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  1. I would like to request a repain of this aircraft got Aerosoft Pro A319. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1018869/n742ps-american-airlines-airbus-a319-112 The one that is posted in the forums does not allow the tail to show as I think it is not fully compatible with AS Pro. I am attaching a pic of what that repaint looks like in my sim (P3dV5) Thank you
  2. Severe frame rate hit. Went from 50-80 fps with default aircraft to just 3 with the Airbus 318 loaded.
  3. Would anyone be willing to take on painting the new Jetblue Boston Bruins Bear Force One livery for the A320 PRO?
  4. Would anyone be able to do the repaint of the new Jetblue Bear Force One for the A320 Professional please?
  5. Would someone be kind enough to do a repaint of Alitalia for the A320 Pro please? It's just about impossible to find anywhere. Thanks in advance.
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