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  1. Hello Michael, i m not part of the management but I feel free to answere your question here too. About the Airbus please see the preview thread there are much more information about it when it will be compatible what you need to buy or not buy. About scenerys please check our latest scenerys we did a toon of scenerys for P3DV4 that where already available as "professional" Edition - sure not all airports and sure often it is not your favorite airport but we will add more and more by time
  2. Hello Gabriel, to close this topic please check your inbox I ve been asking you for some information about the order. Make sure this is a one time solution - for the future please read the PRODUCT INFORMATION as well as the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS on the product page, as you can read in our EULA once a download is started there is no way to refund these anymore (also not exchange them vs a gift card or what ever). All information about a product and it requirements are visible on the product page - sure if there are mistakes the information I wrote on top do not apply.
  3. Often you guys have great ideas... sometimes you have crazy ideas... If you like to share them, or even your wishes with us feel free to post here :-)! Please note we are unable to answer all the requests and also unable to create all your stuff but this is the place to post :-)!
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