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Tom A320

Repaint requests (A318, A319, A320, A321)

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1 hour ago, santason said:

Since the new airbus , all the repaints of NEO airbuses don't appear anymore in the simulator even if they appear in the livery manager , what can i do for this.

I already made all the changes necessary to update former airbus to V4  with the aibus v4 main panel, the change of the texture.cfg

Can you help, cause i had them working on airbus  but since the , they just disappear from simulator airplanes list ?


Please open your own topic in the forum instead of hijacking the livery request topic.


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Would anyone be willing to take on painting the new Jetblue Boston Bruins Bear Force One livery for the A320 PRO?



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La Compagnie F-HBUZ, Airbus A321-251NX, delivered to the airline 18 May 2019.

Thank you!


Marco :)

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Are there any Air France repaints for the Professional Bus series? Cant seem to find any anywhere...



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Fictional LOT for A3xx. 


It Was avalible for extend but not any more :(






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Would someone please do the Air Canada Raptors livery.


Please and thank you

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hello guys, I already have the aegean fleet from here but i would like to ask if anyone can fix the "white nose" in some models with the regural nose. Thank you!

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Could someone be so kind to repaint the A319 professional in VLM colors? Thanks in advance!



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On 4/30/2019 at 4:36 PM, DUTCH1963 said:

i like to make a request for a Amsterdam airlines repaint of a aerosoft A321 iae

i hope someone can and wants to make this repaint  i would appreciate it.

PH-AAY - Airbus A320-232 - Amsterdam AirlinesPH-AAY - Airbus A320-232 - Amsterdam Airlines

photos by Maik Voight and Patrick Weis

if possible with registration PH-AAZ


thanks in advance




can any of you great painters make this liverie for aerosoft airbus A318 and A319 And A320 And at last A321 professional prepar3d v4.5 

I would be most gratefull since i got no photoshop and out of budget and im not much of a painter😁

anyway thanks in advance

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Can anyone create the Vueling A320Neo Vueling "We love places" livery for the A320 professional please ?





Thanks in advance!

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For anyone looking for AA Heritage liveries, I believe they are all now available..


A319 - IAE

America West


https://inibuilds.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/liveries/aerosoft/iniB Aerosoft A319 American (N838AW) .zip


A319 - CFM 













A321 - IAE

US Airways








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Good afternoon all


I am hopeless at repaints.  Not that I've ever tried (I'd have no idea where to start), but I have a request for two easyJet A320 repaints:


G-EZTC (no sharklets)

G-EZRT (with sharklets)


I have no photographs / images of either aircraft, but I'm sure there are plenty on airliners.net or jetphotos.com.


I am happy to donate to a repaint page / cause should someone be willing to do that for me?





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I would like to request ZS-GAL, A320 IAE flying for Corendon this summer. Many thanks for considering!



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Hello.  Could someone please do repaints of the A320 and A321 Professional in Alitalia colors?  I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.  Here are photos:



Alitalia A320-200 EI-DSY




A321 Alitalia


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I wondering if any painters out there would be willing to create the new AAL A321 Stand Up To Cancer livery for Aerosoft Airbus Pro 321 winglet. 
 This hits home to me as my Dad recently passed away after nearly 5 year battle.  I made a donation to have his name painted on the aircraft.  Given how much I travel for work there is a chance I could be on this airframe or see this one at the gate.









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Hi everyone,

Can someone do this FlyErnest A319 EI-FVG livery for Airbus PRO, please?



Please post links to such content instead.






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Hello everyone,

they cancelled the photo of my FlyErnest livery request.

This should work. 


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