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  1. This issue sounds familiar, wasn't it something to do with Navigraph logins or something along that line?
  2. Although the odd thing is they showed fine with the Default Airbus 320, the missing parts of the Jetways was with the FBW A320
  3. It's not just Payware airports, as ive have seen parts of Jetways missing at Default airports as well.
  4. It's one of these bugs which is very hard to track down sadly which i guess is why no fix has been found, ..... I had it a few time the other day, a workaround i use is to go to selected speed then using the MCDU go direct to the next fix (even the one you are already doing to) using the DIR function then I find i can get back into managed speed mode. Rich
  5. Does this mean we will be seeing less and fewer updates/bug fixes for the Airbus in P3D? This is a little upsetting if its true as P3D (as well as Xplane) is my sim of choice atm, … I tried MSFS and although the graphics are fantastic the flight models and performance in some areas not so,..so i have gone back to P3D and Xplane ,as a long time Aerosoft Airbus user this news is upsetting... i may have to bite the bullet and save for the completers Airbus. Rich
  6. Im not sure to be honest, but this issue hasn't shown up since and I've done about 5 flights after that one so im at a loss as to what it could have been.
  7. Quick update, just completed my first flight into Aerosofts LSGG with the above file disabled while leaving the Autogen and Scenery draw distance slider set to High (get a CTD with that setting normally) and I was able to do the full STAR, Approach and Land on runway 22 without any issues so for me at least i can confirm that renaming the Orbx Land Class file fixes the CTD issue, it's a temp fix at least..... I have not done a flight into the default LSGG with that file enabled. So the Issue looks like It's ... 1) An Issue with that one Orbx file, Which hopefully will get fixed 2) That Orbx file is conflicting with Aerosofts LSGG causing on some users PC a CTD Rich
  8. Looks like this is an Orbx Land class issue and not Aerosofts LSGG ... have a look at this thread over at Orbx .... appears to be related to this file …OLC_EU_REG_L_French.bgl file. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/207596-openlc-europe-terraindll/
  9. 2nd flight done, exactly same weights and route ... this time no issues with the TOC/TOD predictions... so I'm at a loss as to what could have caused my above issue, but i will keep an eye on it for future flights just in case.
  10. Sadly, i just finished the flight before i saw your post , i will try and do the flight again for you in the next few hours to see if it happens again
  11. Hi first flight with the new update for the A320 in P3D5.2 .. i noticed some odd TOC estimations during a flight from EGPH to EGKK GOSAM P600 FENIK UL612 DCS UN864 SUBUK KEPAD L151 DISIT at FL310 ZFW 60.8 fuel 6.0 Thanks Rich
  12. Hi Aerosoft team hope you are all well, firstly thanks for the new updates and looking forward to trying them out .... now I understand that they are new builds so will need a full uninstallation and reinstall but I just wondered what the best way to go about it is?... i normally install a new build or update then re boot but as i have the full range of A318-A330 in both V4 and V5 this can get time-consuming...for future reference would it be fine to install all of them than do one reboot after or is it still best to reboot after each and every install (how i did it)? Thanks, Rich
  13. I have just done two flights in the A320 using V5.2 ... no issues that i saw,… Although to be fair the Aerosofts Airbuses have always worked with each new P3D interim versions
  14. Doing a flight to Gatwick now .. My mate is in front .. I'm at FL400 he's 4000 feet below me and there is another flight 5000 feet below me, but they are showing -39 and -49
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