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  1. OK, good to know and thanks for looking into it!
  2. @Jo Erlend I am in flight right now, from EDDK to LEIB. Departure from gate D12, with departure from runway 32R. Found 2 issues: Gate D12 has no jetway, but does not offer me the option to attach the stairs (ramp connection) When taxiing towards runway 32R the marker says 14L?? Have attached some screenshots.
  3. Mathijs, is this the scenery by TDM Scenery Design? Or another developer?
  4. Looking great! Hope the devs can catch the Indonesian 'vibe' with lots of traffic, noise...
  5. Huh? This scenery is already released? It looks like the airport from TDM Scenery Design LECO – A Coruña Airport – TDM Scenery Design
  6. I also have a huge stutter on approach, probably when the airport is loaded in...
  7. Hi Oliver, don't know what you mean with that, but it feels like you don't want me to report any issues? I did quite a few beta's, also for Aerosoft and currently for some devs as well, and I would be happy if people report issues?
  8. I did a few flights to EDDM in the last few days and I noticed that there is a pause when you come near the airport. I guess the pause is caused by the fact the scenery needs to load. I never experienced the same issue expect when doing a flight from Malmö or Copenhagen. I have both payware versions of them and because they are so close to each other there is also a pause when apporaching one of the other... Can there be some optimization regading EDDM? I don't know how LOD's are used for instance? Thanks!
  9. Just landed into EDDM after a short hop from Salzburg. Landed on runway 08R and noticed PAPI lights 4 white, although perfectly aligned on the ILS. Using stock NavData, so no Navigraph, also using latest version of EDDM (v1.0.0.1).
  10. I see the first update is out, adding the charts! I am confident the manual will follow Many thanks!
  11. Thanks for the explanation! Hope it can be done in the future when the SDk is ready
  12. Yes, start menu does not show an entry, and also the files in the community folder do not display a manual...
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