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  1. well it seems Obvious that the scenery from team 2000nl is the culprit for this loss of framerate i bought rhodes airport from your shop and framerates are even with gsx2 operating oscilating from 25fps to 40fps. i will try other airport scenerys soon. greetings DUTCH1963
  2. @Miquel_V Your system specs are way higher then mine i wont even reach 3 fps with those settings see pics of settings and system specs on page 1 but anyway thanks. @Mopperle Madrid would be an option could maasstricht or the baleares be an option too?
  3. does any of you guys have a suggestion for a airport addon thats not expensive and not too heavy on fps to try out so i can see if the addons are the culprit of the fps drop? greetings DUTCH1963
  4. Too bad there are no dutch airports in the aerosoft shop except maasstricht/aachen i am searching for eindhoven or rotterdam Those would be small enough to haven less impact on my system Greetings DUTCH1963
  5. Just to be safe is london heathrow egll from sim wings aerosoft heavy on fps like fly tampa amsterdam eham? Greetings DUTCH1963
  6. not yet but kinda affraid i cant use them because of the loss of framerates when installed and in use. and that would be a waste of my money wich i can better use when the A330 is released. greetings DUTCH1963
  7. Well after serious tweaking i found out that the add on scenery from nl2000 is the one causing the framerate drop. in a default airport im well in the 40's fps inside vc in EHEH from nl2000 it drops to 10-13 fps and after in take off state around 5 fps. So no add ons for me i guessšŸ™ Greetings DUTCH1963
  8. Would replacing my cpu amd ryzen 5 2600 for a ryzen 5 3600x solve the problem or is a higher cpu necessary like the ryzen 7 2700x or 3700? Greetings DUTCH1963
  9. with sliders on minimum then buildings dissappear but 60 fps or higher but very unrealistic sliders of world like buildings and scenery to medium and normal fps drops to 14 fps
  10. these are screenshots with and without p3d4 running with airbus pro a321 airbus home livery cfm engines framerates at 12 -16 fps in vc screenshots from hw monitor greetings DUTCH1963
  11. How can i see the temps?
  12. this is my rig no other shaders or addons except for pmdg 747-400 qots 2 wich is new and installed after the framerate problems began. Amd ryzen 5 2600 3.9 ghz Gigabyte Aorus b450 motherboard Gigabyte gtx 1660 6gb graphics card Vengeance 16 gb ram 500gb ssd m.2 hdd Addons nl2000 eheh,ehrd and scenery Gsx and expansion 2
  13. yes i did multiple times and its running on unlimited all sliders are at low kind regards DUTCH1963
  14. could it be that the install folder is problem of my low framerates? current install folder of p3d4.5 is c/program files/lockheed martin/p3d4 current airbus folder is c/documents/aerosoft with kind regards DUTCH1963
  15. Thanks im gonna try some painting this weekend will be a long learning curve tho lol Greetings DUTCH1963
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