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  1. Hi, I just purchased FS2Crew Q400 and it will download only without the virus scanner but when I want to unzip the file, Winrar blocks it stating it detects a virus and then delete the file from my computer. What to do? Kind regards, David
  2. Could someone please make a VLM livery for the A319 and A320 Professional?
  3. Hi, Could someone be so kind to repaint the A319 professional in VLM colors? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the clarification Herman, that is the case indeed. Can I do something about it?
  5. Hi, Is it possible, after installing the airports EHBK and EDDH, to change the fixed status in the scenery library of P3Dv4? Thanks for helping.
  6. Hi, Are there plans for updating airports in Norway for Prepar3d v4? I'm thinking of Alta, Torp, Stavanger, Svalbard, Vaeroy. Perhaps even a new one Bodo?
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to put the trueglass technology into the Twin Otter, it is such a beautiful plane to fly. And now there is all this eye candy in development (Trueglass + Reallight)
  8. Hi Matthijs, The funny things is, there is no message whatsoever, the program just stops loading after a second or so.
  9. Hi, The livery manager won't load, is this a known problem? The other programs (Fuelplanner etc.) load perfectly. I installed the twin otter for prepar3d v4 in a windows 10 enviroment.
  10. Hi, When opening the third FMC the meters and feet are shown in the third FMC's pushback page. However, when I enter a flightplan and do all the checklists before push and start, I can't see the meters or feet at the pushback page, the lines are blank. With the nose direction is nothing wrong. Any ideas?
  11. Hi, When entering cold and dark state and powering up the aircraft, via checklists and copilot all works well, except the pushback function. I get no meters-feet input. Anyone has the same problem?
  12. Hi Holgi, Thanks for all the hard work! To keep you busy , can you make a livery for the A319 Air Corsica (CCM). Thanks in advance
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