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  1. And will it be available today as well in 3rd party stores e.g. simmarket or the MSFS Store?
  2. For me this happens as well but not before the second take off. I fly a leg and on the first take off it does not appear and on the second leg (second take off) this gets triggered.
  3. Paying customer (79 Euro) is asking again.... The Terrain Display is not working since the last update, is Hans Hartmann aware and working on it? Digital elevation database seems to be present in the Aircraft folder.
  4. Maybe I should ask my Question again: Although it states in the FAQ section, that the TERRAIN Display is not working, the manual states that it does. Besides that, there is already a digital elevation model integrated, same as in P3D Version. Are you planning to use this to enable the TERRAIN feature, as it worked in P3D and independently from e.g. Asobos map system?
  5. Damn I am just an Air Traffic Controller and ICAO certified IFR procedure designer.... But for me the same....DEP/ARR route drawing and following doesnt work as IRL I seriously understand that, many systems and some stuff will allways be limited in its operations as it is just a simulated plane. But I am seriously annoyed if systems and features suddendly stop working with an update and there is simply no comment from the developer.
  6. I am curious if they will.... I have a post in the MSFS Forum as well regarding the Terrain Display, but besides an unfriendly awnser to read the manual, no response or whatsoever.
  7. Weather Radar is working fine (with ActiveSky) But Terrein Display is not working any longer since the Update Terrain data however is present in the file structure of the plane: In my opinion it is bug which needs to be adressed
  8. Yes i read this part but according FAQ, Terrain Display does not work... Quote from the FAQ section: "At this moment we do not have access to the terrain system to such a degree that a working terrain radar is possible. The moment this is possible it will be added." Please be so kind and don't blame me for not reading the Manual, when the Terr Display is not working and me as a customer is asking ways to possibly enabling it somehow! I don't know a single person where this is working, me including. Rgds PC P.S. In P3D by the way, it is not working either anymore since the last patch. Maybe it is a bug so that it is not working in both versions or it is not implemented in the MSFS Version and thus beeing disabled in P3D with the Update. Anyway I find it really harsh to come up with the RTFM awnser when it is obvious that the Manual does not represent the actual state of the Aircraft and when it is obvious that it is not implemented or has been patched out or whatever!
  9. Good evening togetehr, Question: I found in the folder structure a folder called "Terrain". There seems to be an elevation model of any kind implemented. (ascrj.wem 224 Mb) Is it possible to use it, or is it planned to use as basis for a database based Terr Display? And wouldn't make it sense to do so, as the Asobo VFR Map/Terrain implementation is rather unusable for a real looking working System? Other airliners often use a simple database instead of simulator inbuild stuff, that is mostly not working as it should and would be easier to implement. Rgds PC
  10. Tried the CRJ in P3DV5 yesterday and the problem there is the same. Depending on how you setup the detends for the FADEC it is getting worse or better and it has to do with the relation betwenn the full range of the throttle and the detent setup. As it is exactly the same in P3D, i guess no fix will be available ever. Example: If you map the detents more or less excact in regard where they are on the throtle unit in the Sim, the problem is very minimal. If you prefer for example the Climb Thrust detent at another position (for which the setup toll is there) there is as misalignment between the physical position of the thrustlevers in game and the position you set up. Therefore the thrust starts to shift when you move the axis. I seriously do not unterstand why there is an option to setup positions for detents when this conflicts with the sims throttle behaviour. Annoying! Oh by the way.... Upon testing i found out, that faulty ILS intcpt, unable level flight in turns and many more annyoing bugs dont occure in P3D. This Sim is so damn unfinished, that creating and getting add on aircraft to work must be a pain.
  11. And we have read the FAQ and the manual and used the settings tool in the EFB and have other planes and sims and yes the problem happens only with the CRJ atm.
  12. I have the same issue here with the Warthog Throttle unit. It is working fine without spikes as it has a very large range to move bute the problem is as described that a movement on the physical axis upwards results in thottle going down for some time and then reconfiguring on the set value. IMO this has absolutely nothing to do with the Hardware we use but it is FADEC (CRJ) or SIM related. Other airliners with FADEC work just fine and i state again, the throttle unit does not spike at all. Rgds PC
  13. Good morning had the same issue last evening. F2 to reduce thrust works fine bute toggle thrust reverse is not working. Rgds PC
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