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  1. Thank you guys very much. If I can, I would for sure take part in one of those CFD sessions. That would be interesting and helpful, no doubt. I already use the complete Navigraph chart package. So charts are there. It would be very nice if you could maybe post it here when the group is ready for service.
  2. Hi guys, as I fly the Aerosoft bus only in europe and especially in Germany, most of the airports are equipped with ILS, which you know is quite easy to fly. But there are some airports in europe, that are only equipped with one of the named approach procedures. If I approach one of these airports or runways that are not equipped with an ILS, I always start to struggle, because I don't know exactly how to fly these procedures. I also don't know how to read the charts of DME/NDB, localizer and visual approaches correctly. Is there any source of helpful tutorial for flying and interpreting the charts? Any youtube channel or website that helps me learn how to handle this? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance. Regards, Julian
  3. Often, when the post has been written today, it only says "Geschrieben" (Written) but the time since posting is missing. Happens mostly when the posting is from the current day.
  4. Is it normal for this forum to not receive replies? I am a little bit dissappointed that I received not a single reply to my 9 threads I opened. It took my time to report issues I found and help you improve the CFD. I expected at least a "Thanks for your report, we'll check that." but no reaction at all.
  5. The new sounds sound indeed better than the present ones! Will they be included in an upcoming Aerosoft Bus update?
  6. It seems the issue is indeed solved in Thank you very much.
  7. Okay I'm sorry. I obviously made the update to but didn't remember. Will test this particular behaviour on my next flight (which is going to be prepared right now ).
  8. " No, just searched for updates yesterday evening and no experimental updates showed up even though I have them enabled´╗┐. " Will check this evening if I was maybe only retarded. I was pretty sure I have experimental updates enabled.
  9. @mopperle No, just searched for updates yesterday evening and no experimental updates showed up even though I have them enabled. Is there something I've overseen or do I have to do something different to get I'm still running atm.
  10. @Secondator Any news about the update that was expected to be released on May 14th?
  11. By the way. This topic has a big number of views even though it's only open for five days. I guess there are a lot more people who experience this issue and just follow this thread instead of writing here.
  12. Thanks, got the files too. What exactly is different with these? I will have to update my P3D scenery and content part, as they indeed run on version 4.3 except for the P3D client, that runs the latest P3D 4.5 hotfix release. So far, I can already say, that I neither use Ezdok, nor do I start P3D with pre-saved flights.
  13. Could you please do it again after loading a flight with cold and dark set as default state? I really doubt the issue is coming from our systems. I have a powerful system, see specs below, run the latest drivers, have no special tweaks or shaders. Everything works just fine except for the missing sound. So I doubt it is a system or sound issue on my computer. i5 9600k @4.8 Ghz GTX 1080ti 16GB DDR4 RAM 3000mhz 500Gb SSD
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