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  1. Same issue here, please tell me specifically which views to disable? Thanks.
  2. Dave, et al, I would like to apologize, in my post I thought it was Aerosoft's A3xx at fault with the thrust reversers. I have discover that the 4.5 update it had ticked the controller box so P3D and FSUIPC were fighting it out. Unticked and now all is right with the world. Sorry for being a jerk.
  3. Thanks. Looks like I’m now an ex Aerosoft Airbus patron. I’m sorry, but all the other vendors I use support FSUIPC. This is unacceptable to me. Back to PMDG, sorry if I seem upset, I am.
  4. Argh! Doesn’t anyone at Aerosoft use FSUIPC? What do you do Dave, use the keyboard for all the throttle and reverse controls? I mean how else would I bind a TQ6 to the flight controls?
  5. I don’t know why this is happening. I just landed at LEBB but when I bought the reverser handle back they did not go in reverse. They worked fine before I took off as I tested them. Now sitting here on the runway they won’t work. I got to them work once on the runway while I was stopped but now they won’t budge. I even reloaded the plane and set it to take off state, no help. I use FSUIPC, the latest Windows 10 updates, the latest Bus, version, and a VirtualFly TQ6. I calibrated the TQ6 in Windows, P3D 4.5, and FSUIPC. It used to work perfectly and they work fine with all the PMDG and other planes that use reverser. It will even work with the F7 function key and, when I THEN move the TQ6 physical lever it will move OUT of reverse like it’s supposed to. I just can’t get it to GO to reverse. Like I said it was working before I took off. All other levers work as assigned in FSUIPC, the leftmost lever for thrust, left blue lever for spoilers, the right blue lever for flaps. Any idea why this is Dave? Thanks Jack
  6. Thanks Dave, gosh, I wish I had the presence of mind to look there. It’s been a while since I got to make a flight and I’m telling you this is beautiful, at 37K feet flying from EGFF to LIEO. Much appreciated Dave!
  7. It’s been a while since I flew the A319 so I’m flying it now. I have the views window in the upper left, how do I get rid of it? Thanks
  8. Hi, I would like to see a stop LSK like PMDG has? I don’t know how hard that would be but I can use Shift p in the meantime. It was frustrating because I didn’t know that shift p would stop it.
  9. I don’t use GSX because I don’t like that couatl engine. I had more sim freezes and crashes because of it.
  10. Thanks! I’ll try this next time if I EVER use Aerosoft’s pushback again which I doubt I ever will. I wish they’d fix this though.
  11. Thanks Dave, I wish there was a way to stop it once it starts. On the CDU all I can do is re-start it. So I had to literally quit P3D and start all over again. PMDG has a stop function, maybe you guys can add one to the Airbus?
  12. Thanks Dave but I had an arrival runway inserted before I even took off.
  13. As I’m flying right now over JFK at 34K feet, I see my next location will be BAWLL and I’ll be there at 2322 UTC. It goes down the list like this: NEWES - 2327 JFK - 2330 RBV - 2336 DQ0 - 2345 And on down the list till I reach KATL which says I’ll be there at 1551. So I’m confused. If 2359 is one minute before midnight, 1551 will be 3:51 PM, UTC right? KBOS and KATL are in the same time zone and the flight isn’t going to take this many hours. Perhaps I’m confused. Thanks
  14. I did a thorough search but all I could find was posts in non-English. I just took off from KBOS to KATL and got a magenta T.O. Inhibit message. Why? I know set up the CDU properly. It disappeared after I was airborne and I’m flying at 34K feet now no problems. Thanks, just curious. Best regards. Jack
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