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    Diskussionen und Fragen zu den Freeware Addons von SimHeaven/PilotBalu (World2XPlane, OSM ...)

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    Forum für Umgebung und Wetter Tools

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  7. AXDG Addons

    Diskussionen und Fragen zu den Freeware Addons von AXDG für österreichische Flughäfen und für Tools

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    • hello,   nearly one year i have the CRJ now and still not understand  how the CRJ MANAGER works   i use simbrief has the flightplan, it says 4392 lbs block fuel, ...i put this in the crj manager fuel on board, clic calculate crj manager says 2756 lbs fuel on board and 2751 lbs block fuel,  there is something i dont understand  here how come its not the same   i put the exact amount in DAVE  so crj manager not the same as dave and not the same as simbrief.  even if i put the same amount in the fuel and payload fsx its not the same. i am really mixed up with this again and again.   witch one is good, dave, crj manager, simbrief, or fsx fuel and payload. its all mix up here.   I want to fly CYUL to CYHU how can i know witch fuel and payload is the good one.   i follow everything by the book and still not working as it should   thank you again lucien paquette          
    • Hallo Piloten,   Ich habe bei Jardesign Support nachgefragt wie wir den " Internally First Officer " als kunden selber  einstellen können  ?    Antwort: " I am afraid what you can not customize it yourself, there is no docs exist for this. "   Mit freundlichen Grüßen   Mustafa
    • Otto hat das sehr gut erklärt.  Falls Du Produkte von Orbx hast oder kaufen möchtest, installiere diese zuerst über Central4. Danach die anderen Addon Airports. Orbx hat vor kurzem die meisten ihrer Produkte auf die xml-Methode umgestellt, also ausserhalb des P3D. Für wichtig halte ich es auch, dass Du ein Backup Programm benutzt um Dateisicherungen zu erstellen. Das wird Dir viel Zeit ersparen.   Wolfgang
    • Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. No I'm not new to flight simming I go back a long time to Microsoft's flight simulator 2000, 2004, etc even to FSX. I have been using XPlane 11, the graphics are great but it's so sterile, no atc, and the addons are not very good. Anyway, I was think about the various flight planners. I have PFPX, but find that a bit too much when I plan my short flights--under threes hours usually from my home airport of KDTW (have flown out of it many times) to others nearby, KORD, KCVG, KMBS, KMSP, etc. you get the idea. I was thinking about Simbrief and the performance data that it provides. So the OFP data would be entered by the pilot into the fms by hand. Too bad it doesn't also enter that data with the saved flight plan. Sooooo, it's just the route of the flight, runways and SID's and STAR's and other performance data is optional. Ok thanks again and CAVU.
    • Looks like original fonts have been replaced or got deleted. under ... Windows/Fonts there should be several Airbus fonts. I'm not sure about the fonts need for the FSX Bus, so best would be to open a ticket and support can tell you which fonts should be where.
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