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  1. Removing Trueglass and Reallight folders fixes the problem for me. It makes Buses "compatible" with P3d5 with some issues. Thank you!
  2. Puedes postear el enlace de descarga aquí? A través de tu web no es posible ahora mismo. Muchas gracias y espero que estés bien
  3. This happens to me too even modifying add-ons.cfg. Tested with a320 and 330 and fresh install
  4. When i load this livery, P3D crashes when trying to save or load the scenery I follow all the steps on readme file Edit: after trying several times, now it seems to work Thank you so much for the livery
  5. It happens to me too. 1080p res in Desktop and P3D Wide-view Aspect Ratio ON doesn't solve it No problem with the small Buses
  6. Just tried it. Very much better handling. Thank you so much for the hard work.
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