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  1. Can anyone make this livery? TC-JIZ TUrkish Airlines A330-200 COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  2. Yesterday when ı making a flight whith A330 the everything is fine bu after 4 haurs from takeoff all the cockpit buutton sounds are gone. I am just hearing the plane sound when ı click to any button no sound is coming.this not hapens all tims but generally it happens once a can ı fix it?
  3. Okay thankyou ı will try uninstall everything and install again
  4. ı didn't move my simulator after installitation
  5. Hi when ı downlad Aerosoft A330 Profesional , at the setup when ı approaching the end of the setup it iş giving eror “prepar3d path not found” then ı click okay ı just go in to sim plane is all working except EFB and before flight fuel pllaner. Than ı look into aerosoft folder There is no EFB folder and fuel pllaner folder. How can ı fix it? thankyou
  6. Okay ı will look it. Thankyou
  7. But there is no problem when flying A320
  8. Thank you so much P3D.V4.5 Aerosoft A330
  9. Hello today ı am just making flight İstanbul to Sanfransisco . Everything is fine until the flights 6.haurs after 6 haurs A330 crashed. Aerosoft A330 Aerosoft profesional EDDF Orbyx global base pack flightbeam KSFO REX envoirement force Active sky claud Arts Activesky 16 anyone can Help??? Please!!!
  10. When ı set all of the payload from the fuel planner and click TO loadsheet everything is fine, but when ı go in to sim and click TO loadsheet button from A330 third MCDU it is not setting the payload which ı set from fuelplanner.After ı trying whitout fuelplanner and setting the payload and click TO instat , the plane and the GsX is not caring and they are loadig TO plane diffrent payload.How can ı make it?
  11. Qatar Airways A7-AEF
  12. heloo ı want to ask something? when ı flying IST-BOS whith A320 CFM After 4 haurs from takeoff ı have 9.178kg fuel and after 4 haurs from take off all of the electricity s gone. and aircraft stated to stall than the aircraft fall. I tryed this flight 3 times it is making same thing .And ı entered all of the wind directions and wind speeds in to the fuel planner and fuel planner says you can fly to IST-BOS whith 18.151 kg and ı loaded 19.151kg fuel into aircraft.Anyone knows this problem? Please ı need a help?
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