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  1. It seems to work with the Hoppie network setting. I was able to print my destination ATIS about 210nm away from it. Thank you so much.
  2. Alright, thanks for your help. Didn't know about that... I will test it with hopie network today. Btw your comment makes sense as I was shortly before descend to Malta airport coming from the north. When I printed the "false" ATIS I was way closer to my alternate airport Catania.
  3. I didn't change it from default in the Bus. In the sim I use AS4. Everything works fine, except for printing before descent. Other than that all printed ATIS are correct.
  4. Hello, I have a question. Shortly before descent I want to get the latest ATIS printed out. I therefore get into the ATC COMM menu and select ARR ATIS. When I print before starting the descent, I only get the ATIS of my alternate airport, not the actual destination. Once I start the descent, the next printout contains the destination as well as the alternate airport, which is correct. Is this normal or am I doing anything wrong?
  5. Ok thanks guys. Got it now. Works perfectly with Shift L. Didn't know about that. I thought, the 3rd MCDU would lighten together with the cockpit lights. Solved for me.
  6. Do you mean my photo? If yes, no addon used. Neither for lighting, shaders nor tweaking.
  7. Nope. I even deleted the shaders folder of P3D before this particular flight. Using Nvidia driver from about 2 weeks ago. Mhm on your screenshot even the keys shine. Mine do not. Btw. I absolutely believe you, that yours is working. I can see it on your screenshot. But we have to find out why some customers are having this issue obviously. Maybe I can post a screenshot after my current flight. The quality of the photo is not good.
  8. Same issue here. Everything perfect except for the third MCDU. Third MCDU is too dark. HDR enabled. The screen lighting is too dark. Both other MCDUs are ok. See my picture. Left is shining, right is not.
  9. Thanks for info but I don't use the checklist function. I always set pressure to STD using a key on my keyboard.
  10. Had a similar issue with the A319 IAE with cargo. Cargo would never load even with clicking Load Instant. It occured after trying to load cargo after setting up the second flight without reloading the sim after the first one. I'm using GSX. Cargo loaded again after restarting P3D. No issues with 1.2.4.x but after updating to
  11. Hi, today I updated my Bus (A318/A319 at first) from 1.2.4.x to via reinstall. On both flights since updating I get a "altimeter setting" aural warning from time to time during climb and cruise. Sometimes every 30 seconds or so. When I pull the STD (pressure) button at cruise altitude once again, the current flight level is shown as 374 instead of 380 before and the bus starts climbing to 380 again. The warning doesnt come on after that. I pulled the STD button before as usual when climbing through 5000ft. Never had this issue in the bus versions 1.2.4.x and earlier. Does anyone have this issue too or has any advise how to fix this? I've flown A319 IAE. Regards, Julian
  12. Ok. Imho this is not realistically simulated if the accerleration stops at a certain point and can only be overwritten with an unusual amount of thrust. But thanks for testing.
  13. @Emanuel Hagen I recorded a video with Nvidia Shadowplay a few days ago but I was unable to upload it to Youtube without having the quality fully degraded after upload. I was on the taxiway L in EDDF with the A321 IAE and set thrust to about 25-30% N1. The Bus accelerated smoothly by let's say 1kt every 2-3 seconds and stopped immediately at 32kt. I then set N1 to 50% N1 for about 3-4 seconds but the speed never got beyond 32kt. It must be absolutely easy to reproduce for you or one of the AS guys. Could you please check that yourself?
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