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  1. Thanks very much Tom with kind regards Martin DUTCH1963
  2. Thanks Tom worked perfectly one more question i want to switch to msfs 2020 soon now if i try to buy it from microsoft site at checkout with paypal it says send to ...and then my home addres does that mean i get the boxed version send home or is this for billing purposes only maybe a dumb question but igot no use for a boxed version because i have no dvd disc drive anymore with kind regards Martin DUTCH1963
  3. hi Tom unfortunately this doesn"t seem to work if i click on update nothing happens with kind regards Martin DUTCH1963
  4. hi guys well told them they have a outdated version on the site their reaction was to install the version and it would update to to the latest version wich obviously we all know aint gonna happen did try it though without succes so ive got a bit of a problem when this support from this ext.shop stays this ignorent about the way these updates work. have told them that they could get the latest version at you guys but now still awaiting response. the version i get when i download now is version so it isnt getting better there with kind regards Martin DUTCH1963
  5. sorry this is about airbus A318/321 professional bundle p3dv4.5
  6. hi guys i tried to update via external shop (BOL.COM) however the version i get there is version 1100 is this the latest or is this a very old version? thanks in advance with kind regards martin DUTCH1963
  7. Hi Guys ive got about the same problem after the update, fps before update were about 50 to 70 in low demanding scenerys like above water at high settings now its in the low 20's in flytampa eham i had low 30's on high settings now i get below 10 fps on low /medium settings. also if i use time exceleration the plane starts acting weird and ultimately starts going in stall or afloor and become unrecoverable,i thought i should reinstall the addon but i cant download it from the aerosoft site i purchased it from bol.com ( a webshop) but the version i get there is version im a bit lost here my system amd ryzen 7 3700x corsair vengeance lpx 32 gb 3000 mhz ram gigabyte geforce gtx 1660 oc 6gb gpu gigabyte b450 aorus elite mobo wd blue 500gb m.2 ssd thanks in advance martin
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a repaint on request Titan Airways white livery G-EUBN, tested on P3D4.5 HF2 install manually enjoy
  9. View File Airbus_A318_Titan_Airways_GEUBN This is a repaint on request Titan Airways white livery G-EUBN, tested on P3D4.5 HF2 install manually enjoy Submitter DUTCH1963 Submitted 04/26/20 Category Aerosoft A318/A319 professional liveries  
  10. DUTCH1963


    Hi Emanuel no other addons except some airports like lgrp.ltai.levc.leib and capetown and GSX2 no other programs running only google chrome for simbrief in all these airports running the A330 i get a range of 25 -55 fps. In default eham however fps drops to 11-15 fps.so i never fly from or to eham lol. setting are medium to high overal. maybe this gives you some idea of the capabilitys of my system more or less. greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  11. DUTCH1963


    hi Emanuel system specs are in first post. i recently upgraded my system from a ryzen5 2600 @3.8 mhz boost and 16 gb cirsair vengance lpg 3000mhz to the specs in first post greetings Martin DUTCH1963
  12. DUTCH1963


    Here in the netherlands we dont have prepaid creditcards because of moneylaundring Is ultimate terrain heavy on fps?
  13. DUTCH1963


    environment, better looking ground ,water ,mountains and airports etc. Addons like orbx global
  14. DUTCH1963


    i upload money to my account
  15. DUTCH1963


    Hi Guys just a simple question (i think) since orbx doesnt offer paypal payment im looking for a alternative program. Any suggestions would be great. greetings Martin DUTCH1963 AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @3,6 mhz 4.3 mhz boost ,corsair lpg vengeance 32 gb 3000mhz ddr4 ram ,gigabyte aorus elite rgb b450 mobo ,gigabyte geforce gtx 1660 oc 6gb gpu ,Coolermaster masterbox mb511 rgb case ,WD Blue 500gb M.2 ssd
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