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  1. If I don't insert the Transition then up to WILLO it's fine with a disco after WILLO, that's how i had to fly it tonight for the Gatwick event on Vatsim , the issue as you say seems to be how the Airbus reads the data from WILLO with a left turn to D114V it just draws a direct too which is wrong, i use Navigraph for all my add-ons, and they fly that part fine bar the Aerosoft Airbus, saying that i sometimes use an A321 in Xplane from another developer and that has issues with that part as well.. and will miss WILLO out completely (at least the Aerosoft Airbus gets to WILLO lol ) ... Just won
  2. Quick pic on how it should be drawn on the ND
  3. The Airbus as a slight issue in drawing the Transition from WILLO to 26L at EGKK ... after HOLLY it should route WILLO then left turn to D114Y then dct to MAY but as you can see it's not doing it and has drawn it wrong, its drawn the track from HOLLY to WILLO parallel then its turned left to WILLO then dct to D114V ... the left-hand curve should be after WILLO and should not be parallel to it Was using the latest Airbus A320 update and an up to date Navigraph data set...... an easy test... use the DISIT or KIDLI 1G STAR and select the Transition from WILLO for 26L Than
  4. Im sorry to report that with EA on from the start the 319 still looks fine, i even went through all levels of Anti Aliasing just to see if that made any change but nope ...... as far as what can cause it on your PC im out of ideas now, have you deleted your shader folder just to check if its a shader issue? Rich
  5. OK give me a few secs i will load up P3D with EA on then load up the Airbus just to test and post the result
  6. Before i posted my pic above i did turn on EA just to see if that made any difference, but it still looked normal to me... I don't use any 3rd party shaders if that helps
  7. Sadly I don't see this striped paint effect in V5 with the latest HF installed, ... this repaint is from the Aerosoft download site. All I did have to do was remove the VC file as the shadows looked odd in the VC so it's using the default VC textures, it displays fine on the outside, but it may look a little dull due to the refection issues as noticed above, I've come to live with it thou and turn off dynamic refections. Rich
  8. I use the A318-A330 in v5.1 latest HF and so far they have been fine if i had to be picky i would say a few texture reflection issues with the A318-A321 but ive not noticed any major problems with the A330
  9. On final 26L ... the radial in line (green) is out by a few degs whereas the Fix Info blue line is lined up with 26L fine both set to 078
  10. As you can see the blue line has lined up with 26L fine … But the green line is out by a few degs, both were set to 078 (opposite of the 26L final app course of 258)
  11. Hi There appears to be a magnetic variation issue with the ND , i normally use the Fix Info page to set up an extended centreline.. For example ref fix EGKK26L then radial 078 (opposite of 258) gives me a nice lined up blue centreline ... but if i use the radial in feature then it seems out by a few degrees.. I'm doing a flight atm so will get a screenshot of what i mean, this could cause issue when putting manual fixes in using radials and distance as they will be off by a few degrees and may affect holding as well... set up a hold for 300 left-hand turns but the Airbus flies 297
  12. Brill OK thanks so i don't need to really uninstall the Airbus as its in a folder outside P3D?
  13. Hi Just a quick question .... i use P3D4.5 and v5 and have the Airbus installed in both, would it affect the Airbus in P3D4.5 if i uninstall the v5 version (as i notice it uses the same folders) ready to reinstall P3Dv5 when the new HF comes out?.... i normally just update P3D by reinstalling the client, content and scenery but thinking of going for a fresh reinstallation. Thanks Rich
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