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  1. I take it you are talking about the 330 , it's a great update and runs well with good improvements
  2. I flew the A330 into EGSS from EGKK to test the hold at ABBOT and it seems to fly it fine, great update .. Cannot wait for it to come to the smaller buses as well ..... it still has a slight issue with the Transitions there so i don't select them and just manually add them. Thanks for the great work Rich
  3. HDR is a must with the A330, the only time I've seen it very dark is when I've switched off HDR, As Dave said above post a screen shot and maybe your P3D lighting settings as well
  4. Yeah so as I said they use the same STARs for London City , which have been updated on the City charts but the ones on Biggin Hill are out of date ....Navigraph as you can see have the correct ones as well ref KB but Navdata pro uses the old ones......the Nav Data pro airacs also have the correct nav data it's just the charts are not correct atm.
  5. Check the name of the STARS eg on the Navdata pro chart the STAR from XAMAM (North East) is called the GODLU 1K .. whereas the new STAR on Navigraph is called XAMAM 1X ....the STAR from KONAN is now the KONAN 1C ..on Navdata pro its still the older GODLU1C the star from BEDEK is now the BEDEK 1C not the GODLU 1A etc etc
  6. As you can see some STARs have been renamed but it's not reflected in the NavData Charts
  7. OK thanks for that ... I asked a mate who uses the NAVDATA pro Airac and the STARS are correct and up to date in that but the Charts have not been updated to reflect this change.
  8. Comparing it to the Navigraph charts and i worked there in ATC some time back
  9. Hi I have noticed that the STARs for Biggin Hill are out of date, they were changed a while back , the airport normally uses the same STARs as London City (which are correct).
  10. Hi Dave hope you are doing fine Does that apply to Rex Environment Force as well? as i dont use any other Shader program apart from that.
  11. Hi Aerosoft I finally brought the A330 after waiting a while for bug fixes ... Fantastic aircraft , I have only done two short test flights and both went without issue. Thanks Rich
  12. Hi I brought EDDF v2 for P3D4 via SimShack,.... But knowing the last issue i had with them being slow with updates i registered my copy via Aerosoft,..All well and good i can down load any updates via Aerosoft direct .....roll forward today and a new version had been released so i down load it and install it but it's not letting me download the SODE files, below is a screenshot of the files i can download and the error message i get when i click on SODE download . To be fair i may not have used the SODE feature there but it's handy to have. any ideas please? Thanks Rich
  13. Are you loading a valid flight plan into Active sky as well? … i think this is needed to get the correct winds.
  14. @VAC1049 Here is the correct settings to get the WX radar to work, notice the ND brightness knob, behind that is another knob (arrowed ) that controls the WX radar brightness
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