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  1. mousemansteven

    Fuel loading

    morning Dave. i am able to use the link alright. but when there i get a claim account message. when i put my email in it says already registered .
  2. thank you sir. can we save the simobjects folder and a copy of the config file to restore our liveries? cheers mate, and thanks, steve
  3. morning all is there an aerolineas argentina repaint in the works. they have the a330-200 reg lv-gko https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9601352 thanks in advance steve t.
  4. Thanks Dave for your experience. but 1 part of my query above was take off trim and CG. should i slide it to the left until it goes green? or do i just get ot to 50 50. again thanks for your dedication to the community. regards Steve
  5. morning all just a note to dave to please post how to insert the simbrief calculations in the fuel planner. i see that they are close now but am curious about the center of gravity slide. should i slide it to the left until it goes green? or just set it in the middle. and derive the trim settings. cheers mate. steve
  6. @ steve dra. i want to try the freighter how does it interface with gsx? is the left cargo door functional? thank you for your marvelous work. regards steve t
  7. please forgive me it is the a330 gwcg went red close to tod. i believe it has to do with the center of gravity and gross weight. but i dont know i landed ok but the reversers were 80 percent effective on landing. thanks for the reply, steve
  8. can anyone explain this to me regards Steve
  9. Good afternoon. i was just able to finish a flight it appears to be a gsx thing. it all happened after a gsx update. i had gsx enabled. when i load instant the boarding stays grey. and that i think is why the checklist stops. for this flight i let gsx do the fueling and boarding. when done all portions are green. the checklist resumes as normal. i then can proceed with a normal flight. thank you Rolf. regards Steve, the old fart
  10. morning all. i too have a checklist issue. i start in turnaround state. i then open mcdu 3 and init my load. i press load instant. values populate. i then do cockpit prep cl. when complete i go to the pf mcdu and enter the values ci etc. i enter the block fuel .go back to the first page and req the winds. i update the wind for the flight phases. i closee the doors cargo first the pax 2 and 1 doors. then nothing. i tried to open the pax door and reclose and nothing happens. went to gsx menu and operated the jetway, reopened the door closed the door and still nothing. i ask gsx for the push back the tug comes but then nothing. never got the ribbon on top of the screen to follow gsx instructions. thanks for you time and efforts, regards, Steve, the old fart.
  11. Good morning Dave. i noticed after the updated fuel planner , the all busses one, when i slide the adj cg slider the tow doesnt go green like it used to in the a330. is there a tutorial on proper set up . i use simbrief and the adjust the sliders in the fuel planner to set the tow and change the block fuel to the simbrief calculations. thanks sir and be blessed, steve t the old fart ps also i see the values of the fuel planner are way lower than the simbrief ones. ex. cyul to lebl fl 370 fuel planner suggest a block of 36,283 kg but simbrief shows 42,524 kg.
  12. just updated to ver 1300 small bus and was wondering if the tow mac should turn green when the center of gravity slider is moved or just set it in the center position thanks steve
  13. Happy new and prosperous year. to all the devs, support folks keep up the good work. hopefully our enthusiasm will win over the nay Sayers, fse, thank you aerosoft for all your hard work and devotion to the experience of flight simulation. warm regards, Steve T. the old fart
  14. have a blessed Christmas Dave, Steve, the old fart
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