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  1. Thanks C. i deleted the config and when i reopened p3d it worked wow so now i can fly yeah.. thanks for your help and dedication to the sim world. warm regards Steve the old fart
  2. also when i try to change the spoiler axis ( RZ) in p3d it wont change regards, btw in my haste i had reinstalled p3d aerosoft a330 in the wrong folder so therefor no websimbrowser. i reinstalled to the main p3dv5 folder and now efb is functional.
  3. the rz axis is assigned to the spoiler axis in add on 1 and 2 not the throttle is that what you mean
  4. rz axis but when i try to change it will not see the spoiler axis when the arm is moved regards
  5. afternoon my friend. i have been at it finally after reinstalling everything i decided to check the a3xx configurator. i had previously had all three items ticked where it offers the tca support. i removed the sidestick support and low and behold it actually worked. for some reason though the mapping for the spoilers is not working. again thanks for your dedication, regards Steve
  6. hi SimWare. i am still having detent issues. in the a330 and a318 to a321 in order to get to idle i have to lift the reverse levers and pull all the way down weird ill keep on trying at least i can fly regards, Steve
  7. this is what i got from thrustmaster got everything working now just to 692269286_TCAQuadrantandAddOn-CalibrationProcess.pdf
  8. best regards Mr. Sim have a great day i will try thanks for all your help ...a real trooper. steve the old fart
  9. and in the sim i am having an issue with detents when set to climb both go to toga. in the spoilers when activated it pops up the spoiler to arm then goes to full and not icrement. warm regards Steve
  10. when i switched back to eng 1&2 the bars were at 50% across the board rz x,y,and z axis the air brake and flap bar both go all green on any activation warm regards, Steve
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