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  1. Nice Graphics there! Do you use PTA/Tomatoshade/Envshade?
  2. Thanks for answering! Hope you find something enjoyable for you
  3. Hello, I think that the development team would like to hear your concerns about this new release, I'd invite you to use the support forum for that. hey, I'm not trying to be rude, I only want to see how the team can improve this project. Thanks
  4. Retro livery = https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=198296
  5. There you go! It's not updated so try to make it compatible with the Professional version
  6. Here you go! (it's not an updated repaint, so you have to work on it a little bit) https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=191145 if you wanna check more: https://elmikey.wixsite.com/hangar226/a319cfm
  7. Guys! What about a CRJ700 Amaszonas Uruguay livery? They use CRJ200 but It would be nice to have it Cheers!
  8. Binter Canarias CRJ-900ER but with this Scheme? (I know, I know.... It's a CRJ1000 but if you can paint this one on the CRJ900ER. It'll look great!) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8655231
  9. HAHA, Was only a question man, don't get mad, although, I installed this one, It looks great Thanks!
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