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  1. Thanks for the feedback Mathijis and I'm hoping for a positive outcome.
  2. Hi Winfried, Thank you for your reply. I'm getting excited and I hope that your technical guys can work something out for us at Andras Fields. This could be a huge fun park ! Cheers, Pierre
  3. Thanks for that Mathijs. I know that the company is busy with other projects but I really hope that something can be worked out. Cheers for now.
  4. So true Kyle. I should put brain into gear first before touching keyboard.
  5. So my post was not worthy of any comment ? Fair enough.
  6. Hi wdiekmann and Mathijis, I would like to request, if possible, that Aerosoft give Andras Field a server. I can see this game being very popular if it was easy to access online. Game Spy has gone and nothing else really worked for anybody. Look, the way I see it is this. Not all of us are experts in online flying (aviation) and some of us I'm sure would just like to be able to log in, see who else is online, have a yarn and just enjoy flying around Andras Field. As for get together's for the more experienced flyers, I've enjoyed following them and listening to their stories but I've nev
  7. Hi Guys, I'm trying to find time to get Matt's tutorial into place before Sunday your time. I think I'll be able to put it into place by then but being a newby, unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to do all the flight plans and also work out the time differences to West Australia in Andras Field. I'd love to at least sit on the tarmac when you guys arrive.
  8. Yeah Matt, I'll sure let you know when I'm in. Hey Mirko, you're worried about the time difference, what about this old fart from downunder.
  9. Hi Matt, just to let you know that I've been flat tack busy and have only made it part of the way. I feel embarrassed that you've gone out of your way with the tutorial mate but, some spare time coming up and I'll eventually get there.
  10. Spud

    Advice Please

    It works a treat mate so go for it !
  11. Spud

    Advice Please

    She's gardening at the moment and I have a hidden account.
  12. Spud

    Advice Please

    Thanks for your help Matt. It's a hard decision as they both look fantastic ! I may have to purchase both lol.
  13. Spud

    Advice Please

    Hi Fellow Aviators, I'm wanting some advice on an aircraft carrier. What I'm after is one that comes with jets, personnel, cable etc. As realistic as possible. Would this be a game on it's own or could it be added to FSX ? Has anyone purchased such a product and if so, could you please share your thoughts. I would like to purchase this through Aerosoft Online Store. I've been browsing but haven't found one as yet. Cheers
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