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  1. After using this lovely aircraft (318-321 pack) for years, suddenly a new problem - the checklist using co-pilot function, works until top of descent and then after that, nothing. I haven't changed any settings. On vacating the runway the APU is turned on and flaps/spoilers/lights all go to required settings but no audio heard. Any ideas? Using the 32 Bit A320 and A319, Win10, FSX_SE (but aerosoft direct purchase of the aircraft).
  2. Me too. This happened before in October. My account definitely still in date and paid for.
  3. I've been using Navdata Pro for a few months with no problems, until today when no charts load at all. I can see the list, access my favourites list and select from them to my kneeboard. I can see the list in the kneeboard. However, when I select any chart from the main list, favourites list or kneeboard it fails to load. I've closed the app, re-opened, uninstalled and re-installed, but have the same problem. Help appreciated please!
  4. No. I've got GSX installed but not GSX2. Having said that, I think the problem may have started after the reload of the Coatl Addon Manager when they brought GSX2 out. Not sure though
  5. I checked those folders and there is nothing like EDDM xml or simobjects there
  6. Hi I looked for those files but couldn't find them, please can you give me a location? Thanks
  7. Thanks Bob, I'll check that. can you tell me the source folder I should look for please? thanks
  8. I'm using aerosoft Mega Airport Munich with GSX and have 2 sets of jetways at the gates - one looks like the aerosoft scenery gateway and the second, which is close to the gate but not really in the right position and not attached to the scenery building, is darker and works to the aircraft - SODE maybe? Thing is that it spoils the scenery to have this conflict. Doesn't happen at any other aerosoft scenery I have. Any help please? Thanks
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