Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Because Aerosoft, responsable for the manual, has just copy parts of older products and not verify this part.
  2. Static aircrafts are not part of the addons. As most users fly online or have Traffic Addons, static aircrafts are not helpful today. Maybe sometime someone will provide a tool to place aircrafts to airports for all the rest flying alone.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Bitte Screenshots im JPG Format anhängen, nicht im BMP
  6. Malaga, as all Sim-wings Professional Sceneries have SODE Jetways only as Option, otherwise the Ctrl+J Jetways are placed via Afcad. Without screenshot it is not possible to say, if he sees the addon jetways or maybe defaults. He don‘t say anything about Sode. And if GSX is used, you not even can say if you maybe only see there stuff.
  7. You talk about Malaga, there you need to search for LEMG, not LEMD which is Madrid. What you can try: Goto Option->Add-ons Menu and uncheck all entry, which are above the Malaga Professional entry. When the buildings are back, check them step-by-step back to see, which higher layered addon excludes the buildings.
  8. Nach meiner Kenntnis leitet sich das von den Bremsklötzen ab, die an der Parkposition vor der Räder gelegt werden, also „On-Blocks“ am Gate, zum Flug geht er dann „Off-Blocks“ Zwar in Englisch, erklärt es aber:
  9. Did this red "clouds" change the color in white, when you slew upwards? It looks like, that this are the lights of the PAPI, which are displayed not correct as they should. It looks like the texture is fallen in a low MipMap, so the lightpoly is displayed to big. I could not reproduce it and have no idea what can generate this. Can you check the runwaylights at night, if they looks the same?
  10. This red crosses are generated by SODE, when there is a EGLL related XML file in the folder C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml but the Jetwayobjects are missing. So, please check your Sode config.
  11. Here to tips from my side for your issue, maybe it helps: 1.) Unzip the attached file into the <FSX:SE>\scenery\world\scenery folder and check that there is no other LEMD related file in that folder 2.) Check your Autogen Density Settings and don't set it to NONE, as in this case the groundpolys not displayed correct. Set the Autogen to SPARSE or higher. Unzip into Scenery-World-Scenery for
  12. Danke Otto, für die Gedächtnisstütze, also wir wohl die letzte Option hier aktiviert sein.
  13. Eigentlich soll entweder die EDDF_PHO-Aerial.bgl oder die -Orbx.bgl aktiv sein, die jeweils andere auf .off Es gibt aber nach meiner Erinnerung auch noch die Option, den Photorealen Boden der Area abzuschalten, dann sind beide auf Off. Prüfe das mal im EDDFconfig Tool. Kann mir dass erst in 2 Wochen ansehen, wegen Urlaub.
  14. Sorry, I am in holidays and can not check anything you are talking about, but to mix FSX and P3D files is not the solution. When you have a runway 1-19 after a fresh install of the Professional Version, you don‘t have the last Installer version used. And all this points to a lost overview (by the long list of you addons) what is installed here. Start the GCLAConfig tool and deregister the La Palma addon, then check if you see a clean (somewhere in the sky) shown La Palma default airport, with wrong runway numbers etc the default has. If not, first bring the correct defsult situation back, before you use the newest installer of the Professional Version.
  15. Ich muss hier noch folgendes hinzufügen: Dies Problem errinnert mich an mittlerweile historische Sprüche der IT: "Wenn bei Mircosoft eine Glühbirne kaputt geht, wird schlichtweg die Dunkelheit zum Standard erklärt" Sprich, man löst nicht die Ursache des Problems, die andern sollen damit leben. Die Scenery Entwickler haben schon das Problem, dass sie wegen eines Flugzeugherstellers, der für sich alle Ressourcen des Simulators in Anspruch nimmt, immer ihre Möglichkeiten nicht ausschöpfen können. Wenn jetzt auch noch die Dichte des Meshes mit allen optischen Qualitätseffekten durch schlechte Programmierung eines Flugzeugherstellers nicht nutzbar wären, dann ist wohl das Limit der Rücksichtsnahme erschöpft. Wenn dieser Hersteller in seinen Systemvoraussetzungen klar deutlich macht, dass seine Produkte nur mit Defaultscenery und minimierten Settings funktionieren, kann das jeder vorher entscheiden, ob er das Produkt dann noch nutzen will. Die Meshdichte hat bei dem hier diskutierten Simulator (P3D V4.x) keine Relevanz im Bereich Performance, somit liegt hier kein Grund vor, die Möglichkeiten nicht für eine realistische Umsetzung des Geländes zu nutzen. Defizite seitens der Programmierung eines Flugzeugherstellers schon garnicht.
  16. Ja, dann ist das aber eher ein Problem der PMDG 747, wenn die da ein Problem hat. Der Airportboden ist normal immer flach (Taxiways des Afcads und Flatten). Für Scenerien mit stark strukturierter Umgebung ist 19m einfach zu viel, min 5m oder besser 2-1m muss man hier schon haben. Und wie gesagt, das sollte kein Einfluss auf das Flugzeug beim taxi haben und ist mir auch noch nicht unter gekommen. Seitens der Scenery hier ein Flugzeugproblem zu lösen wird nicht gehen.
  17. Please take care, that the "Default Terrain" Entry is present and active in the "World->Scenery Library" and has the lowest level (end of the list). This entry must point to the <P3D>\Scenery\World directory. The GCLAConfig tool will place a altithude correction file named "AFX_GCLA_ALT.bgl" into the <P3D>\Scenery\World\Scenery directory (activ by the Default Terrain entry). Is this missing or the folder not activ, your issue would be seen. Also take care, that there is no other file related to GCLA in that <P3D>\Scenery\World\Scenery directory. Sorry, my spanish is not helpful, maybe the Google Translater is better: Tenga cuidado de que la entrada "Default Terrain" esté presente y activa en la "World->Scenery Library" y tenga el nivel más bajo (final de la lista). Esta entrada debe realizarse en el directorio <P3D> \ Scenery \ World. La herramienta GCLAConfig colocará un archivo de corrección alternativo denominado "AFX_GCLA_ALT.bgl" en el directorio <P3D> \ Scenery \ World \ Scenery (activado por la entrada Terreno por defecto). Si falta o la carpeta no está activa, se verá su problema. Así que tenga cuidado de que no haya otro archivo relacionado con GCLA en ese directorio <P3D> \ Scenery \ World \ Scenery.
  18. So, when you install addon products, P3D must be stopped in any case. To install the scenery on another Harddisk ist not a problem, aslong as you select the Installationpath by change this in the Installer when he ask for it. The Sceneries we talk about will not make an entry into the scenery Library (scenery.cfg), because they use the add-on .xml system, where the Configtool register the Addon by Starting the P3D.exe with parameters (thats why it must be stopped before). When you move the Addon Directory to another place, you must first start the Configtool, deregister the addon, then move the directory and then start the configtool from the new location to register the addon again. Any other manual entry to the scenery library will generate issues with this scenery addons.
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Sorry, but you get the link to the ONLY possible workaround already. The Issue is reported to Lookheed Martin, they confirm to look into it, but there is no solution provided yet. They get a simple demo file, where they can easy reproduce the issue. It has nothing to do with this product only, it is a general issue of the P3D code.
  21. Is it possible, that you don't install the scenery with the original installer? In the process, the scenery will automatically registered into P3D, there is no need, and that is maybe your problem now, to deal with any part of the scenery library. And would be nice to tell us, which product of Mallorca,Ibiza and Menorca you try here, Professional or Evolution?
  22. ... and the Offline NDP Charts will been lost, which are installed with the most Scenery Addons, because they are installed to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline
  23. So here we go, same procedure as yesterday. Ground Test for EGLL
  24. Ok, will give you another test tomorrow, where the ground is lifted up another 2cm. Looks like you have issue with the seperation with the P3D ground.
  25. As I don't think that the source of the issue is UT Live, please try the following replacement: Save the EGLL_OBJ.GROUND.BGL and replace it with the file in the following zip, then check the issue again.
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