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  1. Same goes for gate 59, no stairs available. Catering/baggage is working fine.
  2. @Sasa Great job you dit on EDDB! Just made my first landing and was guided to gate B01 (without jetway). I parked there and noticed two things: In the ATC menu no options is available for 'ramp connection' (=stairs) When calling for the catering, first time errors and second time catering truck is placed and connects Is it possible to fix this minor issue in a future update? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for pointing it out Thorsten.
  4. Just got Hamburg for MSFS, and wow, what an approach on runway 05! Overflying Finkenwerder, seeing the city in the distance and the airport modelling is outstanding. Thanks for that (and helping me out with the upgrade service, great support as well!)! I found some shimmering on hangar doors, the main terminal and the remote terminal and I hope there is something that can be done about it? I am using the TAA setting in sim on 1080p monitor. Have attached some screenshots, but shimmering is hard to see on shots. Therefore I highlighted the appropriate areas. Thanks!
  5. Hello Aerosoft, In december 2017 I bought Hamburg professional for P3Dv4 (Order# 1107263). Now I am trying to buy the new sim-wings Hamburg, but the discount is not applied. When entering the serial manually in the check-out I get the message Voucher could not be found or is no longer valid Can you please assist?
  6. @manwlo Can you please check?
  7. Hello Aerosoft! Found two issues regarding to Chania Airport. 1. When at the holding point I noticed some bleeding/flickering, highlighted in a screenshot below. 2. I was parked at gate 1, received taxi instructions to runway 29. No taxiway names are called, and also no taxi ribbon is shown (although enabled in my settings).
  8. Scenery is released! Aerosoft Airport Bali | Aerosoft Shop
  9. KDCA is a product from Drzewiecki Design, so not included in the Updater. When an update arrives this will be posted both in the forum and on the web site...
  10. @Jo Erlend I wouldn't rush out the scenery because another company did today, but maybe you have another teaser for us while we wait?
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