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  1. okay thanks for the help/reply's greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  2. Hi Bob no i didnt ( had not found that topic of Dave yet sorry) but can i change the registration ,selcal and name in that simbrief profile or wil that interfere with the outcomes Greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  3. hi Otto as you can see in the flightplan wich you made it says 78 tons of fuel at ein but you can only load 76.5 tons of fuel in the bus i added 5tons of extra fuel and 8 tons off cargo and 280 pax thats what i entered as numbers greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  4. Hi Otto apparently lol but how do i make a flightplan then without simbrief or can i just ignore the ofp greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  5. see simbrief flightplan says exceed aircraft flighttime
  6. Hi Aerosoft anybody from Aerosoft have any idea why this max. fuel capacity in 3 different programs give 3 different max.capacity Aerosoft A330 mcdu 3 says 76.5 tons startscreen p3d4 says 109 tons simbrief says 79 tons max fuel capacity. greetings Martin Dutch1963
  7. Hi Guys Maybe i'm wrong but i noticed that the fuel capacity and range don't match see screenshots both on simbrief and prepared in mcdu3 max capacity is 76.5 tons while simbrief gives 79.0 as max and prepared in startup screen says 109 tons of fuel the aircraft mcdu3 of 76.5 tons means i cant even fly from eindhoven to capetown wich is only 5350 nm. this limits the range of the long haul flights i can make. is this a glitch in either system or am i doing something wrong. with kind regards Martin DUTCH1963
    As always a very nice detailed repaint Steve, I hope you keep painting eventho you are "retired" Thanks for this livery
  8. Thanhs steve Yes it sure feels great to see your creation in the sim now exploring photoshop to do more difficult paints😄
  9. hi guys here are some screenshots of my first completed repaint ever. greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  10. Hi painters nevermind last post i figured it out . see attached screenshots. greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  11. Hi painters maybe a dumb question but do i need to flip vertically all textures when converting from psd. to dxt3 textures, and if i understood the manual right all textures need to be dxt3? thanks in advance greetings Martin Dutch1963
  12. hi guys disregard last post its working now using the fms data manager. thanks anyway Martin DUTCH1963
  13. hi guys so how do you get navigraph to work in the A330 because i'm not getting the new airac working either. see screenshots greetings Martin DUTCH1963
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