. Kind Regards Patrick
  3. Hi there As I install new products carefully and I expected a lot of updates in the beginning, I so far installed the A330 only on my test machine, but let's say, what I saw, is amazing. Within the next few days, I want to install it on my offical machine with P3d. What I want to ask befor is, I installed the on day one and did all updates with the AS Updater. With the Update, the redist 2015 tried to install again and I only had the possibility to press "repair". Is this ok so far and normal? I don't want to mess anything on my offical machine, that's why I ask for and why I often try new staff on my old machine which serves now as test base :). Kind Regards and xmas Patrick
  4. Same here. It‘s my homebase and I hope to see it for P3D. KR Patrick
  5. Had the same this morning. Kind Regards Patrick
  6. Same here. Searched the function but couln't find it. Kind Regards Patrick
  7. What exactely does the installation do with the redist/direct X? Installing an old version? Must the lead to other problems right? KR Patrick
  8. Hello I'd like to see Tunisair A330. I know they use the -200 but it doesn't matter for me. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/891348/ts-ifm-tunisair-airbus-a330-243 Kind Regards Patrick
  9. OMG, that's amazing. I am sooooo ready for this bird. Kind Regards Patrick
  10. Outstanding. Looking forward. Thanks for the update. Is HF2 required, because it’s written between brackets. I use 4.5 but not HF2. Would be do nice to see the CRJ200 oneday. Kind Regards Patrick
  11. Wow great news of my homebase. Is it a complete new scenery from scratch which takes longer, or "just" a major Update? Kind Regards Patrick
  12. That are great news. But as of the screenshots, the new long haul terminal which is due to open by 2020 is not included. Will this be updated? Regards Patrick
  13. @JRBarrett Many thanks for this very detailed information. I'm on FSX. I will see how my time will be next week, so I'll give it a try or maybe up to then, there will already be a new hotfix available :).
  14. Hi Sorry for the stupid question, but as my time I have for Flightsim is very limited, I sometimes miss a lot of news. I'm still on an old version 1.0.6 but wanted to update it now. So my Installer which I can download is 1.2.0 and as I understood, everything newer I have to update via the updater which comes with this version(?) Now I read that the newer version is more buggy than the previous Can I download version 1.2.0 and then only update to version instead of or will automatically the newest version be installed? Kind Regards Patrick
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