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  2. It’s true that Aerosoft Twin Otter Lukla model is included in this scenary? I have not seen official information about this...
  3. http://airlinerperformance.net/aircraft-types/
  4. Das sind nicht manche Leute, das ist nur einer, und @thasos hat eine Vorversion der 3.1 um die griechischen Gebäude einzubinden und alles zu prüfen. Also alles gut, wenn die 3.1 online geht, haben diese Gebäude dann alle. Wir haben in der 3.1 neue Fassaden (Danke an @Blen), die die X-Europe noch schöner machen. Dazu kommen noch etliche andere Verbesserungen. Mehr wenn es dann soweit ist.
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  6. How‘s the development coming along? Any more specific plans/infos to share?
  7. Hallo Heinz,

    ich habe mit der Beechcraft King Air C 90 das Problem, dass ich den Autopilot nicht aktivieren kann, bzw. aktivieren schon aber der Autopilot hält weder die Höhe noch folgt er einem voher eingestellten Kurs. Was mache ich falsch. Im Vorraus vielen Dank für eine Anwort.




    --- xPlane 11

    --- Processor: INTEL Core i7 7700K

        Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IX Hero

        Grafikkarte: NVIDIA GeForcesGTX 107

        SPD: DDR4 8 GB / 32 GB

        SSD: 2 x Cruial MX300 275 GBM

    King Air C90_1.jpg

    King Air C90_2.jpg

  8. My dear Refsmmat69 Let me put one thing straight: nobody is bashing Aerosoft being the worst company on earth. Talking about a product having 1000 features, I would like to tell you a short story. Imagine an Aircraft Designer presenting a wonderfully designed new aircraft, including all the trimmings and goodies every pilot and passenger would dream of. The only disadvantage would be that when it came to design the wings, the designer was lacking resources. He therefore decided to abstain from attaching wings to this wonderful aircraft, thinking that the absence of one single feature would not weight in too much against all the other available gimmicks and goodies. Now try to imagine in what numbers this fantastic aircraft would be sold ! And that's exactly what this thread is all about ! SimBrief has become one of the most used and most universal flight planning tools within a short time. Lacking support for such a tool has nothing to do with what you described with "every requester sees his request of course as the most important one". It is simply a fact that SimBrief as (I said it already) one of the most used flight planning tools is lacking support by NavDataPro. It does not need any reference to something " coming out from the children room upstairs" to understand that this lack of support reduces the low market share of NavDataPro even more. Ok, maybe in your world a market share for a product is the least important thing, but I doubt that this is the way a commercial company would and should think.
  9. moin, ich nutze Air Navigatoion Pro auf meinem iPad, zugleich läuft XP11 auf einem Win 7 Rechner. Nach dem herunterladen vom Plugin, diversen Videos und Anleitungen habe ich dennoch keine funktionierende Verbindung zum iPad.
  10. Warum haben manche Leute, die XE3 verwenden, solche Gebäudetexturen ???? : Ich habe diese: ???? Damit meine ich nicht kleine SFDG-Gebäude (abgeleitet von den SFDG- und XE3-Builds), sondern solche mit Pfeilen (groß), die in beiden Fällen von XE3 stammen.
  11. Now the wait begins I wonder what time zone the 11:11 is?
  12. No Problem at all with your post writing MathK, I am able to track it and will put it to work. Thank you for your advise. FRL
  13. Yesterday
  14. Yes, that is the one I was looking for. Did not know it was already modelled into a flightsim. I guess this saves me a trip to China...😉 Thanks for telling
  15. As per the pinned post at the top of the thread, yes, the estimated release date is sometime during the first week of December.
  16. That guy usually posts stuff on YT as well, might end up there later.
  17. Hi there. I am interested to find out how the real world Bendix KIng KR 87 ADF unit (Twin Otter Extended), identifies a frequency with a 0.5 Khz shifted resolution. I notice that the KR 87 ADF unit in the Aerosoft unit does not have the ability to tune in the 0.5Khz but accurately tunes in to and identifies NDB's with a 0.5Khz frequency resolution. (Example NDB: - Sky Vector reports EGHI 's NDB (EAS) as having a frequency of 391.5 Khz, but Airport Nav Finder indicates the same NDB to have a frequency resolution of 391 Khz and both P3D & FSX use the 0.5Khz frequency resolution it being a CAA European standard requirement) Can anyone please advise in a brief way, how tuning in to the 0.5 Khz is achieved on the real world KR 87 ADF if indeed it is possible, perhaps there is an automatic 1/2Khz seek function? or perhaps point me in the right direction (pardon the pun) to ask? Many Thanks Roger
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  19. Hello. Just wondering, will we be able to use multiple discounts on checkout, for example, in my case I have a Aerosoft discount voucher, own the A320 prof and as far as I know am also in the group who will get discout codes for being part of the CFD club before April 3rd. Will I be able to apply all 3 of these discounts at check-out?
  20. There seems to be something wrong in your installation or your handling as there is no BARO CHECK after landing. Can you reproduce this issue at every time after landing? Regards, Rolf
  21. Dave could use some help if possible,  I loaded Active Sky and had some issues.   Their support team asked me for a few things one being a FSUIPC5 log.    I looked in my add on's and don't see that listed so I'm not sure what this is and how to install it,  much less get a log.  I'm running P3D if that makes any difference.   TY

    1. DaveCT2003


      Sorry, I'm not able to provide support for non-Aerosoft products, but I know the owner of HiFi and a few members of the team there pretty well and they are always willing to help with their product.  Just let them know you're having issues providing what they've asked for, or you could also try the FSUIPC support forum.  Best wishes.


    2. Detail50


      Yes I have a ticket in,  but it's a day lag between responses

  22. Is this what you were looking for? https://secure.simmarket.com/bridge-beijing-daxing-intl-airport_p3d.phtml
  23. ...hört sich interessant an, schau ich mir mal an, hast Du das Tool in use ?
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