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  1. I used the same process by select the aircraft, airport and gate, so the position of the door should be the same. But in my case it is original installation without any Mod ( S7 is not part of the sim itself ). As we have not much to configure in the jetway model and the limiters are set „very“ flexible, the rest is out of my hands and handle by the sim itself, I could not do much here. One of the MSFS Mystics.
  2. The Default is the Referenz. If other Addons not working, contact the Developer of that aircraft. We could not test all what‘s availble where ever.
  3. Jetway connect without any issue with the actuell version.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Du magst zwar die V2001 heruntergeladen haben, installiert ist aber die alte non Professional Version die nur FSX und max P3D v3.x unterstützt. Die Professional erzeugt keine zwei aktivierbaren Einträge in der Scenery Library, sondern nur einen ausgegrauten, da über die Add-ons Liste aktivert.
  6. Wo hast Du den was runtergeladen? Da das was Du da zeigst nicht mit dem Produkt zu tun hat, solltest Du dir schon die Mühe machen, etwas mehr ins Detail zu gehen oder dich gleich an den Support via email wenden, damit man nachvollziehen kann, was Dir dort zum runterladen zur Verfügung steht. Dem „runterladen“ tun viele irgendwo irgendwas.
  7. It's the same MSFS issue with environment occluder as in La Palma, we will remove them with the next update.
  8. A fix is send to Aerosoft (Version 1.0.2). The Problem was generated by a Rendering Issue in combination with the Environment Occlution Boxes (which prevent Rain inside the Terminal), they are now temporary removed. - Fixed Rendering issue on Apron, when sitting in Cockpit (Environemnt Occlutions removed) - Fix flickering Textures on Terminal Landside - Reduce Vegiationsize to Minimum The fix will be available as soon as possible, the MS-Store can take some weeks to get updated, is in behave of Microsoft.
  9. I can reproduce the rendering issue of the sim, which siems to be generated since WU5 or so. Looks like a issue of two glass materials (windshield and one of the terminal), which generate this „holes“. But the sim has a big Bug in thr developer Environment too since two month which is not fix yet and makes is nearly impossible to fix such issues. Because it is not anymore possible to reload a changed model on the fly im the Sceneryeditor, you need to restart the complete Simulator after each change, before the changes are reloaded. So it needs days to find a „Element“ of the scenery, which may be involved in his rendering issue. If MS/Asobo will fix the rendering issue or minimum the developer mode bug, we can try to solve this issue. Before it is a time killing nightmare.
  10. Das Ils dient dazu, das der Ai-Traffic einen sauberen Curved Anflug machen kann, ohne fliegt der gerade an und ins Gelände. Der AtC bietet jederzeit alternative Anflüge an, muss man halt nur auswählen und anfordern. Dem Atc ist es auch völlig egal wie man auf die Bahn kommt, hauptsache man trifft sie. P3d V5 Afcads für P3d V4.5 zu Posten ist schlicht unverständlich,denn V5 hat da sein wesentlichen Unterschied, dass kann nicht gehen.
  11. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. try the file for the simple plattform you find here: Make a backup of the original one first. On some PC's the plattform can generate such frame drops.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Please deinstall the simwings addon, restart the sim to check that only the default tower exist, then install the eddh addon again. Its possible, that the DACH Entry has a higher prio now and the excludes of the addon don‘t effect it. Otherwise you must wait for a fix.
  15. Leider ist mit SU5 die Grösse der Vegetation verändert worden, so dass Büsche schon fast wie Bäume ausehen. Da dies überall zu Problemen führt, warten wir das nächste Release ab, ob die Änderung wieder korrigiert wird. Denn kleiner kann man den Wert derzeit kaum stellen.
  16. Könnte es sein, dass Du deine Addons unter dem Dokumente/P3D-V5 Addons installiert hast, als Zielverzeichnis? Wenn ja, dann ist das falsch, denn dort dürfen nur Addons installiert sein, die keine eigene Aktivierung haben und expliziert diesen Ordner vorschreiben. Als Zielordner bei den restlichen Addons, sollte man auf der Platte ein Ordner P3Dv5-Addons anlegen, und diesen beim Installer als Ziel auswählen. Aerosoft Installer merken sich den Pfad und haben den dann als Default. Nur bei Addons im Documente Ordner kommen die Popups, ob man sie aktivieren will.
  17. 1. Aerosoft vertreibt Produkte verschiedener Entwickler, erstellt selbst nur einige wenige. Dieses hier diskutierte zum Beispiel nicht. 2. Wenn einige der Produkte mit dem SU5 Update (die vorher problemlos liefen) Probleme haben, heißt das nicht das alle Aerosoft vertriebenen Produkte ein Problem haben oder alle Entwickler langam sind wie … Allgemeine Behauptungen wie Ihre sind sachfremd und reine Verleumdung.
  18. Eine Scenery mit ihren Texture darf nur ein Eintrag in der Scenery.cfg haben. Wer auch immer den zweiten Eintrag gemacht hat, ein Aerosoft Installer war es definitiv nicht, denn die machen bei P3DV5 idR keine Einträge in die scenery.cfg. Löschen alle Einträge (6) und führe den originalen Installer für P3DV5 der Produkte nochmals aus. PS: Keines der von Dir benannten Produkt ist für P3DV5 existent.
  19. Could be, that with V5.2 and or HF2 the internal PBR handling has changed. The responsible developer is not available this time, we have holidays time at the moment here. He will take a look into it, when he is back.
  20. The MSFS is still not stabil, even when the HF1 has fix some of the CTD‘s. As there are still not fix error in the developer mode, which all are addressed to Asobo/MS since last week, it is still not possible to fix something you don‘t can check. And the airports was full functional in the last month without any issues, so where should we search for? We have to wait until Asobo has fixed there internal issues, I think then we don‘t need to fix anything. And sceneries are more or less only data, not code that can crash. And for the handling of the data, we are not involved. Asobo is informed, there forum is full of reports, more we could not do. And I am disappointed too, as since the Update I lost many time by the errors in there development tools. To check a result in design, need to restart the sim every time, what was done before in seconds by the automatic reload of the objects. 🤔
  21. The install destination for any addons of the Microsoft Flightsimulator (MSFS) is defined by then content location you have define in the sim itself. The addon install must install the DLC content always (not only Aerosoft) into the community folder of the defined destination for the MSFS content. So no selectable destination available in the installer, based on the design of the MSFS.
  22. In Munich, and some other Airports, the Terminal parking positions have a very complex alternative usage concept. So you have several parking lines with Dockingsystems (Safegate) for an area, but depending on the actual traffic, the left and right parklines can be used together only for narrow body aircrafts, then the center line is inoperative. When more heavy aircrafts are at the airport, the center position is active, the left and right positions could not be used. The jetways have different „park options“, depends on the usage concept. So it is normal, that some jetways blocks the parking line and the dockingsystems of parkposition, which are inactive. As the simulator is not able to handle multi usable Parking concepts, the scenery is configured for the Gate/parkings active in the Facility File (Afcad) of the airport. The jetways are using the correct parkorientation related to the active gates in the Afcad. Please inform you about the real life at airports keep in mind that the simulators have technical limits. Not all what you see as not correct, is a bug.
  23. We can be lucky that Windows 10 is not on the list, that would be a „deadlook“, lol. But it is short before: Buy a PC without any additional software from the PC providers or other and only install the Mircosoft Flight simulator. Called Mircosoft PC Game Box 🤭 Sorry, but it‘s far away from professional business.
  24. Beside the issue, that SU5 has many problems and we had not yet the chance to check, if the Hotfix from today fix anything of that, the screenshot/plan you post expains nothing of your problem. Cricle and arrows. Sorry.
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