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    There is an issue with the textures, on the left-hand side of the aircraft and on the wings
  1. Do what ever you need to do Mathijs , looking forward to the new update but also don't mind waiting a little longer if need be
  2. Turn your Autogen and scenery draw distance down , that's set way too high and youwill gain a great deal of FPS back with it set lower , Medium is what i use with my GTX1080 and i set Active sky to limit the low level vis to about 20-25 miles to counter act the lack of autogen in the distance.....dynamic reflections will also hurt FPS, also i notice you have building shadows on ... imagine trying to draw the shadows on the buildings so far out .. Again this will hurt FPS with such a high Autogen draw distance. Rich
  3. Fantastic list of updates , and EFB for the smaller Airbus will a great new feature ....thanks Aerosoft , one down side is it now means you have cost me money lol need to buy the 330 now lol lol Rich
  4. Hi Aerosoft I heard on the grape vine about ref to P3D v5, will I need to buy that when it comes out to keep the Airbus updated (always need the latest version to update) ? Or is (hopefully) the current Airbus going to be for P3D v4? With maybe a new port to V5?
  5. Great explanation as always thanks Dave and looking forward to the new update , i still have to get the A330 soon lol keep meaning to get it but other stuff crops up that needs it. A friend of mine said that a ZFW COG of 30 is the optimum for the smaller bus (not sure about the 330) but anything from about 25-35 is fine and most of the performance charts for the 320s are based off a CG of 33%
  6. I think he means when the TOW %MAC goes green
  7. Hi Dave Sorry to butt in but do you know what figures the A318-A321 fuel planner uses for the Pax/ Baggage? i think Simbriefs default for Pax/Baggage is about 104 kgs/230 lbs per passenger. Thanks Rich
  8. Hi Hanse Yeah done that, no matter what i do I just could not get the checklist to start again for another approach once cleaned up, sadly i have no way of making a video but maybe at some point next week i can do a Twitch stream just of the go Around so maybe you can see something I missed if that's OK . Rich
  9. Thanks for the reply as always Dave … if that's how its meant to be and there's no bug then fair enough, i will more than likely buy FS2CREW for it at some point soon as it will also cover the A330 too. Thanks Rich
  10. Hi I have had this problem for a long time , no amount of reinstalls and updates have so far fixed it ....... the problem has been brought to my attention again due to the bad weather we have been having here in the UK ATM and I've needed to go around a few times due to the wind. I have had the A318-321 for a while now so like to think I've set it up fine for the approach .. This is what's happening … During the go around the Co Pilot will raise the flaps and gear as normal and clean up the Aircraft so all good .... but that's then the problems start .... there's no approach check list …the co-pilot never lowers the flaps again or the gear... it seems to just stop once the aircraft is all cleaned up, so I have to do the 2nd/3rd approach manually.... i think it works fine in the 32 bit version, … if memory serves me right i believe it even says Go around on the bar at the top or words to that effect but there's nothing like that on the 64 bit Airbus pro version. I'm running W10 64Bit (all updated)…the latest version of P3D.4.5 HF2 and V1.3.0 of the Airbus pro. Thanks Rich
  11. Yeah, i have just tried to print some charts out and its all mucked up
  12. I've also seen this and thought it was a new view change in the latest patch ....to be honest I prefer it like this as I always used to manually zoom in to about the same view as it is now. Only issue is when selecting the VC view from the windows is I use the hat switch it's very slow to move so I need to use the normal VC view from the pull down list
  13. Yeah there is a 3GB GDDR5 version
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