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  1. Ok, thank you for the response... The challenge is though, and I can stand aside where Dave can correct me, this was to be address in this new build. So when I saw it not fixed this why I posted it here. Regards,
  2. Greetings Team. I would like to offer thanks! for the work you have put in to get this new update out. I have updated the airbuses following the guide, that was given in a subsequent post, to the letter. Even after the new builds, I am still getting the fuel planner issue where my trim setting does not offer an "up" position for the baby buses (see photos) No matter the combination, out of range and within range gives me a down trim. Only on the A333 I can get the trim to be in the up position. Please, if you will, let me know what other steps I may take to resolve this issue. Regards,
  3. aiight so I would have done the reinstall of all the buses. However, the fuel planner is still giving me an issue that I am not "ok" with. Regardless of what payload I have in the fuel planner for the A318-321, it gives me a trim setting of "down"... only in the A333 it shows a trim setting of up. Is that something you are aware of? Regards,
  4. I was very pleased with the flight that I did as well and mine was a 7hr flight... My issue is not the A330 itself.. it's the fuel planner (will message in that thread 🙂 ) thanks for your hardwork guys... it is really appreciate it!!! Regards,
  5. I am up to date with all three installers... But thank you for assuring that you all are working on the fuel planner because it just didn't make sense that all my flights in the baby bus have a trim down...
  6. Ok, I just did a reinstall, but with the A333 first... and I am still seeing the same issue. I will attempt to do it the other way around and report back.
  7. Greetings, Just wanted to know if this issues is being looked at. Also, I just wish to ask if after the removal of the older versions (of the baby bus) were we to remove the A333 before we reinstalled the small buses? Does it require a sequence?
  8. I have noticed that with the update, the baby buses fuel planner is giving me a very low cargo limit before hitting red on the landing weight and in some cases - red even when there is no cargo (see images below). In addition the trim setting does not allow for up values, only down. Is this a known issue?
  9. Ah ok. Thanks Dave Thank you guys very much for that response. I have seen since the updates that the taxiing speed doesn't really go pass 13/14kts. Regards,
  10. Hey team.. As always, I start off affirming you of the work you continue to do to make this plane even greater. Just one concern that was raised. Considering that the baby buses require input (where N1 is at 0) for taxi; is it possible for the same to occur with the A333? even if the N1 is greater than 0, can it be less than the 23% that's currently there? I have seen videos of A333 and you hear the engine spool before the aircraft moves. Moreover, if she is heavy for a long trip, I feel that the inertia will require some "thrust/push" to get the bird going. I am no expert so please, I can take correction 🙂 thanks in advance. Regards,
  11. I have the baby buses.. and I can confirm that the checklist works fine in those. . .It's just the A330 that isn't working when I toggle it in MCDU3
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