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  1. Fabian Boulegue

    Transport Company Preview

    A few more screenshots šŸ™‚
  2. Fabian Boulegue

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    that would be great but as it is a nativ app there is no way.
  3. Fabian Boulegue

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    thats the one made by me but as i said before i ll check the webpage.
  4. Fabian Boulegue

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Can you give me some information what tablet you are using? Caus the save works well here too
  5. Fabian Boulegue

    Transport Company Preview

    Also the production here takes longer for PC games as Nintendo is going to create the Cards etc ;-)!
  6. Fabian Boulegue

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    damn this made me laught thanks!
  7. Fabian Boulegue

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hey Stu, the Problem on the Zoom gestures is just like every mobile OS (even different browser) read these gestures different. On my iPad Pitch to Zoom works well, on one of my Kindle Tablets it does too, but i have a no name china android test device here where it does not work. I cant promisse much but i ll check if there are any options to set these different.
  8. Fabian Boulegue

    World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator

    Next Year ;-)!
  9. Fabian Boulegue

    Multiple methods of payment

    No sorry Sir, this is not possible.
  10. Fabian Boulegue

    Honeycomb Products.

    If i remember right we had some Honeycomb Hardware with us at these shows ;-) but as i wasnt there i m not 100% sure.
  11. Fabian Boulegue

    Honeycomb Products.

    No :-( we wont be able to ship them before Q1/Q2 2019 sorry
  12. Fabian Boulegue

    purchased at steam

    There is no way, for the steam version you ll find all updates on steam.
  13. Fabian Boulegue

    Polizeihubschrauber Simulator

    It will be :-) we going to showcase the trailer within the next days.
  14. Fabian Boulegue

    Airbus Bundle for P3D and FSX transfer of ownership

    As you bought it from Simmarket please check with them. For us it is no problem if the ownership get transfered but it might be that simmarket does not offer this option.
  15. Fabian Boulegue

    Add-ons auf neuem PC wieder installieren

    Hi, ja klar das ist kein Problem!