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  1. I thought the same André but there is actually an A321... still waiting on the A320
  2. how did you fix it CDreier?
  3. Caribbean_Redz


    is the ATC switch flipped on the pedestal?
  4. Caribbean_Redz

    Throttle Spool up time

    Sorry Dave, I normally do a search.....I was reading through, must have missed me.. Ok, thank you. Regards,
  5. Caribbean_Redz

    Throttle Spool up time

    Greetings, Just want to understand something. When I advance the throttle quadrant it takes at least 7seconds before the plane actually gets power to begin taxi... then, when I get to the runway, i don't get a smooth spool up before I put it to flx mode. Is this normal? Do i not have something checked? Regards, P'Rez
  6. Caribbean_Redz

    Tip to Potentially Improve FPS

    Thanks a lot Mathijs!!
  7. Caribbean_Redz

    Some remarks on the Airbus sounds

    To add to this Mathijs, the APU is very loud compared to the other sounds... so if it pleases the court , hehehe, will you adjust that a notch or two please thanks thanks!!!
  8. Caribbean_Redz

    Tip to Potentially Improve FPS

    Will you share the paths to take to do this folk? for persons who aren't aware of where to go to achieve the refreshing of shaders. please and thanks
  9. Caribbean_Redz

    Custom voice set, still need more data

    Mathijs, Is it possible to have the soundset fit to an airline? for example, if I am flying a Delta Jet, and I want to change to sounds to their safety vid (for argument sake) can it be set up so that I can have each of my a/c [company type] with different sounds - and not have to change a folder every time? P'Rez
  10. Caribbean_Redz

    STEP-BY-STEP: How to manually insert liveries

    they did see it and also said it in the preview section. However, one must remember that if they were to get everything fixed at once, the plane would never be released....
  11. Caribbean_Redz

    STEP-BY-STEP: How to manually insert liveries

    Hey Stefan, just figure I'd add this to your detailed steps here: NOTE WELL this is the example used for the SATCOM, you may have to do similar for the others. Regards, P'Rez That is wrong. There exists only one CFMSAT livery/model now, which i just created for the release. NEVER copy textures between liveries.They are complete in theirselfes, you will mess them up with copying here and there.
  12. Caribbean_Redz

    missing one step on optimizing?

    deleted because the advise was wrong and would spent more confusion...
  13. where can we find where these are and their meanings?
  14. Caribbean_Redz

    LBS Display?

    Much appreciated Mathijs.... you guys are awesome... congrats to the team... love the plane.
  15. Caribbean_Redz

    LBS Display?

    may i ask, just really curious, why it would not be implemented? especially when you have customers who use the LBS for most of their addons? Wouldn't the realworld counterpart have the option? really just asking out of curiosity. Regards. P'Rez