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  1. Thanks, Mathijs. Do you think it's a high performance CPU for P3D or only good value for the money? Is anything known how the CPU cache (L3) affects P3D performance? Is this a factor? I also try to compare it with my current i7 4790k. But I think it's hard to say how much the difference will be, right? I'm thinking of the 9600k together with a MSI Z390 Tomahawk and 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 CL15.
  2. Meyerflyer

    Airbus and NavCycle 1813

    Okay, then it should indeed be a bug.
  3. What do you generally think about Intel's new 9th generation i5 CPUs? For me, the i5 9600k sounds great. Boost clock of 4.6ghz, with the option to overclock it to 4.8 or 4.9Ghz and only about 285€. I'm often reading, that hyperthreading is not working very good with P3D and I also made the experience, that the sim runs better when turning HT off. If HT is not needed, an i7 CPU seems not necessary to me, although the i5 have less L3 cache (9MB vs. 12MB) than i7. What do you think? Does anyone have a new i5 CPU for P3D4 and can give me some advice?
  4. Meyerflyer

    Airbus and NavCycle 1813

    Btw. This happens with any AIRAC cycle, even with the old bus. So it's no AIRAC 1813 issue.
  5. Meyerflyer

    Airbus and NavCycle 1813

    Confirm. For some reason, the SIDs with the designator M are always shown on the end of the SID list. I don't know wether this is a AS bus issue or in the database. Do you use the same database (Navigraph/NavDataPro) on both Aerosoft bus and PMDG 737? I hear very often, that pilots using the Aerosoft bus call ATC on IVAO and say, that they can't find the xxxM departure route in their database they have just been cleared. Although it is basically there, but only at the end. Maybe AS can explain what's going on there.
  6. Meyerflyer

    Thrust reverser sound issue

    I can fully confirm suniram's post. I think, everything, AS or TSS should check is, wether there is only one single reverse thrust audio file and how long it is.
  7. Meyerflyer

    Thrust reverser sound issue

    I did fully understand you Dave. Yes, I always load the bus from the inital P3D screen directly, without loading another aircraft before. I'll try my best to help you tracking down this issue. But I'm quite sure it's no real issue here, but only a too short sound file that is repeated, when the file itself is at the end.
  8. Meyerflyer

    Thrust reverser sound issue

    Yeah I can try, but it happens on every single flight. So there seems to be a general issue. Normally I indeed don't load any other plane before loading the bus. Would be quite annoying if I would have to before every flight. Best wishes.
  9. Hello, maybe there is an issue with the printed ATIS data. Everything was fine until todays flight. The visibility at Bucharest was 3000m, but the printed ATIS showed 3008m. No big deal. Just wanted to make you are of this "happening". Ps. Sometimes, depending on the length of an ATIS, the print-clip covers the last part of the ATIS. Would be great, if the text on the printout or the whole printout could be moved a bit to the left, so we can fully read the ATIS without having to click it on, because the clip covers the last figure of the QNH. In the example below, the last figure was partly visible, but I also had ATIS printouts, where the whole figure was below the clip so I could'nt fully read the ATIS without clicking it on.
  10. Meyerflyer

    Thrust reverser sound issue

    Hello, when the thrust reverser is open after touchdown, it becomes silent for about 1-2 seconds about 15-20 seconds after deploying it. It think, it is a about 15-20 seconds long audio file that is repeatet. Because it introduces with an increasing sound level, this drop is repeated after the sound file is repeated as well. At least I think so. I'm sure this has been an issue with the old bus, too. Solution should probably be making the sound file as long as the longest thrust reverser usage could be, or the sound file is split into a part with the increasing noise and one with the stable thrust reverse sound and this file is only repeated without the repeating noise drop. I hope you can understand this. Thanks for checking.
  11. Meyerflyer

    Tail light or logo light...

    Hasn't been the answer to this question a few days ago, that the logo lights are turned off together with the landing gear retraction? I think it has been said, that the logo lights don't bring any advantage inflight, therefore the logo light is used only on ground for "promotion" and make the aircraft more visible for other pilots during darkness in RL.
  12. Can you explain this a bit more? Why do the IAEs respond immediately out of ground IDLE, and the CFMs do not behave the same, if it is a simulator limitation?
  13. Meyerflyer

    Nose wheel not moving at 0kt

    Hmm. I would say that is not correct. I'm sure, the A320 nose wheel moves while standing on the ground. 🤔 See 08:35 in this video: Also the A330 does. Another example: When you say you have reasons to do it that way, it's okay, but basically it's still not like in the real Bus IMO.
  14. Thanks. I will have a closer look at the response of the CFM engines. If it would take more than 5-10 seconds, I will come back to you soon.