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  1. I think AES was only compatible with the older non HD version of KSFO...
  2. Hi Mathijs, is the scenery also compatible with Aerosoft Heraklion?
  3. Thanks for the heads up and the quick fix!
  4. Thanks Oliver! I have installed P3D on a seperate drive. This is the full location: D:\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\Gran Canaria I also run the batch file as admin.
  5. I have fixed the entry for N1 myself by updating the heading in the XML file, but the second jetway is entirely missing.
  6. Hello Aerosoft, I downloaded the optional SODE files for Gran Canaria. I have 2 issues: 1. The *.bat file is not working. I have placed the SODE folder into ...Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\Gran Canaria as suggested in the ReadMe, but the batch file cannot find the files. I copied over the files manually and everything works. 2. The SODE jetway for Gate N1 is out of place and will also not dock. I have attached a pic. Can you please look into this?
  7. Absolutely true. Scenery is decent, but very low on frames. Cannot pin point the exact cause. Don't knwo if the Singapore area is known for bad performance by default like the London or Seattle area...
  8. Thanks! Did not know 2 different teams were working on this. Looking forward to both!
  9. Hi Oliver, I thought that Gran Canaria would release first? Or is this my misunderstanding?
  10. Can someone confirm this? I always had this option disabled and never an issue until now (once).
  11. Hi Mathijs, I thought I clearly stated using off-line AI? No predefined package. Most freeware models FAIB, AI Aardvark, Fruit Stand (converted for P3D by Alpha India Group) and payware FSPainter...
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