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  1. What happens if you activate the experimental updates option?
  2. Try to check in your task manager if ASupdater is still running. if so, close it and try again.
  3. Nice, so indeed it wasn't a bug, I was inside a thunderstorms zone, Thank you Mathijs, Can close this now.
  4. Puede existir la posibilidad de que los numeros de las texturas no esten en orden en el AIRCRAFT.CFG Ejemplo: [FLTSIM.1] [FLTSIM.2] [FLTSIM.4] Asegurese que todas sigan el orden, me ha pasado mucho este error y ha sido por esta razon.
  5. Hi! I have a question. In what conditions does St. Elmos trigger? I was at CRZ FL170 (KIAD - KORF) and this was happening: https://gyazo.com/b943d579c7b161d630394bdc3ca86e5f Is it a bug? Note: I was having HUGE thunderstorms in KIAD vicinity.
  6. Hello Mathijs! Installed the files, now it is good, thank you!
  7. Did you open the door for her?
  8. title says everything (Using CH Products Throttle quadrant)
  9. Yes! Thanks for the recommendation!
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