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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Good to read the positive vibe. A lot of people in the community are very sceptical and traditional towards new platforms. Personally I have reinstalled my PC, pre-ordered MSFS and P3D is history for now. Yes, I cannot fly the Aerosoft Airbus or PMDG 737 from day one, but lots to discover... VFR has my attention for the first time in FS history!
  2. Sim wings put it on hold in order to see the quality of the MSFS rendition... Then they decide to move on or cancel... was posted on Facebook but could not find the link.
  3. Finally use ARJ DOS prompt to decompress the archives. And after lots of work floppy 35.999 sounds strange and you hear an error coming
  4. Very cool! Will the throttle and future extensions (flaps/gear/autobrake/spoilers) be supported in a similar way?
  5. Prepar3Dv5 came as a total surprise to me. Some nice new features but you'll have to wait a few months until all add-ons are available, all initial bugs are ironed out. Since MSFS2020 will also arrive I decided to stay on P3Dv4.5HF3 and enjoy flying until MSFS2020 drops.
  6. Hi Aerosoft/TailStrike, Just got LICR for P3Dv4.5HF3 and found no aircraft at the airport. When opening the AFCAD I noticed the Radius is too small for all the spots. In order to park a 737 or A319/A320, the size should be 19.1m. No it is set to 10m. I have updated all spots accordingly and attached my AFCAD. Feel free to take a look and use it in an update (compiled with 4.5HF3 SDK).
  7. SODE is used by developers to control the jetways, lighting, automatic switching of seasons and more...
  8. What happens if you advance the throttles a little bit and then back to idle? Does the CL continue then?
  9. Bradley, do you hear the voice engine stabilized? Sometimes it help to advance the throttle a bit and then to F1/Cut. Then you'll hear the call-out and the CL progresses.
  10. Is there anything you can say about FPS compared to v4.5? According to LM it would be better with the introduction of DirectX12. I know FPS is not everything, but interested to see.
  11. Er!k

    LSGG - CTD

    Are there any other add-on airports in the region? Have you tried disabling AI (if you are using that)? In order to eliminate the issue it is best to disable all add-ons except LSGG.
  12. Hello Aerosoft team, Did a flight with the A320, v1.3.0.0 today and found the font used on the glareshield is hard to read. It's way more dark then previous versions. I have attached a screenshot. Any help would be appreciated! Erik
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