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  1. New Twin Otter Extender owner here. Just curious if anyone knows of a US Air Force Academy UV-18 repaint available? I've only been able to find a few references in the forums, but no completed paints it seems. Thanks.
  2. I'm always a fan of different UAX tails, that'd be neat.
  3. Great, thank you. I'd love to see the AVAIL light issue resolved on my system too....I simply have never seen it work.
  4. Thank you, I too would like to disable the automatic doors. (GSX v1 user myself.)
  5. I'm still seeing the same in SP1a. Have never actually seen the AVAIL light myself.
  6. Bump. Appears an Elite Airways repaint is now on AVSIM. Think I'm still out of luck on the United rising blue tulip/exPlus.
  7. An old request but I wouldn't mind the Elite Airways repaint as well. Still can't seem to find any repaint of the United blue tulip :/
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