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  1. Did you check / edit the file?
  2. Hi, Please check my post here: The reason might be corrupted xml file. I was facing such several times already. It seems some antivirus "don't like" how the updater works and make changes to xml files or it comes wrong with the installation for the small buses. There is nothing wrong with the one for A330. Hope the above helps.
  3. Hi guys, Please check the file as_a320_a321_prof_v5.xml. It is located in C:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products. You can open it with a simple text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. The first line in it should be exactly like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>. It is corrupted sometimes due to some reasons unknown to me. Please edit it, if necessary and save the file. Do not touch anything else below. Start the updater as administrator, but PLEASE disable the antivirus first. I had this problem several times already and every time the solution worked. Happy landings!
  4. Hi, Can you try to be more specific about the delays, which you are referring to above? I am also flying online in most of the occasions and am unable to fully agree with your statements. There is a big improvement between the first versions using the VIEW FOCUS and what is now. Rolf mentioned clearly that if there is no delay in the Taxing CL for example, you simply cannot steer the plane in some airports where the taxiway is complicated. Please also note that this AC is designed and made for all kind of users, who have different level of knowledge and EXPERIENCE for piloting the plane. Many of them need to know and mainly remember visually what is going on and how it is going on in the cockpit. Human brain is much more used to learn things by getting visual impression for the sequence of events, which happen, instead of listening to them only. I personally would prefer to have such interactive CL in the small planes also, no matter that it will take time and AS has to decide if it is worth to. Last, but not least is, please remember that people are different and making an universal product is always an almost impossible task. Rolf had tried to implement something, which cannot be seen in other products from the sort and he deserves appreciation. Moreover, the CL are quite close to the RL events, which are happening in the cockpit during flight execution. Hope the above helps.
  5. Hi Dave, Thank you for the support! I was trying the settings today (except the number of cloud layers) and everything works really perfect. We may talk about fps limiting sometimes, but this is not the right topic for it. Have a nice weekend!
  6. Hi Dave, May I ask something regarding your settings? - Don't you thing downloading weather data every 5 minutes is a bit too often? I had noticed that the computer takes quite lot time for doing that, especially when the route consists of many WP. I personally use the default settings - 15 min and it works satisfactory. - What about MaximumCloudLayers=10? It seems to be too much also, but I had not tested it. Honestly! - All others are perfectly OK as per my experience. Would appreciate your comments. Thank you!
  7. Hi, The best way for doing it, if adding a new livery is soooo badly needed, is do it manually. Takes some time, of course, but always works perfectly.
  8. Hi, Sorry, but I need to mix 2 topics, which are concerning almost same subject. The explanation as per the above was: "As we do not make the liveries, you will have to check if the person who made the livery used his own system or our standard. Simply out of our control". Sorry to say, but this sounds quite strange and immediately raises some very logical questions: - what exactly standards the livery should comply with? - why the same liveries were working with the previous versions and most important, why do they work normally when installed manually in this version? I do not like to be a mentor to anybody, but my very friendly suggestion to the entire team involved in the "livery" subject is PLEASE have a look at the program code once again. Nobody is perfect and mistakes may happen in many occasions. Alternatively, there will be more topics like the several on the same subject as registered here. I am also afraid that the tone will be not so "proactive" compared to mine here... Have a nice weekend!
  9. Hi, Unfortunately the Livery Manager does not work for me. I had installed the one for A320/321, creating necessary folder. It shows me all installed liveries, but does not like to use any of the new livery files. The error message is "Sorry, this file cannot be installed". This message comes for all liveries, which were installed with the previous version before the update to Trying to backup any of the existing livery does not generate a file. Can you please comment.
  10. Hi, I am sorry to say that my liveryinstaller/products folder is empty also. I did a complete new installation of A320/21 and A330 as per the manual provided several times here. The MS framework and C++ libraries are updated as advised in all previous topics. Unfortunately the result with the new Aerosoft Livery tool is same as per the attached. There is no link to Livery Manager, no matter it stays in the menu. Everything else is as reported by the other colleagues here. Please comment more about this. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I fully agree with that, but let me ask a question: Can someone advice me how to program a switch on the joystick for disconnecting the AP using FSUIPC? I was trying different options with no success till moment. Thank you!
  12. Hi, This is the most effective vaccine against "corona virus" symptoms in the cockpit of A330 :)
  13. Hi, Please note that the aerodynamics of this AC are much better simulated compared to A320. My personal advice to all colleagues is please start the Descent CL about 10 nm before TD. Ask the ATC for a descend approval, if you are flying online or using such programs like PATCX. Please observe the particular path needed for the STAR and mainly the applicable constrains. You can always adjust the VS when the AC is above FL100 and adjust it to the necessary altitude and speed. The RL pilots are always advising such, but please always keep in mind that passengers are human and have internal years, which should not be damaged. Happy landings!
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