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  1. In nearly 40 years of software developments I never could change programcode in a way, that existing data (scenies are only data for the MSFS) could not used anymore. The users will kill me for that. Therefor any good sytem has a version number in the data (like MSFS scenery packets has), so when changes are needed for new functions, you should be able the handle the older packets, ok without the new features, but as they works when they was released. To brake the function with an update of the sim is a bug not a feature. Nobody (not MS, not the user) pay us to change the scenery with any SU update. But we will see what is finaly released with the SU, then we can see if something must be modified in the scenery. I never make changes based on a Beta of the sim.
  2. When it is happen with a Beta Version of MSFS address this issue to Asobo/Microsoft as member of betatesters, so they can fix the issue before they release the code with bugs finaly. All canaria sceneries working perfect since month/years with the actual MSFS versions and so it‘s in behalf of Asobo/MS to keep there codes stayable.
  3. Take care what you install, special from such web sites. They don‘t take care about issues you have.
  4. This Spotlights have nothing to do with the sim-wings product, they are not part of it. The Spotlights (poles) of the sim-wings airport scenery you see in the background in front of the terminal. I have no idea, who or what generate the spotlights of your sceenshot, we (sim-wings) have no object there. Did you have any other addons or mods on your system, which are related to the canaries area? and…never heard about such an issue before. So please check your system first.
  5. Alle Runways sind wie real mit einem ILS Loc/GP versehen und verfügen somit über einen Instrumentenanflug.
  6. I will check, if the freq. are changed by the scenery. As I remember, I had not override the default airport data in all non local ground relevant points ( like Gates Taxiways). We also not override the ILS ( La Palma has no ILS), so that this Data can replaced by Asobo with there Navdata updates. But anyway, even when ground and Tower Freq. are wrong, this has no effect to non landing AI Traffic, they use the freq they found in the data, independed if correct with the real once. But AI traffic was always not correct landing in all FS versions in La Palma since FS9 and the AI engine of MSFS is still based on that. The special Terrain and Altihude situation there seams not to be handle correct here. But the related data are not part of the La Palma Airport addon, they are in base data of the Sim.
  7. Based on my Informationen I have from Aerosoft, there is no support for the VDGS Systems for Marketplace Versions of Scenery Products for the moment, not only EDDK. The Systems could only be „static“ Boxes for the moment. Aerosoft is in discussion with Microsoft about the way how to handle the need Modules in Marketplace Install. We (sim-wings) have the same problem in La Palma, Teneriffa and Gran Canaria.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Is GSX a Aerosoft Product? No. So, when you get a message of GSX please ask there first. Sode is also no Aerosoft Product and the offer to users who know how to handle the free Sode jetway Options opfert for Scenery addons you find here: But they are not part of the Product and so no part of Product support, Special when a other Product as GSX is involved.
  10. Yes, by the export for Version 1.1.0 I forget to enable the lights, will be fixed sasp.
  11. OPabst


    Would be nice, if you can minimum name the runway, where you see a tree and if you want to help the developer to fix it, add a screenshot of the Situation. I am 100% sure, that the developer never had seen a tree on his runways, so he needs more input to help.
  12. Its possible, that in the time after sim-wings designed the airport, the VDG-Systems are remove on this area, this can only be changed in a future update. But as the systems in the scenery are only „Dummies“ at the moment, the Differenz to the reality is only, that the Case is still there at the pole, but the Marshaller should be there too.
  13. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  14. The runway is much lower then the apron, but it is not allways possible to get it 100% identical to the real. We are maybe by 95% here. It based on the mesh data we have. And in which aircraft you was, when you talk you „don‘t remember“? Must be a very small aircaft, from a B737 or A320 you see it much different then in you screen. And to remember of FSX, where all was flat, we a very near to reality now. But there are still limitations in the terraforming of MSFS. So no bug here.
  15. Ok, then I have no idea, what happens there. The Terminal with the holder of the case (not visable on your screen, covered by the to low placed case) is set the same way in the code, only difference it is a normal sceneryLib object. Looks like the Sim handles them different in some conditions.
  16. I try another way to place the Case, maybe that fix this issue. - First make a Backup of the Gran Canary Package, so you can go back, if the test failed. - The unpack the attached file to the simwings-airport-gclp-gran-canaria folder and replace the Layout.json, manifest.json in the root folder and the GCLP_Airport.bgl in subfolder ..\scenery\sim-wings\GCLP This fix is only for testing, not yet offical, so use only on your own risk Also update the VDGS Library to minimum 1.3.0 via AerosoftONE, which is released today. Test_Update_Gran_Canaria_1-0-1.zip
  17. Looks like the Text is correct, but the case will no be where it has to be(to low) in some situations. I see such issues in MSFS with simobjects sometimes, when not placed snap to ground, like we need it here. Will check this in the code.
  18. OPabst

    Working VDGS

    I can only speak for the sim-wings products (Hamburg, Munich, Tennerifa, La Palma and Ibiza), where the Aerosoft VDGS Systems will be added, but we need some time, because some needed Developers are out of office for some days and the update/installer change must also be done.
  19. Update is available via ASUpdater für sim-wings Barcelona Professional in P3DV4 and P3DV5. An Update for Barcelona Evolution in FSX is send to Aerosoft, but I have no info yet, how it's provided to the customers .
  20. Update is done and checked, will be send to Aerosoft tomorrow, so maybe available this week.
  21. The Sode-On.bat as part of the Aerosoft product will not remove Sode files generated form other products of other sources. Cleanup the Sode folders of an Files releated to an Airport before you install another Product of the same Airport.
  22. Sim-wings will provide an Update, but could not say yet, how long it will take to do it.
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