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  2. Well, it does exactly what the real RAAS option does.... nothing more or nothing less. What would you like it to do?
  3. In Kürze: Grafikkarte sollte minimum 8GB Speicher haben. CPU sollte einen möglichst hohen Basistakt haben. Nicht durch Turbotaktangaben blenden lassen, die werden ja nur unter bestimmten Bedingungen erzielt. Ich sehe mit 16GB Arbeitsspeicher bei mir keinen Engpass, kommt aber darauf an was Du sonst noch mit dem PC machst. Mit zwei Monitoren kann man prima fliegen. Mein P3Dv4 ist auf einer 1Tb m2-SSD installiert, das Mo-Board sollte dafür volle Unterstützung bieten. Gruß, Wolfgang
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. It was FSXSE, however, tried reinstall under regular FSX and it worked. Thank you for your time and prompt response. -Jeremy.
  6. hi, I want to enable the feature mentioned in the below post for the aerosoft a320 (for fsx ). Please advise how to do it? what changes to be done manually
  7. Today
  8. I am confused! v1.2.4.0 was released on Friday 18th April. At 1510 on Saturday 19th April, ERIK posted that waypoints from a multiple list could not be inserted into a FP. At 1628 on Saturday 19th April, SECONDATOR posted : "It's a bug that we have recently discovered and working on to get fixed." I am pretty sure that the release would not have gone ahead if this problem was already known to exist. However, the question has to be asked : "why was this bug not discovered during pre-release testing?" Thanks......
  9. Solution should be available with the next erperimental update.......
  10. You should enable the INFOBAR on the MCDU3 and then you will read what to do next e.g. do not follow the GSX instructions but wait until the APU is available within the CL...... and then the external power automatically is deconnected by the CL ......
  11. Please post about those issues in the correct forum area to avoid things getting mixed up.
  12. Can you give us details on your hardware?
  13. Fine. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. What Sim did you select while install? As I remember, you must select Microsoft FSX instead of FSX:SE, when you not ever had MS FSX on this PC. And run the Installer as Admin.
  15. That is truly amazing Mark.
  16. Der "Witz": das schliesst sich nicht mal aus. Selbst die neuste Version von P3D "flutscht" eigentlich nur auf einem aktuellen High-End System so richtig ohne Kompromisse bei den Einstellungen und wenig überraschend, wenn P3D flutscht, läuft auch Battlefield und Co. tadellos. Sprich: die Ansprüche an die Hardware sind bei P3D immer noch höher als bei Battlefield und Co. Wie so oft ist eine sinnvolle Beratung betreffend Komponenten etc. nur möglich, wenn ein Budget gesetzt wird. Ansonsten kriegst Du massig Vorschläge, die womöglich unbezahlbar sind für Dich. Ich versuche es trotzdem mal: Einstiegs-PC für P3D (mit korrekten Settings durchaus brauchbar): - i5-9600K oder Ryzen 2600(X)/2700(X) mit dem passenden Mainboard (Z390 für den Intel, gutes AM4 Brett für den Ryzen) - 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL14 RAM - gutes Netzteil mit 500-600W - genügend SSD Speicher für den Simulator - nVIDIA GTX-1660Ti (zwar weniger VRAM als von Oliver vorgeschlagen, reicht aber aus). Wenn etwas mehr Budget zur Verfügung ist, würde ich Stand Heute sowas empfehlen: - i7-9700K mit einem guten Luftkühler, bspw. Dark Rock Pro 4, NH-U14S - gutes Z390 Mainboard - 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL14 RAM - gutes Netzteil mit 600-700W (be quiet, Seasonic und Konsorten) - 1x250 - 500GB SSD für das Betriebssystem und Rest - 1x 1-2TB SSD für den Simulator plus Addons - 1x 2-4TB HDD intern oder extern für Backups - nVIDIA RTX-2080 oder gar RTX-2080Ti. Warum ich nicht gleich den i9-9900K empfehle? Weil er für P3D keinen Vorteil bringt. Anmerkung: bald kommen die Ryzen 3000 Prozessoren von AMD auf den Markt. Vermutlich werden die wieder einen ordentlichen Schritt nach vorne machen in Sachen Performance.
  17. I agree with airnz515........this problem is pretty fundemantal to operating the Airbus and, if there is no fix in the immediate future, I would welcome the capability to roll back to a fully working version. I have never experienced this problem before and it is slightly strange that it has appeared with this supposed "Non-Experimental version : " Thanks.
  18. Hello, I saw a previous thread regarding installing this product and it completely not showing up on FSX (SE). Being that no possible solution nor rectification for this issue was posted on that thread before the thread was closed, I am posting this topic again as I am having the same exact issue. Please advise as I have uninstalled and reinstalled the product several times and it is still not showing anywhere in FSX. Thank you in advance.
  19. Issue is known and being worked on. Solution comes with the next experimental update.
  20. Ja hab alles nochmal durch gechecked. Alle Lib's sind auf dem aktuellen Stand. Werde es heute Abend nochmal neu installieren und dann nochmal testen.
  21. I also am experiencing this problem. GSX SERVICES selected YES in 3rd MCDU I set everything in the load manager and select generate loadsheet. I then open 3rd MCDU and hit INIT before powering up the a/c or commanding GSX. All values load in LSK side. When i select load passengers, the BOARDING and CARGO go solid green, no flashing, and the numbers stay at zero. FUEL works fine. I can then do as mentioned above, and enter the numbers over the INIT inputs on LSK1 and LSK2 and that bumps the values to the correct figures and good to go v1.2.4.0 p3d 4.5
  22. PFPX shows me an error messabe stating" Aircraft Maximum take off weight (99000lbs) exceeds maximum weight in performance (98000). In this case I use Prepared3D PMDG DC-6B. I have windows 10 last version. I looked in my acft file \public\PFPX\aircraft type... but can't find a "performance weight".. Just max to TO and LAND weight. If anyone can help me pn this I will appreciate. Thanks J. Lonchambon
  23. These are better than expected. great product
  24. This seems to have done the trick, the "wrong" runway is no longer visible. Thank you very much for your help!
  25. We now decided on the name of the new product being Lukla - Mount Everest - Extreme. Simply put: What' awaiting you are extreme adventures around Lukla and Mount Everest. Feature list 5 high detail airports with all buildings and clutter objects like vegetation, people, animals, vehicles and more: - VNLK Lukla - VNSB Syangboche - VNPL Phaplu - VNKL Kangel Danda - VNRT Rumjatar 7 generic airports with details like tower positions, ground layout and thrilling hand edited terrain: - VNKD Man Maya Khanidanda - VNBJ Bhojpur - VNTR Tumlingtar - VNRC Ramechhap - VNJI Jiri - VNTJ Taplejung Suketar - VNLD Lamidanda 12 helipads, most of them in very high altitudes A whopping coverage area of 200x200 kilometers Detailed hand edited mesh terrain More than 380 thousand cultivation buildings More than 60 million (!) individually placed trees in their respective vegetation areas (e.g. shrubs in the alpine areas, tropical trees in the valley rain forests). A hand edited and georeferenced combination of satellite imagery with higher resolutions around the core areas (see maps). Modelled points of interest like hanging bridges, stupas etc. Detailed mesh with rock and glacier outcrops around Mt. Everest Basecamp making helicopter landings there as challenging as they really are. Extensive manual with custom made maps and airport charts. Free bonus: Semi fictional to be build large “Tingri Airport” north of Mount Everest. CONS: Not a single airport with a flat runway
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