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  2. Does anyone have a good approach how to overcome inconsistencies between the Aerosoft Navigation database and the P3D scenery? As an example: I performed a flight to Almaty, Kasachstan (UAAA) and selected runway 23R. During final approach I recognized that runway 23R does not exist in P3D and the ILS approach could not capture the tuned ILS. I checked in P3D and realized that the P3D scenery only knows a runway 23 (which seems to be runway 23L in the Aerosoft navigation database). Another example: The final approach to Dusseldorf, Germany (EDDL) towards runway 23R went fine until short before the runway threshold, when the altitude suddenly went up a significant amount so that landing is nearly impossible. Again, comparing the runway characteristics between the Aerosoft navigation database and the P3D scenery shows a difference in the runway elevations, which for me most probably causes the altitude hop. (Runway 23L is fine, by the way.) it is a very bad surprise after a successful flight, when all of a sudden things go wrong. This is why I'd like to know how others handle such effects.
  3. Hallo Otto, entschuldige bitte, es handelt sich wohl um ein Update auf eine neuere Version und nicht auf P3dv4. Gesehen hatte ich es unter FSX Szenerien. Kannst du mir sagen ob Paris auch für P3Dv4 kommen wird ? LG Claus
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  5. Hallo Heinz. Ich bin mir absolut (also 100%) sicher, dass ich die Installation Richtig ausgeführt habe. Es ist einfach nur seltsam, dass die Mac & Linux Version bei mir funktioniert und ich hierfür keine Serial Nummer eingeben mußte. Und zur Info: das selbe gilt in meinem Fall für Heraklion von FlyTampa, Seltsam! Gruß Hermannn
  6. Wo hast du das mit dem Upgrade gesehen?
  7. Hallo zusammen, habe in 2009 den Mega Airport Paris CDG als Box-Version gekauft. Jetzt habe ich gesehen, daß ein Update auf P3dv4 möglich ist, allerdings wohl nur für die Download-Version. Kann man Paris nicht wie z.B. Mega Airport Lissabon durch Einsendung der CD upgraten ? Danke im voraus. LG Claus
  8. GCTS on P3Dv4HF2 in combination with GSX works fine here. Can pan around, where ever I want. So maybe something on your system is not as expected. Make sure, that Windows, all drivers etc. are 100% up to date.
  9. GSX is installed and enabled. According to the people at Avsim, this type of problem is also associated with scenery incompatibilities and as everything runs perfectly EXCEPT at GCTS, driver problems wouldn't seem to be an issue. My video driver was up-to-date on 2 November although since you mention it , there has been a further update on 12 November. I've just done a test at Simwings Barcelona - no problem at all - and then at Tenerife, fine looking straight ahead or to the left from Stand 60, airport vehicles and AI aircraft moving about nicely. As soon as a I look to the right, towards the main part of the terminal and the jetways, I get an immediate CTD. PBR? SODE v non Sode jetways?
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  11. Hi, only add-on I have is ORBX FTX Global, nothing else in that region...
  12. Had the same thought In real life, as a german passeneger, I would think twice to board that plane but the repaint sure looks great in the sim! (PS: Alki has some delicate meaning in german, which wouldn't look that good in a pilot's resumee)
  13. Vector APT or similar things maybe the reason? mfg Kai
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  15. Maybe the one you have posted, but not the others. I do not have Prealsoft and still have a lot of misplaced autogen.
  16. Hi, we received the Yokes yesterday in the morning and we expect to ship your order today. I will send you an email with the tracking information.
  17. Wrong autogen-buildings are detected and solved: they belong to PrealSoft HD cities Genenva. Without this addon everything is okay. mfg Kai
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  21. Oder anders ausgedrückt: Wo wird festgelegt, was alles zu Europa gehört.
  22. excludes funktionieren tadellos in der tdg Szenerie....
  23. As you guys wait for further aircraft profiles, one thing you can do is use the Macro capability in FSUIPC for switches that don't use standard ESP command binds. Honestly, I don't bother with this, I merely flip the switch in the VC, but I know that some others like to map just about everything they can, so the Macro function in FSUIPC is the fastest and easiest solution for that. Best wishes!
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  25. Version 1.0.0

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    In addition to the latest Scenery Animation Manager we created a free seasonal texture library which can be controlled through the SAM plugin menu. There also is a free SDK available in case you would like to adapt your scenery to these. Features: - 5 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, deepwinter - HD Vegetation for all seasons - 2 types of vegetation for deepwinter (natural and very snowy) - Snow decals for deepwinter Season - Compatibility options to allow seamless scenery integration: SFD Global, Orbx True Earth, Orbx TerraFlora, X-Europe/Ortho4xp - SDK library for developers and users to simplify seasonal custom scenery creation
  26. Dann hast du entweder die Exclusions nicht richtig gesetzt, die Szenerie nicht exportiert oder deine Reihenfolge in scenery_packs.ini ist verkehrt.
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