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  1. Shivam3005

    Multiple methods of payment

    It's ok, worth the try. Thanks for the help.
  2. Shivam3005

    Multiple methods of payment

    I am looking at purchasing some add-ons. I have a Visa gift card which I wish to use and pay the rest of the balance on my PayPal account. Would this be possible?
  3. Shivam3005

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Air Canada new colors. Please and thank you.
  4. Shivam3005

    From 9 fps to 30+ fps

    Does process lasso do it once and I don't have to do it each time? Never used it.
  5. Shivam3005

    From 9 fps to 30+ fps

    Could you be kind enough to let us know how to do this. Would be really useful.
  6. Shivam3005

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    I have found this to happen after the last update. Using my yoke trim switch makes big jumps, have to use mouse wheel for now.
  7. Shivam3005

    Remote MCDU Issue

    No I didn't have it activated, silly of me. Now it works fine. Thank you once again for your help.
  8. Ah ok, didn't know that. My misunderstanding.
  9. The a318 has thumbnails and I still see those in the livery manager, also if I add a livery I see those too. I have an Air Canada Rouge A319 CFM and I can see it, but not the other CFM liveries that came with the base package.
  10. Shivam3005

    Remote MCDU Issue

    Tried it on the same system, still the same issue.
  11. In the livery manager, I can see the images for all the A318 CFM liveries. However, The A319 CFM & IAE images for all the aircraft's minus the ones I have installed don't show up. Upon further investigation, I found the thumbnails missing for all those aircraft in the simobjects folder for each livery (even after a clean reinstall). What could be the reason for this and how to fix it?
  12. Shivam3005

    Remote MCDU Issue

    I seem to be having the same issue after v update.
  13. Shivam3005

    Your best Screenshot

    Heading to CYVR, out of CYYZ
  14. Shivam3005

    Repaint requests

    A319 air Canada rouge would be nice. Please and thank you