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  1. Tairbus


    A320/A330 to FS2020 please
  2. yeee ı looked there is no product XML in the products folder how can ı fix it?
  3. after the latest uptade for A321/A320 there is a new livery installer camed than when ı olpen it in Admintories giving eror than if you want vontiune or exit ı clicking continue but anything is not working especially ı cant downlod any liveryes manually as well. when ı downlad manually in the sim it is not seen aynone can help please?
  4. hi ı think the modern buses like A350-900/-1000 need to be relase. and ı think aersoft can work on it. stay healthy.
  5. ı am creating a accaunt an than it says we sent you a confirmation e-mail but no e-mail is coming
  6. hi ı have a A320/A321 profesional but ı buy it like CD and ı cant uptade it last uptade.and in other topics is writing download new uptader from your order history how can ı downlad from CD? Please help.
  7. I think aerosoft really need to be relase new A320/A321neo models whith new PW engines and CFM engines and whith Seatcom wifi antenna and new door positions. is there is any work for this? Because is really need to be relase.Thankyou from now
  8. hi ı need ı help. ı am making Turkish Airlines A321neo livery but turkish airlines operate this plane whith seatcom wifi antenna how can ı add LH type seatcom wifi antenna to A321cfm shark model? enyone can help?
  9. can enyone make this livery whith seatcom wifi and the all new door positions and the preet and whitney engine textures and this ultra clean white . Turkish Airlines A321neo TC-LSD thankyo from now
  10. everyone knows The new A321/A320neo liverys are hard to find for Aerosoft A321/A320neo whith new engine textures and new door points and new seatcom wifi . I think really the Aerosoft is need to work on a new A320/A321neo.
  11. Can anyone make this livery? TC-JIZ TUrkish Airlines A330-200 COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  12. Yesterday when ı making a flight whith A330 the everything is fine bu after 4 haurs from takeoff all the cockpit buutton sounds are gone. I am just hearing the plane sound when ı click to any button no sound is coming.this not hapens all tims but generally it happens once a week.how can ı fix it?
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