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  2. Mmmmm.... I confirm that. most certainly a bug. Inserted it in the bug tracker. Thanks for reporting it!
  3. Many thanks for the files above - It does feel bit better as compared to original release however the elevator still needs some work as still way too responsive.
  4. When clicking on overhead panel: FLT CTL (PRIM 2, SEC 2 and PRIM 3) nothing happens on these buttons (they are clickable). But on the button "AC ESS FEED" (ELEC panel) the cover is moving. See 2 pics.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Please use the correct support forums....
  7. We found the issue. If you install smaller busses after installing the A330 the installer will replace the new fuel planner files delivered with the A330 with the old files delivered on the A320. Those old files don't understand that there is new aircraft added and gives you the error. We will release an update that will force the latest Fuel Planner files to be installed and after that it should work again. Alternatively you can fix this right now by reinstalling the A330 which will intsall the latest fuel planner files as well.
  8. That's just wrong man! 335? Cramming people in like Sardines! Almost as bad as what US based Airlines do!
  9. The meaning of experimental update is to push updates/fixes out as quickly as possible. Later in time experimental updates will of course include the previous experimental updates. And also later in time there will also be a none-experimental update again, which will also include the previous experimental updates. So it stays up to you if you want these experimental updates or not. This is a question only you can answer to yourself. This is not sarcastic but just plain logic
  10. I will try to replicate... i am not sure if I changed the time ..... Thank you.
  11. Habe mir nun ein billigen Joke noch gekauft zusätzlich zu dem Saitek flight system, nun kann ich damit das Bugrad separat steuern (wenn ich den Joke nach vorne schiebe fährt der Flieger nach Rechts und wenn ich den Yoke nach hinten ziehe fährt der Flieger nach links... damit kann man sich realistischer vorbereiten falls man mal in einem richtigen Simulator fliegen sollte -) )
  12. Thank you for that, appreciate it.
  13. Noticed today that during pushback, the wheels on the mlg roll forward instead of backwards. Not a big deal, but a little wierd
  14. Same here, but using Tomatoshade instead of PTA (without reflection profile, since that isn't necessary due to PBR). It's only the cockpit and especially the windshield which is too dark. As a comparison, I uploaded 2 screenshots, one from the outside, one from inside. The outside shot, is clearly brighter than the inside one. IMO it is ok if its a bit darker inside, but that's a bit too much, even on a cloudy day like today
  15. I did check them and they were all at default (80% I think) as I hadn't adjusted them previously. I didn't try changing any volumes to see if that would jog them back to life though.
  16. Late last night in a test for something else, I selected Pause at Next Waypoint. Then I had to reboot P3D, I started the test again and the aircraft did not Pause at any of the Next waypoints even though I verified it was still set in MCDU#3, so I think it's the same for Pause at TOD. It's so knew of a bug I haven't reported it yet! This is a very minor programming error, and I'm sure it will be fixed very soon. The work around to get the Pause at waypoints working again is to deselect the Pause at Waypoints, go through a waypoint with the setting off, and then re-select it. Obviously that won't work for Pause at TOD, except for your next flight.
  17. Tom, I wasn't quite expecting a sarcastic answer, I mean't in the terms of are they just temporary updates,and then you would release a new install in the future? Thanks for your quick reply. Jason
  18. There are predined wingviews already available, please check Vol. 1 of the documentation
  19. Hi Can i request that you add the predefined wing views to the plane I know people use chaseplane or ezdock these days but i still prefer the standard predefined views Thanks
  20. Well I avoided all those due to performance but efb is a different matter, could be worth some degradation. Future then
  21. Hi, I did read and change the lighting for the EFB as it said from looking at page 37 for Vol 1 ? Is this where you mean also for the panels? Thanks Jason
  22. http://flightsimapps.com/ Is what I use for the MDU on Ipad its better that any other i found and it supports all the main aircraft.
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