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  1. @Jonas S. Just did a flight into Boa Vista, and after landing I found some issues (latest version installed via Aerosoft Updater): After leaving the runway I could not ask ATC for a parking spot After parking at gate 5, I have no ground services, only pushback Also no EXT PWR is available when parked Have attached some screenshots
  2. @Autopiloth @Jonas S. I found an issue with a typo on the ground markings saying LENGHT instead of LENGTH. I have attached a screenshot from the sim and a screenshot from Google. Also the '-' between SPAN and 51M should not be there... And I also think the bushes should not be there at all???
  3. Another few from me: - Scoot (Singapore) TGW, current fleet of 59 aircraft - Israir (Israel) ISR, current fleet of 8 aircraft
  4. Callsigns are not determined by Simple Traffic, it only adds a correct livery. I also found some missing designators. Best way is to report them to Asobo: Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)
  5. Another request: Corendon Airlines (total fleet of 35 aircraft) - CAI Corendon Airlines (Turkey) - CXI Corendon Airlines Europe (Malta) - CND Corendon Dutch Airlines (Netherlands) Liveries are slightly different, but one for all three will do since they exchange planes a lot...
  6. Ehh? This topic is only for suggestions regarding liveries or airports for Simple Traffic...
  7. Also: - BTI (AirBaltic) fleetsize approx. 32 - ICE (Icelandair) fleetsize approx. 41 - NVR (Novair) fleetsize 2 Would be good additions!
  8. Can you please include CityJet (BCY)? Most of the fleet is flying for SAS, so the SAS livery should be sufficient. At EKCH you see a lot of these.
  9. Currently the sim works as follows: - It tries to match on-line aircraft on ICAO code - If the ICAO code is found, the correct livery will be shown - If the ICAO is not found, the sim will choose a random livery (so this explains why you see Singapore Airlines in this case) My personal preference would be that in cas a livery is not found that a plain white livery is shown (or another default one you can choose). I have brought this under attention over at the Asobo forums, and it would really help if you vote as well: On-line AI model matching for not recognised lCAO codes - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  10. And the other way round? WIll it be possible to just create your flightplan including dep and arr in the sim without having to use Navigraph or tools like SimBrief?
  11. I think you are using the off-line option? This option adds a lot of traffic compared to the on-line option, so indeed it can be a little more busy then you are used to.
  12. Cool! Don't forget to include the ATC_Parking_Types=CARGO, so these will first try to park at designated cargo spots!
  13. Since Simple Traffic uses the standard MSFS AI planes, Aerosoft cannot do something about it. Best solution is to report it to ZenDesk of Asobo: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/
  14. Including Jet2 would also be very nice! They have approx. 90 aircraft in the fleet and is well seen in Europe. Took this shot while taxiing at Alicante.
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