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  2. Mi versión actual del P3d es v 4.5.
  3. What flaps setting? Weight? Are you using Manflex or TOGA, those get confused. I have never seen TOGA set anything other than full power. Manflex by definition is a lower powered flex takeoff setting that the computer calculates, if as in real life, for factors like rwy length, weight, OAT, flaps etc....
  4. After the update, A321 seemed to engage Approach Mode by itself. In fact, MCDU did not even show me the option of Approach mode under Performance. A319 did not show this beahvior. I am flying another A321 flight now KSTL to KBOS and will report back if same issue appears.
  5. If that issue was solved, please post the solution. I am seeing the same routing issue with, took pictures too, but the show the same thing as above.
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  7. I sorted it by putting the same frequency into VOR1 and VOR2. I've probably gone too far? Thanks for getting back to me, Dave. Gaz
  8. I hope you still working on this Project. Its an amazing vehicle if it wasn't for the lack of a VC it would be up there with the BMW form Hama. Keep the good work
  9. Hi Dave can you tell me where? there's no flight plan because I just want to circle and land at the same airport all of the time. Gaz
  10. Just select the runway/approach in the MCDU. If you select an ILS Approach, it automatically enters the frequency and course for you.
  11. Sorry, I should have posted the problem - the 'map' of the runway is there, but not the direction.
  12. No. Y eso puede ocurrir en cualquier momento, y puede ser nuestro ISP... O el suyo... O alguno por el camino ¿Cual es su versión actual? Un saludo
  13. Would you mind sharing so others that have this issue know how to solve it?
  14. Und, wenn du die Standard 738 (ohne Zibo) verwendest (nur mal zum testen), klappt es dann besser?
  15. Hi I'm sorry to put this here, but it's a quick question .. I need to set the nav properly for landing, and in the screenshot it seems to work (so i'm eventually aligned with the runway). However, there should also be a 'pointer' showing me the direction of the airport, so it's not a guess. I used to do this quite a bit so I should remember it. Can someone just quickly tell me what I should be doing to have a pointer to the runway. Thanks! Gaz
  16. When we get something to show.... it will be here. Please keep in mind these are not internal projects where I can walk to the devs and tell them to make me some screenshots.
  17. No comment. But I can tell you some of our models will be in DCS soon. But there will be no comments from us on this.
  18. Im my default scenario I use the Mooney. I there I shut everything off. Shift-L to turn on the panel lights (fixes the MDCU-3 issue) and set the fuel to 25% for both tanks. Set this as the default scenario. Viola.
  19. Looks like another issue. Please Post a debug Pack.
  20. hi guys n gals I have just downloaded wos 3 direct download and when I play the game there is no sound I have unistalled it and installed it but the same problem any ideas ????????
  21. Hi, after a new fresh install to 1.2.4 I flown a short flight from LEBL to LEGR, and I had the same bug. Any advice to repair that bug? Thanks! Frank.
  22. Bonjour, sur les Airbus d'Aérosoft avec la dernière version pour P3DV4.5 quand je veux activer les bandeaux dans l'avion de FS2CREW , il y'a des carrés ou rectangle qui sont noir je pensais pouvoir changer les voix mais impossible Si quelqu'un à une idée je suis preneur merci et bon wend de paques Didier
  23. I am confused: Why are you using this "old" tutorial for the 32bit version instead of the new updated version for the 64bit version if you are flying the Airbus Professional?
  24. Ich habe noch ein ganz anderes Problem: Die Taxiway-Brücken werden weder von den World Traffic 3 noch von den X-Life AI-Flugzeugen für voll genommen!!! Welches Update dafür verantwortlich ist kann ich nicht sagen...vor EDDP_Digital_Design_v1.3 ging es meiner Meinung nach, und die AI-Flugzeuge rollten sauber über die Brücken (jetzt tauchen sie ab)! Es kann allerdings auch am letzten Update von X-Plane liegen. Bei EDDM von Short Final Design übrigens auch dieses Problem. Nur die Taxiway-Brücken von Aerosoft EDDF funktionieren auch mit den AI-Fliegern von WT3 und X-Life.
  25. Not at all strange, just tightening up the flight charactertics. Remember, the A321 is longer than the rest of the family. Something neat to compare is the fuel systems between the A321 and the rest of the family too! Best wishes!
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