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  1. Great news , as i was also after a AAL A320 thanks hope it works
  2. Looking great,i can see the Aerosoft Airbus beating FSLABs by the time all the updates and service packs are out .... keep up the good work
  3. keenrw

    Checklist Function

    The only time i have really had any problems is after a go Around, the CL seems to stop after flaps up gear up or there abouts.
  4. Thanks for the info on the next update Dave, im like a kid at Xmas checking the updater every few days lol
  5. Also missing the kg/lbs option but not too worried as im sure it will get fixed later ...done a lot of flights with out that option any way.
  6. same problem here , i copied the other Aerosoft Aer Lingus VC texture into the problem aircrafts Texture folder for a quick work around (the registration wont match up but at least its flyable now) ...., even better if you can find a VC texture without a registration on the flight deck
  7. keenrw

    Seat belt sign switch after landing

    Funny you should say that mine has too even after i rolled back to 1.2.2,1
  8. keenrw

    are the screens independent now

    +1.... please give us the option of selecting this feature on or off
  9. keenrw

    [Bug tracking] Managed Speed issues

    It could accually help the team track the bug down watching the video , in that you get to see what the user does from start up untilll the managed speed bug appears and how the Airbus reacts after.
  10. keenrw

    Com1 Radio freq

    Update .. work around for Vatsim , put the odd freq in the active window then tune to the controllers freq by keying in eg .com1 124.225 ,you can then tune the freq as normal even after switching it to STBY
  11. keenrw

    Com1 Radio freq

    Hi I maybe have an issue with one of the freqs on the Com1 radio ....the spacing is off set , as you can see in the pic its showing 128.515 and i cant tune to freqs like 128.500 etc which makes getting the next freq ready when on vatsim hard is this a bug or a 8.33khz feature? is there a way to revert back to standard 25Khz? Thanks Rich
  12. Thanks for that , i will have a go at reinstalling sure you will beable to track down the bug and release a clean or higher .
  13. Sothing has gone wrong with the new update ... never had this problem before
  14. keenrw

    Ecam Message

    Theres a metar for you to read .... more importantly look at the LDG ELEV in the bottom screen ..... thats wrong .. its a bug thats happened with the new update
  15. same here , no idea whats happened but somethings gone wrong