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  1. these fixes actually worked only some minor sounds and checklist problems remained regards DUTCH1963
  2. So even tho i got a new pc with specs well above p3d4.5 requirements i am sill too low in pc specs even tho i had higher framerates before 2 updates ago when all trouble started,not saying the updates are the problem maybe im doing something wrong too im not a computer expert so ill probably do things wrong too install wise or settings, well guess the A330 will not be a plane for me if my new system cant handle the A318/321 it will most certainly not be able to handle the A330,too bad was really looking forward to the big bus even put aside some money for it so i could buy it the moment it got released.i dont like boeings but the 747-400 or tripple 7 will have to do. kind regards DUTCH1963
  3. Only the aerosoft airbus professional bundle no other addons or ai airplanes no weather textures just gsx and nl 2000 eindhoven eheh rotterdam ehrd south holland and noord braband those are two county's in the netherlands Kind regards DUTCH1963
  4. better but still low vc 18-20 outside 30 - 40 fps kind regards DUTCH1963
  5. framerates with aerosoft livery are the same last flight i used aerosoft a321 proffesional airbus livery amsterdam airlines and magnum livery are from holger but originally for fsx do work great on p3d4.5 tho will try the framerate to unlimited regards DUTCH1963
  6. only thing changed was airplane livery a320 cfm magnum livery but after the problem occurd there try the a321cfm with same results. testflight was with amsterdam airlines livery a320 iae regards DUTCh1963
  7. since a few days after you guys helped me solve some issue's i experience a drop in framerates after the test flight where i had framerates in vc in the high 20's and outside in the high 50's i now get 8-13 in the vc and 23-35 outside, my pc specs are high enough for a far better pormance and higher setting than this. Im starting to think i made a mistake switching from fsx se (where everything with the aerosoft busses was perfectly running hence why i bought the same aerosoft busses bundle for p3d4.5) to p3d4.5 where since i switched have one issue after another ill post screenshots of framerate and settings did the shader folder deletion too and disabled hdr lighting all no effect Amd ryzen 5 2600 3.9 ghz Gigabyte Aorus b450 motherboard Gigabyte gtx 1660 6gb graphics card Vengeance 16 gb ram 500gb ssd m.2 hdd Addons nl2000 eheh,ehrd and scenery Gsx and expansion 2
  8. haha the only not steam platform addon i have is amsterdam 😞 so no problem i knew when i switched regards DUTCH1963
  9. thanks for the fast reply will take my loss as it is, i knew i would lose a fair deal of addons when switching from fsx se to p3d4.5 🙂 regards DUTCH1963
  10. dont know either then but its a box from aerosoft in conjunction with dreamfactory studios from2010 too bad i cant use anymore regards DUTCH 1963
  11. i got it a year ago for my birthday it was bought at i believe, worked great on fsx se and i know that a lot of scenery from fsx se work on p3d4.5 too
  12. hi i got the boxed version of aerosoft mega airport amsterdam for fsx/fs2004\p3d but in my new pc i got no dvd drive i know that this scenery will also work in p3d4.5,so i thought i update it via the aerosoft site but my serial number came back as a serial for aerosoft amsterdam mega airport for xplane 10 and xplane11 im a bit puzzled now can i still use it for p3d4.5????
  13. installed update version did a flight apart from a few minor checklist,sounds and star issue's the airbus flight was good so think this issue is solved. many thanks to all you guys at aerosoft for the fast and good respons you guys rock!!!
  14. For a solution to your font problem in the airbus a318/321 see my topic "fonts problem" davect2003 solved it for me by some files i had to download and install Best wishes Dutch1963
  15. can any of you great painters make this liverie for aerosoft airbus A318 and A319 And A320 And at last A321 professional prepar3d v4.5 I would be most gratefull since i got no photoshop and out of budget and im not much of a painter😁 anyway thanks in advance
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