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  1. Can you please clarify to which version of PFPX are you referring to? I doubt that you can have such as page #2 with the current V2.
  2. Hi Stephen, The answer is yes. It launches from both shortcuts, which I feel is creating me all the problems.
  3. Hi, I was using PFPX for years purchased from AS. The old version was installed somewhere between the other AS files and could not be located by the normal Windows uninstall utility. Very surprising for me. When the new version came I had installed it using the built in installer, which located the software in Program files (x86). Definitely the old version was not removed from the system and now I have both of them active. The reason why I am writing all this is because I strongly feel that the new version (2.03) is mixed with the old one and the result is improper operation. I noticed all this when tried to apply some new fuel policy and the program was trying to read data from completely different folder. Next is the RAD restrictions, which obviously are not taken into consideration either due to wrong folder or due to some bug. My basic question to all here is mainly how can I remove the old version? Second is if someone knows the folder structure of v. 2.03 in order to put the plane profile files, policies, etc. in a proper place. Thank you!
  4. Goshob

    Good guide for FMS programming

    Hi, Sorry, but are you referring to Alles im Griff: Aerosoft Airbus A320? It is quite a good guide, if you know German of course... Otherwise what Dave said is the way for changing the STAR. What I would like to add also is that ProATC/X is not very stable with approaches still. It is giving very "strange" approach vectors sometimes, which may lead you to nowhere if you follow them blindly.
  5. Please apply the other NAVAIDS fixes also. I had deviations in the runways on some European airports about 3 - 4 degrees. Don't forget to run MakeRwys after that. This helped me too much.
  6. Hi, Just a tip, if you don't mind. I was having similar and more severe issues some times, but all was settled after I started applying the fixes as per this: http://aero.sors.fr/ My opinion is that this has to do more with P3D default scenery than with the bus.
  7. I was performing some tests during the last weekend using G-EZTB - A320. Best results obtained were on manual landing or at least without auto thrust at final stage. For me obtained values between -200 and -250 fpm are satisfactory. Talking about all this, I would like to rise a question about the usability and importance of those landing rates. We are discussing them too much in several topics already, but they are actually values, which have no any relations with the RL operations and are only used by the VA for evaluation / ranking purposes. How correct is the usage of those rates is a different subject, which I mentioned several times that here is not the place for discussing. Before completing my post, I would like to mention that in RL I am mostly flying with A319 or A320 recently (as a passenger). It was observed that every pilot has his own style of landing. It seems to me that the most important is if the plane meets the targets of touch down within the threshold and stops safely. All other qualifications like soft landing, semi-soft landing, hard landing, etc. I strongly feel have no value since the landing is safe and the AC is with no damages on the landing gears. (Last is very exaggerated of course).
  8. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hi, The error message is "Cannot connect to cloud". Hope the above helps.
  9. "A good pilot is the one who is always learning" This is a very well known maxima from RL and does not apply to pilots only. However and because the author of this topic started it in a so called comparison way, may I ask a basic question? What is actually the difference between the 16 and pro version of the aircraft concerning landing performance and especially when the plane is in fully automatic mode? I was using A320 STEAM edition for more than 3 years and can say that there is roughly about 150 - 200 fpm difference between the landing rates. This comparison was made with same type of AC, same load, same airport, same RWY and same weather conditions. There was lots of writing in one of my previous posts about this, which I do not plan to repeat. At the same time and if this was made purposely for stimulating the users to increase their qualification would be appreciated. At the same time, I am not sure if we should make such comparisons at all due to the different program algorithm used in both versions, but at the same time the AC is the same by default. Again by default the performance is expected to be the same. It is easy to reach a situation similar to flight JT610 otherwise... Thank you!
  10. Recording the touchdown rate is easy. It can be done in several ways. Most important is what actions should be taken for keeping it within certain limits?
  11. Hi Guys, Good that the topic develops. I wish to ask a question: Does anyone try playing with the value of Vapp in Performance page of the MCDU? It affects the landing rates, but I am unable to find a reasonable range yet. There is a very valid statement made by RL pilots for increasing the calculated value with 3 - 5 knots in order to avoid activating emergency response (protections) of the automation in case of gusting winds during landing, sudden change of wind direction, etc. (Thanks to Mr. Hanse ). We may go to more deep discussions about this, but unfortunately I do not have enough theoretical knowledge in aerodynamics and would appreciate if someone comments.
  12. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hi Guys, I opened this topic mainly to start a discussion about the LIDO charts on Android, devices which many of us are using. Unfortunately the official answer is not the best, but honest at least. Appreciated Mr. Mathijs! It seems the web service is too much browser dependent (sharing of any thoughts would be appreciated) because I am unable to use it at all. I can log in, reach to an airport, but no chart can be opened. An error message concerning cloud connection is displayed and that is all. I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE with Android 4.4.2 on it and would appreciate if someone can comment. Thank you!
  13. Goshob

    Drastic drop of FPS

    Hi, It is a very useful thing, what Dave recommends. Better not using third party shaders like Tomato, etc. There is no harm to delete P3D shaders folder also. It corrects lots of fpm issues after installing a complex AC or scenery. The only thing is that you should be very careful, which one is deleted not to end up in reinstalling the SIM. A good manual is here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/479630-where-to-find-my-shaders-folder-prepar3d-v2-v3-v4/ Hope it helps.
  14. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    I will do. Thank you Tom!
  15. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Yes. I am sure. All data entered correctly and get in the site. Whatever I try to open ends up in error message stating that data cannot be opened due to cloud error.