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  1. And thats why i like buying from Aerosoft and will be getting the 330 with in the first week of release , brilliant
  2. Mine looks the same after installing the client..content and scenery so i should not worry too much about it , everything meant for 4.5 runs fine.
  3. Hi Aerosoft Just wondering do you have any plans at looking into improving way the A318-321 holds at all?...reason is during the CTP event on Vatsim the other day i flew from EIDW to EGKK in the Aer Lingus CFM 320 , i was routed off the route for an Enroute Hold over MCT at FL290, the Airbus had problems holding as the drawn hold kept on changing in shape .. small to large , this resulted in the Airbus changing its path to follow the small hold and large one .... this was noted by ATC who asked me to confirm i was holding correctly..(holding was set as 090/R) , i noticed the speed of the hold in the FMC was changing from holding speed to crz speed so this may be why the drawn Hold was changing in shape. Thanks Rich
  4. Wow thats fast ... thanks for that
  5. As far as im concerned the forums and the Aerosoft staff have been great and are always on hand to help users out, ......just maybe a bit more info on release dates or how the product is coming on ... this is ref my post about Aerosofts new Dublin which got locked , if the reply had been something like "its near release about a month or two"" it would have been great and i would have waited but sadly i had to get the other new version (if both were out i would have brought Aerosofts on day one) but apart from that the forums always helped me out and the web site customer support is A+ . Rich
  6. Just wondering was there any thing wrong with my original post ? as it seems to have been deleted ... im sure i never said any thing bad as i was praising Aerosoft and Mathijs on the price
  7. This is what it says for the 318/319 on mine Mathijs Installed version: No updates available for this product! Rich
  8. Hi On the updater for the A318-A319 it says .....for the A320-A321 it says .. is this correct?
  9. Looking at the latest chart A66 is still there and A66 is still on the AFCAD so maybe its a GSX issue , i dont use it so thats maybe why mine still says the correct A66. Sorry i cant be of any more help Rich
  10. Hi Aerosoft Just wondering will your new Dublin Airport be out before Vatsim CTP event ? Rich
  11. Nice , will have to keep my eye open for this
  12. Yeah i was about to post the same thing , ive just found out its not a VOR/DME any more but just a DME now so thats why theres no needle ... sorrryyyy not an issue
  13. Hi I had an odd problem on a flight from EGPH to EGKK in the A320 , the route was... GOSAM P600 FENIK UL612 DCS UN864 SUBUK KEPAD UL151 KIDLI.... the flight went fine but for some reason it would not display the ident or needle for DCS just the DME , it worked on all other VORs i tried , if i put in DCS manually add it in the Nav radio it came up with DCS 115.2 as normal but on the ND it just displayed the DME but no needle .... if i put in just the freq .. 115.2 it showed CHW 115.2 ..... i am using Navigraph 1911 for the nav data, i will try and get a screen shot next flight i do. Rich
  14. Yeah its the latest P3D4 with HF2...13. 32097
  15. Hi I know it dosnt help but i flew the first part of your route upto the screen shot you took and did not have any problems with the airbus following the route ... i use the latest P3Dv4 HF2 as well , one thing i did notice on your ND you had intersept showing before BREGO .. on my route the FMC for the route said KLO02 then BREGO using Navigraph 1910. Rich
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