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  1. The apu switchover still seems to be an issue, only way was having each person start their own apu
  2. All is working now, maybe aerosoft should create a reset server function that happens periodicailly once a day? When loading from the fuel planner and then initiating the load from MCDU3, is the fuel and printout meant to sync accross the connected flight deck?
  3. I can confirm renaming the file has got me connected and I'm able to create a session!
  4. It was an email from Florian Venus I can pretty much eliminate #3 because I’ve tried it on my other computer and it still didn’t work. Can you confirm about renaming the file to get it to actually initially connect, because I can’t even connect. I got it to connect once by renaming it to something with “a330” but then couldn’t get it to actually create the session. Basically it appears if your file just says CFD.cfg then it never connects. If you rename it to cfd_a320.cfg or cfd_a330.cfg then it works but neither allow you to actually create a session, but that’s something that would be on the server end
  5. You’re the only one replying on here so would never shoot you haha. but even Mathijs said he reset the server and it still doesn’t work, and then another support sent me this “CFD is not supported for the Aerosoft A320 professional P3D version, as written on the product page. ”
  6. Yeh same issue with mine. Been told twice by different support that it’s fixed and then someone from support told me it’s not even supported. Seems like no one knows what’s actually going on
  7. Place this file in your Documents/Aerosoft/LiveryInstaller/Products folder as_a320_a321_prof.xml
  8. I have the same problem Newest version of the Airbus A320 Pro doesnt install anything in this folder, I'm wondering if this has a connection to the CFD problems I'm having as well. Possibly the installer is missing files (yes I run the installer and download without protection)
  9. This seems to be an ongoing issue. I've read through other posts and tried all the fixes, the contents of my CFD.cfg is correct and still get "not connected" CFD_Log.txt CFD_A330.cfg
  10. This is still an issue, if you use the CFD.cfg file shipped with the A320, it doesn't connect at all. Tried renaming to CFD_A330.cfg like above and still nothing
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