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  1. As Masterhawk said use the attched file which can be found a few posts up to fix this problem.. can be used for the A318-A321 using the same install procedure , can confirm that since i have been using that file its been working fine .. no issues. I think you can just replace the XML files with out an uninstall , only reason i did a reinstall was because i wanted a full clean Airbus to test but you should be fine just applying it .
  2. Looking fantasic Aerosoft thanks for the update and Pictures
  3. Thanks for that Masterhawk , its still working fine now...... oh one last thing will that file also work in the 319? just incase.
  4. In fact scrub that i just tried it ...what i did first thou was i uninstalled the airbus .. rebooted .. installed the Airbus ...rebooted ..update installed .. rebooted so i had a fresh clean Airbus (cant hurt can it lol) i then replaced the XML file , loaded up the Airbus at EGKK and did the same procedure (turn around state, manually turn the IRS knobs to off then align) that would cause the IRS problem ... worked fine ...tried again .. worked fine ...i then installed the Austrian Livery A320 that TOMFAL recommended and that also worked with out any problems and again i tried it twice .... I will let you know if it happens again but so far with the new XML file and a fresh Airbus install it seems to be ok after four start ups. Thanks Rich
  5. Thanks i will give it a try when i next do a flight later this evening
  6. For me at least ..if i run cold and dark start up and the check list it aligns fine ... i had issues with the turn around state using the check list and moving the IRS to off and then align manually ..if i turn the IRS to off manually then let the check list function take care of turning the IRS to Align then it works fine .. very odd so now i just use cold and dark now for every flight.
  7. Hi I was the original poster of this problem.. a PC re start seemed to fix this but i have had it again ...after 7 mins the displays would stay black with the red lines on them .. i was using the full check list feature along with the turn around state... i have managed to get it to work every time now ,.. what i do is once the turn around state has loaded i turn the IRS knobs to off then start the check lists then run though them as normal , the IRS knobs will be turned to NAV automatically then using the IRS INT from the FMC i set the Aircraft position . Works everytime every Airbus ... i have since started using the cold and dark start for every flight and doing so no issues.
  8. You might actually be activating Approach mode far too early ... i tend not to activate it till im close to the airport , when you activate APP mode the airbus will start to reduce to green dot speed then towards Vref if in managed mode when you lower the flaps etc , normally you fill out the APP page then wait to activate it on the approach or just before it.
  9. To Patrice_cesson Hi Sorry to butt in but i have a I7 8700k and a 1080 GPU and it runs the Airbus fine... one setting i saw that could cause the FPS isse is the Autogen and scenery draw distance have set it to very high .. set it to medium and off set the lack of autogen in the distance by setting Active skys Low vis level to max 20 miles , with just that one P3D setting change i can max out the other slidders ... heres mine and my sim keeps more or less to its locked 32 and the only P3D tweek i have is [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01
  10. Yeah my issue yesterday was fixed by a reboot after installing the new update .. i normally do it any way but this time i didnt and ran into an IRS issue .
  11. yep that was it Dave..... just landed after the 2nd flight all went well lol so can mark this down as fixed ... user error Thanks Rich
  12. ermmm cough cough embarrassing face on atm lol .. was so excited to see a new update i just updated and jumped in .... going to finish this flight and reboot , .. i bet thats just what it was Dave sorry (should have known better) ... i will let you know after
  13. Hi New update installed today .. first flight with it and i have a problem that once Aligned the PFD/ND wont turn on still .. using the EZY A320 ..... worked fine before the new update , i bet im missing a new step now . Thanks Rich
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