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  1. Great that you made it into the cool event Randy.
  2. Chapter 5 – Flying day one - Taking off It was December 23´rd 2021. I had slept extremely well, and the clouds, like Betty, was gone from the horizon. Well perhaps Betty was still on the horizon, but for now she was gone at least. We had talked for a long time. Even if she had told me that she didn´t have much more to say, we seemed to have a lot of things to talk about. I now new a little bit more about her. Not much, but a little more. Her name was not Sally, and not Betty. It was, as far as she claimed - Deirdre McComb. And her “father´s” name was not Jeffery – but Bob Ellis. I asked Sally-Betty-Dierdre why she hadn’t told me the truth about her name when I asked her this evening – and she said that if she did not succeed to convince me to join up with them, their names would be best left out. It made sense. A lot of what she said made sense when she explained it. We ended up having quite a nice evening, and she left at a quarter to midnight. No kissed in the doorway or anything, but she exited, leaving a whiff of good feelings behind, and also a whiff of a great smelling perfume. Hm… best not to think about that – too much anyway. I climbed into bed, and without any pretense of sleeping or fear of being watched or captured, I sank into the mattress. My body ached from tiredness, and I had to go flying tomorrow. The bed felt amazingly cozy. 5 minutes later I slept the sleep of the just – or of the dead more likely. I awoke to the sound of my watch´s alarm buzzing like an angry bee. I turned it off, and just lay there for a while, eyes closed and relishing the feel of peace. Then I slowly opened my eyes. The sun was up – only barely, but still. It was one of the shortest days of the year, and I would have very little daylight to fly to Aéroport Châlons-Vatry, which is a minor international airport serving Châlons-en-Champagne. And how do I know this? Because I am a walking dictionary? Not exactly, but I HAD a dictionary in my pocket – Wikipedia scores again. I only knew the airport from online searches, and so I would be moving into unfamiliar territory when I got moving that was. This was great. Like the ancient explorers charting Africa. All those sights they must have been the first to see – or the first white man anyway… I took it that there would be other white men - and women, in and around the French airport, but still, I felt a little like Neil Armstrong embarking on his journey to the moon. One small push on the throttle - one giant leap for mankind!!! Ok enough… I got up and got dressed. After coffee and a full English breakfast, Of which I did not like half, but HAD to try out, I packed the pitifully small amount of personal belongings I had, and set off towards London City and got myself equipped with all sorts of clothes and stuff needed to be away from home for a fairly long time. Several hours later, I finally arrived at London City Airport. Here I found my aircraft where I had left it. I could not resist. I looked around me, saw no one, and then kissed the aircraft´s hull. MY aircraft´s hull. I did a walk around of the airplane – airCRAFT, I corrected myself – Darn, I was copying Sally-Betty-Dierdre´s habits now. Aah well, I guess airplane is also an okay term for the lovely machine in front of me. Everything was as expected, and I patted the King Air on the backside. “Good girl” I said and smiled. Then I gathered my new begotten treasures and entered the aircraft. I stowed the gear and climbed into the left hand side of the cockpit and got myself comfortable. Alright. Now – I was supposed to be in Suez on… I turned on the GPU, then the cockpit lights, as daylight was already fading rapidly. Consarned, I mumbled to myself. Such short days, and long nights. I sighed and leaned back in my chair, stretching my back. Then I got back to the notes from the timeline. I rummaged around in my flight bag and found the papers I had printed out from the internet. Mathijs Kok´s timeline of the 80 days event. Now.. Where was it? Oh yes, there. London to Suez – seven days from December 23´rd to December 31´st. So I had to celebrate New Year’s Eve – in Suez? Not my idea of a good place to spend the turn of the year. Or at least I guessed it wasn’t. I had never been in Suez, but it sounded like an – un-western place… No prejudice here, huh? I was such an asshole I thought, and smiled grimly. I looked down the dates and places. I had come across an oddity earlier when looking at them. Hong Kong to Yokohama. Six days - and seven nights, I mused… God I was an immature dorf. I laughed quietly and looked at the paper again. Six days.. No wait, this was not the oddity at all. Goddammit. Yokohama to San Fransisco – 22 days – from February 7´th to March 1´st. Then San Francisco 7 days – but starting on March 7´th. What were we supposed to do in the week from the 1´st to the 7´th? Did Mathijs Kok plan a great, wild party which would last a week? Hm… well it was a long time away still, so I would ask around. Perhaps it was a good thing. I now had a subject to talk to people about, while snooping around looking for the chef, as I had decided in my mind that he was, the guy I was looking for. I sounded just enough spooky to me. The Chef! Perhaps with a carving knife in his belt. Carving what? The first flicker of anxiety touched the edge of my mind and I pushed it away. Come on man… you want to life forever? Well… - I took the fifth on that one. I got all the info I needed from the tower, and the internet. Weather was okay – from the internet it looked like snow was to come later, but the airport weather sites said no frost at all in sight. Actually 10 to 13 degrees Celsius and and only a bit of rain on Friday and onwards. Darn TV-weather men, always trying to make headlines. The Metar said, Wind 220° 4kt, @ 210. Visibility 6000m. Clouds overcast 800ft. Temperature 8°C, dew point 6°C. QNH 1009hPa. IFR conditions. No problem. I was fully capable of flying IFR, and so I asked for clearance to taxi out and got it after a slight delay, I headed out and stopped at the holding line to runway 27. An old Boeing 727 in front of me. I love to watch airpl… aircraft, take off and land, so I did not mind waiting for my turn. I got so absorbed in the view that I almost missed the ATC call. “Mike Yankee Tango 131 you are cleared for take off on runway two-seven. Keep runway heading until 2000 feet, then turn left to 170 and climb to 4500 feet.” “Mike Yankee Tango 131” I said, and read the instructions back. “Readback correct” the controller said “Have a nice day” I drove out onto the runway, set trim and flaps, accelerated slowly to 110 knots, and pulled slightly back on the yoke. My King Air 350 lifted its wheels smoothly, and I was airborne. God I love to fly. The 80 days had begun. Chapter 6 – arriving in France. Another amazing landing in Aéroport Châlons-Vatry. My aircraft had a device installed, which copied the value of the VSI the instant the wheels touched the ground. It had a digital readout, and the readout of my very first landing in this adventure, was -34 fpm. That was pretty frigging great I thought, again considered my track record on the landing subject. I was off to a great start. The southbound flight had been pretty boring. Evening flights were often very pretty, with all the lights from below, and you could follow road lights and such – but on this flight everything was covered in a thick layer of clouds, so it felt like I was on a cross country ski lobe almost from the get go. I did not even see the water between Britain and France, or anything else until I passed below 1500 feet – which was only about 1000 feet above ground in France. Then I saw the French soil for the first time. My instruments had lead me to the airport and the runway. I had to fly pattern to land from the east, due to the wind, and the ´350 did the job without incident. I managed the last bit myself – smoothed the machine down and taxied to a parking space. After the post-flight chores, I walked to my rented room at a small lodging just beside the airport. I had been clever enough to make this arrangement ahead of the flight, and had found the room online. Compared to the events of the previous days, today had been a walk in the park. I ate a fantastic meal in the restaurant. I had absolutely no idea what I ate, and decided that it did not care. The amazingly tasty red wine – One glass of amazingly tasty red wine mind you, would have covered any suspicious tastes of frog legs or whatever it might have been – or perhaps it was simply chicken – it DID taste somewhat like chicken anyway. The warm room, the wine and the food left me with eyes heavy as kettle balls of the serious variety – for big muscled guys, unlike myself. I thought of getting two coins with holes in the middle, and put them in my eyes to keep the lids up, leaving me room to look out the holes, but I had none – so I decided to retire to my room. A shower – a warm, almost scolding hot shower did nothing to make me less sleepy. So I tugged myself under the warm blankets, thought that this had been one hell of a good day. There was something else I wanted to think about. Something about the smell of a perfume… Dierdre´s perfume smell, and other smells of her, when we shook goodnight the evening before. Perhaps I should have been a little more pushing with her… I wanted to elaborate on that thought, but just then, sleep took me.
  3. I have not received mine either. Link is: EDIT: Sorry - It was right there in the notifications. DUH...
  4. Thanks. I have complete faith in the flying skills of everyone involved. We shall all conker. Cheers.
  5. Chapter 4 – A guest… I starred at the phone. What the??? I had just gotten the phone couple of hours before. It was a pay-as-you-go phone. Absolutely no connection to me. So why was on the other end of the line? As if I didn´t know. It could be a wrong number. A company trying to sell me something, Jehovas Witnesses… Or it could be Sally. I didn´t want to know. I DID want to know. “Goddammit” I exclaimed. "Leave it alone", my father´s voice again. “It´s dangerous. You know that curiosity killed the cat” he said in my head. “Yea but satisfaction brought him back” I said with a smirk, and picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Hi Ole.” I sighed. It was Sally. Of course it was. “So, how´d you find me?” “Well it was not as hard as you think it would be”, she said. “A micro-dot on your hard drive, among other places. Then we simply scanned the area for sim cards, and there you were” I was dumbfounded. “You can do that?” I said. “If you know what to do and how to do it, it´s quite easy” she said. “Look Ole – I am terrible sorry for the way this went. It was not at all supposed to be like this.” “I’m sure it wasn´t” I said. “So tell me, how was it supposed to be? Is that a way to treat your new husband?” She sighed. “ I am sorry about that too.” “Not married?” I said “Not married” she said I a small voice. I laughed “You guys think you were so clever. I was on to you the instant I woke up. Come on, your story was thinner than sliced Bologna. I did not know what the heck was going on – and I still have no clue, but it sure was not hard to figure you two out. What are you? A couple of criminals?” “No no” she said quickly. “Nothing like that. We needed you. We STILL need you. Ole – could we please start over and I´ll tell you the whole story. I promise you it´s all for the good. We just handled things really badly. If you would please listen. Then perhaps we can salvage all this and keep on working together” “As if” I said. “Give me one single reason why I should trust anything you say. ONE thing. Everything you came up with so far, has been lies. And frankly my dear, I don´t give a shit what it is you are into, but I would very much like to know – WHY ME? How did you come across ME to fill up with lies and shit? And WHY?” I felt an urge to hammer the phone down. God I missed the old fashioned land lines where you could really hang up with a loud bong. “Please, please give me half an hour, and I can explain it all” she said pleadingly. “Half an hour. I can be at your place in 15 minutes. “ “You are HERE – In LONDON? “ I said. How did you know where I was?” I realized the stupidity of the question. “The microdots” I said. But to my surprise she said no. “We can only use the microdots over very short distances” she said. “We had to be within about 100 yards of you. We know where you were because you told me the whole story the other day” “The whole story? I said – then “What? The other day? You mean yesterday – Please say you mean yesterday” “Sorry… It was Monday” she answered. Today is Wednesday.” “WHAT?” I almost screamed into the phone. “It´s the 22´nd? Then it´s tomorrow I have to start the flight around the world. Come on… Noo” I suddenly turned the phone around and looked at the screen. Wednesday December 22. It said. CRAP! “I know you feel bad Ole, but please give me a chance to clear it all up. Give me half an hour and Ill be there and sort things out.” I felt sick. I doubled over and retched. Nothing seemed real anymore. Nothing I thought was as I thought it was.. That made no sense, which made perfect sense. “You come alone” I said, “and it better be good. You better tell me a really really good story, or I´ll… I don´t know what I´ll, but you won´t like it, that´s for sure” I said weakly. “Half an hour” she said, and hung up. I sat paralyzed and starred at the phone. It felt as if my life just got flushed down the toilet. It was more like 45 minutes later when I heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?” I yelled, while starring out the peephole. It was Sally. I could not see anyone else, but still I said “You better be alone. I got a weapon here” The weapon was a chair, which I held, legs up, over my head. “I am alone. I promise” I unlocked the door with one hand, while holding the chair with the other, and opened it. Sally stood outside. In a black dress and I guessed would be called sensible shoes. I peered out the door, then retracted inside and said, “OK come on in” She did, and I shut and locked the door, knowing that it could be kicked up easily. I turned around and faced Sally. “I guess your name is not Sally” I said. “So what do I call you?” “You can call me Betty” she said. “I can call you Betty?” I said and had to laugh a little. “Ok – and Betty when you call me – Call me Al” I said. “What?” “Never mind” I said “You are too young I guess” I starred at her. “Please do explain” I said and pointed at the sofa. “Have a seat – and start explaining” Sally/Betty sat down, then looked up at me. “Could you arrange for some coffee?” I nodded and called room service. I then went to her and sat opposite her in a chair. “Cigarette?” I asked and shook out one for myself. Darn. I had quit on those years ago, and here I was again. “No thanks” she replied, but before she was finished, she had smoked four. “Jeffery and I – and before you ask, then yes, his name IS Jeffery, work for Pandemonium Airways. We were hired about six months ago, because of a delicate situation.” She looked solemnly at me. “What I am about to tell you, is highly confidential. You will NOT talk about this outside this room, got it?” I nodded. “Sure – I have not problems keeping a secret. Don´t worry about that” “Alright. The only reason I am telling you, is that we desperately need you”, she said. “As I said. Jeffery and I… we work for a investigations agency. We were approached by Pandemonium half a year ago. It seemed they had themselves a bad situation. Technicians in the firm had invented a new type of airplane engine. It was” “It´s called aircraft”, I interrupted her. “What?” she said. “Nothing – sorry” I said, “Continue” “The engine was highly effective, and at the same time extremely climate friendly and fuel conservative. It was a piece of wonder and when we got into the case, the situation in the company had changed from ecstasy to despair. An inside man had stolen the blueprints and sold them to an outsider. The company had not made any patents on the product – yet, I guess, but problems with patents is that it is supposed to keep the product rights to you, but at the same time, it exposes the fact that you HAVE a product, in many details, to the world” I nodded, it made sense. I had heard that a lot of chemical companies did not apply for patents at all, because of the details you provide with such a patent. If no patent, rival companies could see WHAT you had done, but not necessarily HOW you had done it. There was a difference. I gestured for her to go on. “The blueprints – the ONLY set of blueprints at the time, had been taken and while Pandemonium could of course make another set, the stolen set was invaluable. And with no patent, everyone could claim it. Pandemonium is not in a good state, financially.” She suddenly stopped and looked directly at me. “Christ “ she said. “I have no authority to tell you all this. If you spill any of it, my ass is toast, and so is a lot of other people. Please” She looked seriously pleadingly at me. I had never, in the short time we had known each other, seen such… affection? Naa that couldn´t be it, but still, In her eyes. I gently touched her hand, then lifted my other hand in a scouts salute. “I promise. I really do” I said. “Scouts honor” She smiled a little and relaxed. Then she got serious again. “Why would you trust me, or feel that you owe me anything?” “I don´t know” I said truthfully. Couple of hours ago, I wouldn´t have given her the time of day, but there was something in her eyes – a sincerity that never were there when we were “married”. “I don´t know”, I repeated. “But I do trust you somehow” I won’t spill anything. Please go on. Jeffery and I have been researching the case and were on the tail of a man, whom we believed was the actual thief. Not a big piece of detectives work at all. He was an employee at Pan . That´s Pandemonium” She exclaimed. “I just don´t want to say that the whole name every time –okay?” “Sure” I said. “Pan it is” I gestured with my hand for her to go on. Before she could, there was a knock on the door. I opened and the smell of coffee filled the room. I tipped the waiter… wait, is it called a waiter, those guys coming up with room service orders? Never mind, I shrugged it off, took the tray with coffee, sugar, cream and some delicious looking and equally deliciously smelling cookies. I took it all over to the table and sat down again. While I poured the coffee, she took a cookie and chewed on it, then continued. “We apprehended the man, and sure, he confessed to have stolen the blueprints. He had passed them on to another man, of which he did not know any name or how the man looked. A simple case of cloak-and-dagger exchange in an airport, switching two briefcases. Like something out of a cheap crime novel” she said, shaking her head” He got $50.000 for the blueprints, and knew but nothing about the man. He had spoken to him once on the telephone.” She smiled… “No numbers to trace. All done on a provided pay-as-you-go telephone. And the phone was delivered to the other man in the briefcase too, so no traces there. The only thing our man knew, what that that while they spoke on the phone, someone in the background called the other man. Called him “Jeff” or something close to it. Maybe Chef. OR perhaps, our man wasen´t sure, it could be A chef. You know, like a cook. So we go on the assumption that he is either Jeff, or a chef, grayed haired and not exactly young, is all we think we know… A thin lead, I know, but better than no lead. Anyway – we have had our ears closely to the ground, because such cases always makes ripples out in the field. We have gotten some rumors of different kinds, and one of them is that the who has the blueprints now, is going to deliver them to his contact within the next 80 days. “Sally/Betty looked at me closely with that piece of information. "Why not just copy and send it electronically?" I asked, and Betty looked startled. "Because every digital copies can be traced. It´s an important invention, and the blueprint is being handled the old-fashioned way. “And why within the next 80 days?” I looked puzzled. Then the dime dropped. “MY 80 days?” I said lamely. You mean that the exchange is to happen on the flight around the world? – but?... how? Why?” I stopped. Betty, I decided to call her Betty. Betty lay a hand gently on my knee. “Yes – YOUR 80 days”, she said, smiling vaguely. Apparently, the man who has the blueprints, is one of the pilots on the flight around world I 80 days” And there is was. The connection. This was why they had come on to me, I guessed. Not that I had any idea of WHY ME? But of course it was not a coincidence that it was related to the same set of flights I was to begin on, tomorrow. “Alright” I said… “but hold on a minute. Just hold on a darn while… I get the connection. But… Why me? I am a nobody” I said bravely. “I am navel lint. I am not a detective, not any Travis McGee, lurking around and hitting bad guys. I only was in one fight in my life, when I was 8 years old. It was with a girl”, I said. “And I lost” Betty smiled. “We needed a pilot who would not stand out, and who could look around” she said. “And besides, you do not give yourself enough credit. You are actually pretty well known out there in certain circles. You go for a pretty tough guy. Kind of hard on your flying equipment” she smirked “and you can go pretty much under the radar when you want to” This was actually not completely untrue. I just never saw myself in that light, but I got her point. Quite a funny thing to view yourself in another ones mirror. Ole, the tough guy. I had to laugh a little. “But Jeffery?” I said. “He is a very good pilot… Why didn´t you do this yourself?” “yes Jeffery is a good pilot, but he and I are all too known in the business. If Jeffery entered the competition of yours, he would stand out like a lighthouse in a fog”’ “You wouldn´t see a lighthouse in a fog” I said smartly. “No – but you would hear it, and see the light from it” she answered “Point taken” I said and took a sip of coffee. She did too, and pointed at my cigarettes. “Those still on offer?” she asked, and I took the pack, shook two out, and lit them. Then handed her one and dragged on the other one myself. Such a stupid habit, but darn, they were great comforters sometimes. “We wanted” she continued “an unknown man – or woman, a pilot, and of course preferably one in the race itself, to snoop around and see what he could find out about this Jeff, or the Chef.. Nothing more than trying to identify him, then report back to us. I know we made a total mess of things with you. We wanted you to know as little as possible, because we didn’t want to get you into trouble. The more you knew, the more you would be exposed. So we came up with this crazy, stupid, story. Of course it backfired completely. I am SO sorry” She looked at me with a sincerity that was appalling, and, truth be told, a little appealing. “The problem is that I cannot tell you much more. I have already put myself in deep shit if you go out public with what I did tell you, and we don´t really know much more. Things have been sealed up, and after the knowledge we got about the 80 days flight trip, we have gotten nothing, and so we assume that the man keeps low, to avoid ripples. ONE lead”, she said, “and ONE man to do the job. We have absolutely no time, trying to recruit another. So – here I am. Begging you to forgive me, forgive us, and agree to do what you can. I know, it´s nothing to do with you, but a substantial award would be at the other end, should we succeed on the matter. You will get your share of it Ole.” And again. There is was. Damn. From prisoner, of some sort, to partner, with these guys, who had drugged me and lied to me from the get go. As she said. Why the heck should I trust them? No reason at all. For all I knew, she was blowing smoke up my ass right now. Filling me with another story, suitable for her purpose. My pretty ex-wife. I laughed. I mentally took a leap of faith. Why the hell not. I was embarking on a great trip the next 80 days anyway. Why not throw in some cloak and dagger myself? Ole with a mustache and dark glasses, lurking around in the shadows. All I had to do was to put my ear to the ground and use my eyes. Nothing to it. Nothing dangerous in that. Ha – That´s what I thought then. What a fool I was. “Alright” I said – “Ill take you op on it. Consider me in” I said, and held out my hand. She looked at me surprised, then took it, shook it and smiled at me. My beautiful ex-wife.. OH but Mata Hari was also beautiful, and look how things turned out for the ones who trusted HER. I looked out the window. On the horizon, dark clouds were gathering.
  6. I entered our hotel room using the electronic room key which my wife had given me back in Orly airport. No one was home, but my suitcase was unpacked and all my things hung in the dresser, beside my wife´s stuff. I looked at her clothes. All high quality clothes, no doubt from fancy creators, of which I knew nothing. Most of my own stuff was bough second hand, as I had been saving up for the King Air, and everything else was second to that. On the dresser was quite a lot of Jewells casually put in a small bowl? The habits of the rich I guessed. But WHY was I here? I took a shower, and when I came out, Sally and Jeffery, aka my wife and father in-law, was sitting at the table discussing something financially. I tried to listen in, but got very little of it. "Ole" Jeffery said, still pronouncing it Ooh-Lee. "How did it go? Did you acquire the little aircraft?" he said, in a way as if he had said, did you get yourself a lollypop? Was it contempt? I guess it could be, I mean, compared to his aircraft, and his company, the little twin engine WAS a bit of a lollypop. I decided to let it go. "I did, thanks" I answered, and Sally smiled happily at me. "So - are you ready to discuss the job opportunity?" Jeffery continued. "Well" I said, "I am not sure. I have a pretty pressing engagement, and I also have a pretty bad headache. My memory of the recent days, is... kind of hazy" I admitted. "Please enlighten me as to what I have engaged myself into" Jeffery looked startled. I saw a flicker of...something, in his eyes. Something not very pleasant. Something like distrust or even perhaps again - disgust. "Perhaps you are coming down with the flu", he suggested, obviously trying to smooth things over. My suspicion of him, AND her, grew. He was just a tad quick to come up with an explanation to the way I did not perform well. I had no flu, no Corona or anything like that. What I has was something injected into my body, and the question was if it was from a bottle, or if it was something else - perhaps even something put INTO a bottle, which had not been there when it was opened - or into my glass. I had never felt like that from drinking - and I did have quite an experience with hangovers, believe you me. I looked around, and out the window. The sun stood low in the southwest, shining into my eyes of the penthouse suite. It hurt my brain. Sally looked at me, worried. But was it worry for me, or perhaps worry of what I knew, what I remembered? I tossed the thoughts aside and looked at Jeffery. "Perhaps I am", I finally said. "I DO feel kind of sick. But please tell me the jest of your idea, or... of our plans" I said. Jeffery told me about being his private pilot. I apparently had agreed to upgrade my flight training to the Lear, and become a company, and company president pilot. To be at his beg and call, obviously. No frigging way. This would be putting leg irons on me, and I was NOT prepared to be tied down. Neither by marriage nor a job where my next assignment was but a phone call away. No way. Jeffery mentioned a figure, which was to be my salary, and I almost chocked on my coffee. These guys weren´t playing around it seemed. I had been saving up for my aircraft for millennia, and now it seemed I could buy myself a new one four times a year. Great, but what would I do with four new aircraft a year. I already had her now, and that was enough. I answered pleasantly and tried to sound grateful and if I looked forward to the job. But I could see in their eyes, that both of them did not quite buy my enthusiasm. "Would you care for a drink?", Sally said, and I saw that they shared a look. "Sure" I answered. "Perhaps a beer" come on, I was Danish and in Denmark we drink a lot of beer. "We have Tuborg Gold" She said, and went to get one. With her back to me, she opened the bottle, stood for a short while, and then turned to me and came over with the beer. It was a bit too foamy I thought, but then again, she might have been shaking it a bit before opening it. I had not been able to see that. She also brought a glass, and gave both to me, She bent down and kissed me gently. I sat the glass aside on the table, and while I did that, I saw out of the corner of my eyes, that she and her father glanced at each other. "Hey, don´t let me drink alone guys" I said, "I am not that into booze. Sally reluctantly took a glass of white wine and sat beside me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her in. “Babe” I whispered into her ear, “I think we missed out on our wedding night. Do you think we could get to be alone anytime soon?” She stiffened in her entire body. Great new wife you got yourself there, I thought to myself. A small smile creased my lips. Sally looked at me, frowning. “What´s funny?” she said, and smiled, a little forcefully I thought. “I am sorry”, she said. “I have a lot to do right now. I have to work with my father for some time tonight.” She leaned into me – “But Ill make it up to you in the morning. With her on my right side, I tipped my bear so the content spilled into a plant to my left, unseen by her. Jeffery came in from the bathroom, and Sally got up. She looked at me, then at my beer. I lifted it to my mouth, and pretended to drink the last of it. “Christ, I feel so darn tired” I said a bit slowly, and I saw them looking at each other. “I think Ill hit the hay if you don´t mind” “Of course” Sally said, “Yesterday WAS a bit hard on you, wasen´t it?” she smirked. “Yea… now how come YOU are all fresh?” I asked her. “I did not drink but a fraction of what you consumed” she replied smartly. I shrugged and smiled. “Yea I guess” I replied. “Often that way with me. Once I get started…” I yawned a huge yawn. “My eyes don´t seem to work” I said. “I´ll just sleep for about 14 hours. Please wake me up in the morning sweety” “I sure will” she exclaimed, and winked at me. Jeffery and my wife left the room, and I obediently hopped into the bed. 10 minutes later the door opened silently. I heard footsteps as someone, Sally I guess, entered the room and over to the bed. There she stood for a minute or two, listened to me breathe regularly, supposedly in deep sleep. She must have been satisfied because she left the room just as silently and locked the door. I waited another 10 minutes or so, and then got up. What was this? Chapter 3 - London. When I was pretty certain that my new family was off for some time, and that they expected me to be out for some time too, I dressed, got the important stuff I had in the room, and left. I sneaked down the stairs and peaked left and right through the hotel lobby before exiting. Sic transit Gloria mundi, I thought to myself and smiled. I had no idea what I was leaving, but I felt certain that it was the right thing to do – what I would miss out of or not. Was I walking out on a fortune – or? I had no idea, and I only felt relief to be out. A taxi took me back to my aircraft. As I entered the taxi, I leaned out and put my phone just in front of the taxi´s tire. Just making sure. I spent the next hours in my aircraft, sleeping on the floor of the cabin. Next morning I awoke refreshed and again felt a wash of relief to be here, alone. I called up the tower, and asked to be cleared for a VFR flight to London. Less than half an hour my aircraft lifted off and I flew to London City. It´s was only 5 am. I love the steep decline of the approach in London City airport. I pitched forward and screamed aloud “SHIIIITE – were going DOWN. PLEEEEASE GOD” I laughed loudly. “Don´t you ever grow up?” I heard my father’s voice in my head. He was 2 years in his grave. I laughed even louder and gave him the finger. I sat the aircraft down ever so smoothly on the runway – nothing like my old habits of boulder-dashing it down. It was nothing less than my father in-laws touch down yesterday. “ “In your face Jeffery” I shouted, once again flipping the bird, and taxied to the parking space. “I am the King of the world” I told the aircraft cabin. And slapped myself a high five. Now… Two days to take off. What to do in the mean time? I decided to get myself a new laptop – the old one I left at the hotel room, sans hard drive, which was in my pocket. I also needed a new phone – All those expenses, but I had some left and went shopping in London. I rented a room in the airport, and in there, I ordered room service and did some searches of Pandemonium Airways. Lots of stuff there – but nothing about Jeffery or Sally. The CEO of Pandemonium Airways was a man called Archibald Archer. Seemed like I had not missed out on a fortune after all. Rich man, poor man, I thought to myself, thinking of the old TV-show with Peter Strauss and Nick Nolte. “Rich man, poor man” I thought again… “I am both”. I laughed again, and dug in to my Spaghetti Cabonara. It was delicious. The beer which accompanied it, was even better. My phone rang!
  7. 1 EKLC - LFOK (Châlons Vatry) Dec. 23. - Dec. 31. 2021 2 LFOK - LIMA (Aeroporto di Torino-Aeritalia) 3 LIMA - LIBR (Aeroporto di Brindisi) 4 LIBR - HEPS (Port Said) MANDATORY (Suez) 5 HEPS - OEAO (P.Abdul Majaeed Bin Abdulaziz) Jan. 1. - Jan. 13. 2022 6 OEAO - OEWD (Wadi Al Dawasir) 7 OEWD - OYGD (Al Ghaydah) 8 OYGD - VABB (Chhatrapati Shivaji Int.) MANDATORY (Bombay) 9 VABB - VEAB (Allahabad) Jan. 14. - Jan. 17. 2022 10 VEAB - VECC (Colcota Chandra Bose) MANDATORY(Calcutta) 11 VECC - VOPB (Port Blair) Jan. 18. - Jan. 31. 2022 12 VOPB - WSSL (Seletar) 13 WSSL - VVCS (Conson) 14 VVCS - VVTH (Dong tac) 15 VVTH - ZJHK (Meiland Heikou) 16 ZJHK - VHHH (Hong Kong) MANDATORY (Hong Kong) 17 VHHH - ZSSS (Shanghai Hongqiao International) Feb. 1. - Feb. 7. 2022 18 ZSSS - RJTT (Haneda) MANDATORY (as Yokohama Airport is closed) 19 RJTT - RJCN (Nakashibetsu) Feb. 7. - Mar. 6. 2022 20 RJCN - UHPP (uhppovsk-Kamchatsky) 21 UHPP - PASY (Eareckson Air Station) 22 PASY - PADK (Adak) 23 PADK - PADQ (Kodiak) 24 PADQ - CYZP (Sanspit) 25 CYZP - KSTS (Sonoma County) MANDATORY (San Francisco) 26 KSTS - KENV (Wendover) Mar. 7. - Mar. 14. 2022 27 KENV - KLSK (Lusk Municipal) 28 KLSK - KRRQ (Rock Rapids Municipal) 29 KRRQ - KLGA (La Guardia) MANDATORY (New York) 30 KLGA - CYYR (Goose Bay) Mar. 15. - Mar. 24. 2022 31 CYYR - BGBW (Narsarsuaq) 32 BGBW - BIVM (Vestmannaeyjar) 33 BIVM - EKVG (Vagar) 34 EKVG - EGAB (Enniskillen St. Angelo) 35 EGAB - EGLC (London City) The End (London) Mar. 24. 2022
  8. Chapter 2 - Paris. My father-in-law had his own Lear-Jet. Of course he did! He asked me to sit in the co-pilot seat, while Sally sat behind us. I was taken aback by the amazing aircraft, while Jeffery Bogey, my In-law sat in the left seat, and with an eery ease taxied the aircraft out to runway 07L, and took off. It was hours of flight without incident, I learned a lot about my wife and her father. But more on that later. I had learned more than enough to decide that this was absolutely NOT for me. How the heck had I gotten myself into a Vegas marriage? it was a joke for Christ sake. And how was I to know that it was for real? I had seen no certificate. Nothing but the ring on her finger, and HER words for it. Not even her father mentioned anything about marriage. But really, could I ask my supposed wife of proof of the ritual? I supposed I could, but if whe was right, it would be a really bummer, and anyway, with all that money in her family... perhaps I should go a little easy on the annulment or divorce talk just yet. We landed in Orly. My In-law set the aircraft down gently like a butterfly with sour feet. I commented on it, and he only shrugged it off, as it was nothing. It probably wasen´t - for him. I, on the other hand, had a reputation for making dents in the runway when throwing my aircraft down - but hey, any landing you can walk away from - and all that. I had been able to walk away from my landings so far... well, most of them anyway. I excused myself and took off for the City. Had a meeting in Rue Paradis. I laughed at that. The exact name of the place in that movie with Liam Neeson. What was the title? It wouldn´t come to me, but there was something about a red door. Great movie by the way. Bad-ass Liam Neeson. No red door in Rue Paradis. I was kind of disappointed, but I found number 553 and went in. Inside was a man called Farrakesh. Iqbal Farrakesh he said, like he was saying "My name is Bond, James Bond" I stifled a laugh. Mr. Farrakesh owned the King Air I was out to purchase and his price was acceptable, so we did the paperwork and drove out to Aéroport Paris Beauvais where the amazingly beautiful aircraft stood. I looked dumbfounded at it. Christ on a pony - I now OWNED it. My very first own aircraft. I had been working for this all my life it seemed. The sun must have shined into my eyes, because I felt a tear there. I wiped it absently away while Farrakesh showed me the ins and outs of the King Air. After about an hour, he drove away in his little Peugeot 107. I climbed into the pilot seat of the ´350 and called the tower. Wife or no wife - I was heading for London. The Prize awaited me at the end of the 80 days of flying around the world, and that prize would dwarf the price of my new aircraft, with lots to spare. So I needed not a fancy schmancy wife and her filthy rich father. I was a free man - and life was good. I suddenly told the tower to hold. I had been drinking heavily last night, as far as I knew. The empty bottles, and yes I had found another Bourbon bottle AND a champagne one, both as dry as the Sahara desert. and the headache... But I had absolutely no recollection of any drinking, any getting married - or anything else from yesterday. But perhaps it would be best to wait until tomorrow, flying. I had to be in London on the 23.rd, so plenty of time. Perhaps I should learn a little more about my new family. See what I could dig up. So I reluctantly exited the King Air, and took a taxi to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, nothing less would do of course, and met up with my lovely bride.
  9. Around the world in 80 days. By Ole Andreasen. Chapter 1 I woke up and thought I was blind. Could see nothing at all. I opened my eyes wide - nothing. I panicked and began to stagger around the bed I obviously lay in, found a small table to the right, and a little lamp. The lamp had a small button which I pressed. Blessed light came out from the lamp in beautiful rays. I almost cried with relief. Next item on the agenda was to figure out where the hell I was. I tried to think back, but met only a blank. I looked around me and saw two glasses and a bottle of Bourbon - an empty bottle of bourbon. I must have been... HEY - TWO glasses? What the heck? Then I heard a sound from behind a door to the left. A clearly female voice singing softly. I moaned. Crap - what the heck had I gotten myself into? On the night table was a pack of Lucky Strikes. An ashtray stood besides it, full of dead soldiers. My mouth tasted like if I had smoked all the butts, but I reckoned that the female had helped me - some of the butts had red lipstick on them. My head felt like I was in the biggest clock-shop in town, and it was exactly midnight. The door opened to the... bathroom it was, from the light shining out the door. A slim brunette entered the bedroom - stark naked. She looked at me. "Aah you are awake love" she said. LOVE? What the Smuck? Bile entered my mouth from the south. I stalled for time by picking up a Lucky and lit it with the Bic lighter besides the pack. I squinted my eyes from the smoke, and looked at her again. Nice woman. I still had good taste it seemed. That was something. "Eeh - darn babe - who.. are you?" I said through the smoke from cigarette in my mouth. I coughed. Total shock on her face - quickly changing into disbelief. "Who... AM I?" she said. "Are you trying to be funny? - Believe me, its NOT funny" I blew a hair lock away from my brow with a sigh. "Christ right now I am not sure who Myself is" I said. Knowing that was not how the sentence should go, but come on... English was my second language. I decided to stall the question and turn to something else. "Where the hell are we?" "WE are in Vegas" she said loudly. "Don´t you remember THIS?" the said, and held out her right hand. A small shiny ring sat on her ring finger. I went numb. "Wait, wait wait... "I said. "Wait just a darn minute. What is that supposed to be? "A WEDDING RING" she exclaimed. "We got married last night" The clock-shop in my head just turned up the volume about three times. "Look babe... I have to be in Paris Monday evening.. What day is it today?" I said quietly. "It´s MONDAY MORNING". Nothing quiet about that. Her voice cut into my brain like a red hot carving knife. "My father is coming in..." she looked at her watch. "Two hours. He is going to fly us to Paris." Relief washed over me. Good then. I was still in business. "What is it you need to do in Paris?" she said. "I am buying a King Air 350" I told her. She looked blank. "It´s an aircraft" I said. "Why do you need to buy an airplane?" she asked. "It´s called an airCRAFT" I said smartly "And because I need it to fly around the world" "BUT YOU CAN´T!" She exclaimed. You are going to work for my father in Memphis, like we agreed on yesterday" "You must be..." I almost screamed, but stopped myself. If I was in Las Vegas, and I did not play my cards right, I would not get to Paris in evening... No Paris, no King Air, No King Air, no London. No London, no flight round the world, and the prize would go to someone else. And So slowly I put on a gentle smile. "Don´t worry love" I said. "It will take me years to get the King Air flight worthy. And besides, I look very much forward to working with your father" "FOR my father" she corrected me. "FOR my father". He owns Pandemonium Airways, and you are going to be a pilot there" Pandemonium Airways? - WHOA... I had married the daughter of the OWNER OF PANDEMONIUM AIRWAYS?. Holy crap. This could be good. This could be REALLY good. Holy shite! "Just give me a second to get dressed babe" I said, and hopped out of bed, and into the bathroom. The day was beginning to look pretty darn nice. Pretty darn nice indeed. "Just remember that I have to get the King Air to London tomorrow" I said from the bathroom. "But you said that it was not flight-worthy" she said back. Shite. What to do now? "It can fly" I said, but by flight-worthy I meant that it has to be in condition to fly you and me around the world - for our honeymoon... That´s what we agreed on last night" I smirked with my back to her. "We..did?" she said uncertain. Then her voice brightened. "But honey, that´s a great idea. We can have it fixed on one of dads airplane workshops" "It´s called aircraft" I lectured her again, and no, I want to do that myself. I always fix my own aircraft. There was a knock on the door, just as I exited the bathroom, fully dressed. She opened it, and a man, vagely familiar, entered. "Ole" he said heartily, pronouncing it Ooh-Lee, like any English speaker would. "You ready to go flying?" "I sure am" I said truthfully, and looked at my wife, of which I did not even know the name. "Sally", the man said, saving my ass. I sighed inside with relief again. "Come on babe" I said and slapped her briefly her ass" Paris here we come. Paris Here I come... then how the heck was I going to ditch them? Well that was for later.
  10. Sure .. But why have less than the entire world installed? Hdd space is cheap.
  11. Thanks Mathijs. I use nothing but 😉 Here is my Flight Plan. Not completely all the way finished. But quite a bit into the tour. (Due to the Co-vid-19 restrictions, plan is subject to change without notice) EKLC - LFOK (Châlons Vatry) LFOK - LIMA (Aeroporto di Torino-Aeritalia) LIMA - LIBR (Aeroporto di Brindisi) LIBR - HEPS (Port Said) MANDATORY HEPS - OYGD (Al Ghaydah) OYGD - VABB (Chhatrapati Shivaji Int.) VABB - VIAL (Allahabad) VIAL - VEBA (Behala) VEBA - WSSL (Seletar) singapore - MANDATORY WSSL - VHHH (Hong Kong MANDATORY VHHH - ZSSS (Shanghai Hongqiao International) ZSSS - RJTT (Haneda) MANDATORY (as Yokohama Airport is closed) RJTT - RJCN (Nakashibetsu) RJCN - UHPP (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) UHPP - PASY (Eareckson Air Station) PASY - PADK (Adak) PADK - PADQ (Kodiak) PADQ - CYZP (Sanspit) CYZP - KSTS (Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County) MANDATORY KSTS - KENV (Wendover) KENV - KLSK (Lusk Municipal) KLSK - KRRQ (Rock Rapids Municipal)
  12. I would like to participate in this event. I plan to fly the legs in the King Air 350, in X-Plane 11. (In case any stretches where my -350 is insufficient, I shall use a B737. I have not yet made my flight plan, but will do so, in due time before the event starts.
  13. I have heard from several people, myself included, who thinks the QW BAe is EXCELLENT! - You wont regret it - Promise!
  14. Yeah I enjoyed every second of the clip - all three times I watch it - so far...
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