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  1. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. No sir, it's part of the model (and the Airbus). Best wishes!
  3. Looking at your former posts, I see that you've not provided your systems specifications. But I do see you provided your P3D settings, and I would try eliminating all shadow settings and see if that makes a difference on your system. Additionally, I would love to have you post your ActiveSky Options settings (the "Prepar3DOptions.cfg" file, or whatever file you are using for ActiveSky settings). Additionally, there is a setting in the Configurator that 90% of customers should not have checked though I can tell you that many people do. It's the ECAM Rendering check box. Try ensuring this is NOT checked. I would also like to know what weather engine people are using, well, those who have this issue.
  4. That is included in the instructions in the link I provided. Nobody reads anymore, LOL!
  5. If you perform a search for VCruntime140 in our forums or the P3D forums you will find that many people have reported this issue with various software. It is NOT our software causing this. I recommend going to the following thread, ignore the PFPX references, and follow the steps there. Note that some people have had to reinstall Windows to correct this, but they are few and far between. Best wishes.
  6. Sorry for the late post, but I just learned on this amazing, well deserved flight sim event. Today the VATSIM Atlanta ARTTC will be honoring the MD-80 Maddog as Delta Airlines has placed the aircraft out of service. If you're not aware, Delta was not only the last major operator of the MD-80, they have been the largest operator of the aircraft for some time. The lack of air travel due to COVID-19 did what many years could not, force Delta to ground their fleet of this truly wonderful aircraft. We'll be flying the event in Shared Cockpit (Leonardo MaddogX) and single cockpit on our Discord server, though any aircraft is welcome. Come and fly with us and/or watch our live streams of the event on Discord if you'd like, a nd join in the conversation! All welcome! DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/AbBX5Xn EVENT INFO: https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=9348.0
  7. Yes sir, as described in my previous post. Shouldn't be too much longer for that update. Best wishes.
  8. Well my friend, it appears that you did not understand my comments. 1. Are you turning off the Auto PILOT (not turning on the Auto Rudder) before or shortly after landing? If not, or if you're not sure, please try this. 2. Have you tried turning on the Auto Rudder in P3Dv3? 3. Otto asked you what setting you have set in the MCDU (settings) for autorudder and tiller. Would you answer him please? A screen shot would be best. More importantly, the System Requirements on the Product Page (see screen shot below) specifically state that you must have a joystick with rudder control, which from what your telling us you do not have. This means that we can not guarantee the Auto Rudder function will work for you. My recommendation is that you pick up a joystick with a rudder control.
  9. Also, please be sure to turn the Autopilot Off after landing as that could affect the Auto Rudder. I don't remember (you're using a very old 8+ year version of the Airbus, which is no out of development) if you need to have the Autorudder switched on in P3Dv3 as well. You can test it both ways.
  10. Richard, did you ever find a fix for this? We have another person who is having the same issue.
  11. If you are flying jet aircraft at altitude (24,000ft plus) then no, I don't. Your covering a LOT of ground very quickly around 80% plus the speed of sound. Downloading weather every 5 minutes is the only way to ensure dynamic weather, especially if you're flying near or over mountains, oceans, costal regions, or other areas for which weather changes fairly often. Moreover, neither my system, the 15 or so I maintained, and the systems of the 20+ guys I fly with ever notice weather injection - it's completely transparent to us. Ah, that should be "5". 10 is a needless waste and generally speaking pretty unrealistic. I hope this is helpful!
  12. Very difficult to say, it may be that you were running out of memory. Do you have the HighMemFix added to your FSX.CFG file? If you didn't do this yourself then it's not there and that may be your issue. Just Google FSX and HighMemFix and you'll get hooked up. Also, ensure your FSX graphics settings are pretty much default as you're running a pretty intensive aircraft for FSX.
  13. Just to verify you're seeing this with P3Dv4.5HF3? What are your frame rates when this occurs?
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. If you're using ActiveSky for P3Dv4, would you please try the options file below and see if that makes a difference? Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1.zip To use, place the file in the same place as your original configuration file, start ActiveSky, select Options, and the User Presets and then select the file and restart ActiveSky.
  16. Yeah, wow! You're settings are absolutely horrible for flying airliners. Maybe, and I mean MAYBE okay for a General Aviation aircraft on a clear day, but most anything else and... well, pretty terrible. Anyway, I'm sure that's at least part of the problem you're having. Below are the settings in a config file which I've posted here in our forums for quite some time and it's corrected the issue you're having for many of our forum members. I believe they will not only be better on your frame rates but far more realistic as well. Place the file in the same place as your original configuration file, start ActiveSky, select Options, and the User Presets and then select the file and restart ActiveSky. You should be fine after that. You might want to give some consideration to joining and becoming active in the Aerosoft Flight Sim Community, where you'll learn a lot about flight sim from our classes held in our virtual classroom and from other members, but know ahead of time the classes, special meetings, special events, shared cockpit/Connected Flight Deck with members and special discounts are only for active members so if you don't have the time to join us at least once a week I would skip it. Best wishes! Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1.zip
  17. Ok. I'm away from home so I'll dk my best to check this tonight. One of the orher tech guys may chime in.
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Connected Flight Deck (CFD) does not work with the Steam version of the Airbus. Basically, Dovetatil Games took our software and modified it, and in so doing they agreed to take on technical support for the Steam version of the Airbus. If you are interested in CFD, you could request a refund of the Steam version and purchase the Airbus from our store - then CFD will work. You must have two different serial numbers for CFD to work, one for each computer. I hope you found this helpful. Best wishes.
  20. Also, please be sure you are running P3D as Administrator, this is important.
  21. Nick, something tells me the installation did not go as planned. I suspect you have Microsoft's One Drive active for your Documents folder or you forgot to disable your Computer Security and/or to run the Airbus Installer as Administrator. You can try this. 1. Uninstall the Airbus. 2. Ensure One Drive is disabled for your Documents folder. 3. Carefully follow the procedure in the thread below. Let us know how that works for you! NOTE: If the above doesn't work, don't uninstall the Airbus again. Instead please download, unzip and run our Discovery Tool and post the information here in this thread. But please don't do this unless the procedure above does not work. ASVersionInfo.zip
  22. The Boss is talking about C++ Redistributibles, which most flight sim software is programmed with. We''ll be able to help you, but to do so please download, unzip and run the file below and post the results here in this forum. ASVersionInfo.zip
  23. As you hold a position with a Virtual Airline, I'm guessing you're familiar with the fact that default FSX airports is from the circa early 2000's, and today many people are using NavData products to update the NavData which includes NAVAID and ILS Approach Frerequencies. But if the scenery doesn't match the frequeny that the Aircraft FMS/FMGS has, the FMS/FMGS in the aircraft will never hear the signal because the airport is on a different (older) frequency. To resolve this, you have to update the airport data in FSX. You can do this multiple ways, such as 1) installing an updated AFCAD which may be freely available at various sites such as AVSIM and Flightsim.com, you can edit the existing AFCAD yourself using the freeware tool Airport Design Editor, or you can purcahse a payware airport - and believe me that makes all the difference in the world and is the very best option. Aerosoft has an EXCELLENT airport for CIAMPINO for FSX all the way through P3Dv4.5 in our shop, and I flew in and out of that airport just last week - it was terrific! I would strongly urge you to give our scenery a try! Best wishes.
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