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  1. These jetways seems to be GSX jetways? Are you using GSX level 2 perhaps? And did you have installed the FSDT version of LSGG first?
  2. Found a misplaced autogen building at the airport scene:
  3. Hello Aerosoft, In the new Geneva I selected SODE jetways. In the scenery the static jetways has disappeared but no SODE jetways. Module is running. In the SODE folder (C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE) I do not see an XML file for Geneva? Also when starting the config tool, SODE option is not checked, although I checked it before.
  4. Just did a small flight between GCLP and GCTS, and landed at Tenerife with a touchdown rate of 22ft/min. What's your best landing rate?
  5. Since it has been a few months I fixed the issue myslef with my limited skills. Replace the file in the \Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\Tenerife\texture folder and overwrite when asked (make a back-up first!)... GCTSgr51.zip
  6. You will need to download the FSDG SODE Link: https://fsdg-online.com/Tools:::7.html. This will add a tab to the configurator for enabling SODE jetways. And don't forget to disable your static jetways!
  7. I had the same issue and created some mods for EditVoicePack. If you import these, you should be good to go. A318CFM.evpmod A319CFM.evpmod A319IAE.evpmod A320CFM.evpmod A320IAE.evpmod A321CFM.evpmod A321IAE.evpmod
  8. I also agree with the comments made above. Adding the hotel area near Playa de las Americas/Costa Adaje would really add to the immersion
  9. The funny thing is that MK-Studios made exactly the same mistake in their scenery...
  10. Thanks! I found that in the panel.cfg files the old values were still present, so I manually reverted back.
  11. Hello Aerosoft, Just did a reinstall of the bus to v1.2.5.0; and now my 3rd MCDU (2D) is resized (also according to the changelog), but now it hard for me to use it. Is it possible to resize the 3rd MCDU again?
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