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  2. Are there any Air France repaints for the Professional Bus series? Cant seem to find any anywhere... Scott
  3. I am having the same issue. Perhaps someone could comment? Scott
  4. Just to confirm, I did download a new copy, extracted the entire thing to a temp folder and ran it as administrator. Splash Screen, then nothing. I'm at a loss. Scott
  5. Is the flickering just the panel lights? I have the same graphics card running in SLI and there is a very known bug with RealLight that causes the flicker. If you are running in two cards in SLI, that will cause it. Scott
  6. I'm running out of ideas here. I have tried to install the update to EDDK by downloading the new installer, but when I click the setup (Using administrator rights!) all I get is the Aerosoft Splash Screen, then nothing. I have re downloaded the installer and get the same thing. I have killed my antivirus and get the same thing. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Scott
  7. Very nice, could you do a Delta A320 with sharklets? Scott
  8. I agree, but if they don't fix the export options soon, I can see me using SimBrief permanently. I love PFPX, but wont wait forever for the export stuff to catch up. Scott
  9. That's LAME!! If you have a list of things that are wrong, then make the list so the developers can fix them. Otherwise, stop your whining!!!! Scott
  10. skyymann

    Voice Sets

    Should it be a single recording? Or break it down into all of those separate files? Scott
  11. This is exactly what happened to me during beta testing. Kill SLI and all will be OK. You do not need to remove RealLight. TFDI are aware of the SLI issue and are working on it. Scott
  12. Press the FWD Call button on the OH panel. She will bring you more coffee ;-) Scott
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