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  1. mousemansteven


    my vote is Dave CT2003 for deputy of the month
  2. mousemansteven

    A318 - CTD (not resolved)

    afternoon MK, Dave, and Lion. the avianca paint i referenced worked great with the installer and worked great up untill the last update. just for some clarification have a great day love my bus and you lot are the bomb
  3. mousemansteven

    A318 - CTD

    thank you sir
  4. mousemansteven

    A318 - CTD

    afternoon all to embellish a bit i use the a318 319 livery manager. it installs without a warning but when selected in p3dv4.3 it shows up i then select the location hit ok then comes the crash have a great day
  5. mousemansteven

    A318 - CTD

    good morning it happens to me with the avianca a318 nc pr- onq no matter which airport i set p3d just crashes, cheers all
  6. mousemansteven

    All i can say is weird.

    please sir i thought this was general chatter no support did not mean to tie up resources. please close this topic again sorry
  7. mousemansteven

    All i can say is weird.

    do not hold the buss at fault possiby ultimat traffic live. but the second issue about the crew callouts it froze at the pushback stage. never called engine one stable sorry sir
  8. mousemansteven

    All i can say is weird.

    sorry Mathijis, flying to jfk from mbpv as jb1056. and american was ahead of me same route to jfk. he was 20 miles in front at 340. i was at 360 center called traffic for him and it was my flight, jbu. next visual was i noticed jet trails approaching me did a teardrop maneuver and started northbound at time p3d stopped responding and ctd. i had no issues at all with the 318 or the first version of 320. i believe when i ran the updater i did not specify run as admin. is there a way to back out of the install or reinstall the a320? cheers mate. and thanks Steve.
  9. mousemansteven

    All i can say is weird.

    Afternoon or evening. today same plane same pro atc fp during push all goes well till engine start. started engine on no report made of stable.
  10. mousemansteven

    All i can say is weird.

    Afternoon all. yesterday while flying to jfk all was working well flying the a320 jbu . i was using as and ultimate traffic live. i had the moving map on in pro atc. i was at 36000 feet and there was traffic the other aircraft below and behind enroute to jfx i hear the controller advise the aircraft of traffic the next visual is were it gets strange. the lower traffic was heading directly towards me i read the label it flew towards me the did a 180 degree turn then ctd. weird. hopefully it was a one off thing. this was the first time flying after update installed. i was sure i did a restart after the install. but i am an old fart. cheers all
  11. Good Morning all, I hope this is the place for this topic. i had an issue with the configurator being missing . after Dae got me squared away i noticed that while starting takeoff roll i get man flex srs and rwy by primary then rotate 80 knot call 100 knot call. i just watch the bugs and rotate. is this another reinstall? cheers stee
  12. mousemansteven

    Where is the configurator?

    @dave your patience is saintly. I had to follow your instructions and now back to normal whatever that might be. i really enjoy this bus. again thanks for all that you do for us. steve
  13. mousemansteven

    Where is the configurator?

    afternoon @DaveCT2003 I checked and it says no quarantined items. i have the folder in general, but the folder is empty> Thank you in advance
  14. just updated to the new version and the aircraft configuration tool is missing thanks in advance steve