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  1. True, but no harm in asking. 😉
  2. Hi all, Are here any plans for updating some golden oldies for Prepar3D version 5. I am thinking of Hannover, Bremen, Rotterdam, Maastricht. Those airport have been way back in the closet for some time now and I was wondering if Aerosoft is willing to dust them off and make them shine again.
  3. Hi, I just purchased FS2Crew Q400 and it will download only without the virus scanner but when I want to unzip the file, Winrar blocks it stating it detects a virus and then delete the file from my computer. What to do? Kind regards, David
  4. Hi, Could someone be so kind to repaint the A319 professional in VLM colors? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Holgi, Thanks for all the hard work! To keep you busy , can you make a livery for the A319 Air Corsica (CCM). Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I enjoyed the German Airfields 1 - Inselhupfen a lot. Can we expect the Wadden Insel sceneries for prepar3d v4? And is it possible to include the Dutch Wadden Islands as well? And are there any plans for Eelde Airport (EHGG)? I would really like to see these airfields and their surroundings for version 4 of prepar3d. Greetings, David
  7. Ahaaa, thanks for clearing that up
  8. Hi, I bought the scenery of Nice Cote d'Azur for fsx. After installing, the blue taxilights lit up as lightblue sticks. Is that the accurate lightning? Other sceneries from Aerosoft have their darkblue bulbs as taxilights. What's the matter?
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