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  1. Er!k

    EDDK Pro - Missing ATIS?

    The ATIS frequency should also be part of the ADE/AFCAD file. This file was not updated in the new version, so this could be the cause.
  2. Flying to Las Palmas in April. Really looking forward to this one!
  3. Yes, I know airports change a lot and development is never finished. However, the new terminal exterior and demolish of the hotel change the airport in such a way that it would be nice to have it included. But in the future is fine, I only thought maybe it is easy to remove the hotel... It is now grass as you can see on one of the pics (the plates of the first pic are removed)...
  4. I also found that the Tulip hotel is entirely demolished (!) A new hotel should be build there but recent Google images (May '18) don't show a sign of it... Maybe this can be removed easily from the scenery?
  5. Also the terminal is being renewed. Outside is already done. But Mathijs stated in another post that it will *maybe* might be done in the future. I think for now it is important to have all issues solved. It has been a while...
  6. Very nice! Will this build also include compatibility with Orbx TrueEarth NL?
  7. Er!k

    Maastricht P3Dv4..may I dare to ask...

    I understand your caution, but thanks for keeping us informed
  8. Er!k

    Maastricht P3Dv4..may I dare to ask...

    Hi all, we know it has been very quiet around Maastricht after the initial version for P3Dv4 came out. Recently the passenger terminal got an overhaul as you can see in the attachment... Also more info here: Any chance this will be part of an update (together with ORBX TrueEarthNL compatibility)?
  9. Wow, that is a great machine. May I ask what it costs together?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I have increased the amount of light from 250 to 500 to see what happens.
  11. Hi Aerosoft, I have the following issue with the Aerosoft Airbus (in this case A320) at Aerosoft Maastricht professional. When I change the angle of the view, the dynamic lighting seems to be disappearing. When I lower my view I see the first picture, but when changing it a little bit higher everything is OK. Any clue what is causing this? I am not using any add-ons for views...
  12. Er!k

    Minor wingview issue: A320/321

    I changed all the wingview settings from 0.4 to 0.5. This also avoids seeing missing parts and looks better imho.
  13. I have also disabled that option and did some daytime flights... Overall FPS is acceptable, but the stutters make it hard to land the Airbus.