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  1. I know you guys can't see, but I did a little dance on my chair. Can't wait. Great job to the whole team.
  2. I was just wondering if there was a tutorial for this beauty in the works? If so an estimated release date. I have found your tutorials very useful in the past and hope to have one for this aircraft too.
  3. Sweet dreams are made of these.... Air Canada šŸ˜
  4. Would the one older version of the airbus work on p3d v4.5?
  5. Can I fly the airbus on my own for this event or shared flight deck is mandatory?
  6. Hello fellow simmers, After having a baby last December my PC has been in the hangar. Now looking to install the aircraft. Can someone tell me what the latest version is and where do I get it from. Please and thank you
  7. Would someone please do the Air Canada Raptors livery. Please and thank you
  8. Check your 2D panel transparency setting, turn it down.
  9. It's ok, worth the try. Thanks for the help.
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