!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. It is not done yet...we need to wait few days more.
  2. Fictional LOT for A3xx. It Was avalible for extend but not any more :(
  3. Can be posible that it is work only with A319? Becuase with A320 i see no reaction for Doors etc. only with A319
  4. I have problem with TCAS and FS2crew. The F/O turn on the C mode TARA but I don't see any traffic, when I switch back to stby and again to TARA then I see all Aircrafts. I don't know what is a problem because the knob it's in correct position
  5. During climb after departure ATC said: - Stop climbing at 5000' due to the Trafic (Until You react, You are allready on 5.300) so You get back to 5000' - after 2 Min ATC: Continue climbing It is so unrealistic ? But Ok, i know what is Your Point.
  6. Then maybe someone of Your workers could post a Video where he climb out from Airport to FL 100 in menaged mode and sudenly Change to Altitude wich is allready passed for example after Pasing 5000' put in to the box 4000', and after Aircraft stop climbing get back to FL 100 and we will see what will hapend.
  7. Sprajcik


    i'm thing i found the solution, today i was flying to AMS with lot of trafic, and i'm flying with Fs2crew, so the F/O turn on the TARA mode. when in flight i turned off and back on the TARA and i get the trafic on the display. Maybe it's problem with Fs2crew or, when the buttons operating.
  8. My question is, It is posible to Change the weather source one time and save? Or every flight i Need to go to Option on MCDU to Change it. If it is posible to Change that please tell me where and what i Need to edit.
  9. same to me, and The Youtubers as well, lokk here EINCC to KJFK at 4:12.
  10. Sprajcik


    Look at the first Picture, there is a trafic 7,5nm away and he was crossing my Altittude. Last Friday i was on Fly-in in Franfurt and thesame Thing, no Aircraft on the Tcas. The TCAS test it's not posible at the moment or i'm wrong?
  11. Sprajcik


    i didn't see any aircraft on Tcas since i'm flying with this Airplane
  12. Sprajcik


    Vatsim as well. Vpilot
  13. Sprajcik


    Hallo, i'm doing something wrong? I don't see any trafic with TCAS on and in TARA mode. I was Airborn and have two trafic in 5nm Circle on was on my high and one 1000' above but nothing on the Displays. any help?
  14. Yesterday I've made a Visual 08 into LOWI. Like in the Procedure I took the VOR LOC to rwy 26 (only LOC was active) then I need to go to Heading I set the HDG pull the HDG knob but nothing happens, I have tried 2 or 3 times but in end effect I need to turn off the AP and continue manually. It's a bug or I missed something?
  15. It is also posible to change the weather source for Metars ? Or I need to change it every flight in Options?
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