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  1. Hi, I just purchased Frankfurt. I have installed it twice allready but the dynamic vehicles are still without textures. What is going wrong? I have also AES but there I have also some trouble becuase it doesn't work neither. Hugo
  2. Hi Oliver, Thank you! Your solution solved the problem, thanks again. Brgds, Hugo
  3. Hi, I have some ennoying problem: I am using a Rob Barendregt's gauge SelectCorrect (rcbse-10.zip in the AVSIM library)to select the engines (keys E, E-1, E-2 ...) but together with AES, it pauses FS2004 and schedules the AES page of the Aerosoft site. Very strange and annoying ... Looking to the XML code of the gauge, I don't see anything special. How can I avoid the problem? Hugo
  4. Hi Oliver, Thank you for this wonderful addon. But (there's always a "but" ) , UNNT is not recognized by AES on my system. What mechanism let AES recognize supported airports? I renamed the standard directory names from UNNT-2008 to UNNT and UNNT-2008-Terrain to UNNT-LC and they are placed in a sub folder "Russia" of Addon Scenery. Is that maybe the reason? Thanks in advance. Hugo
  5. hm

    Electricity poles

    Still no news? Hugo
  6. hm

    Electricity poles

    any news about an upgrade? Hugo
  7. hm

    Electricity poles

    Hi Shaun, I made two other screen shots, this time with coordinates: http://users.telenet.be/desi-iii/fsscr014.jpg and http://users.telenet.be/desi-iii/fsscr019.jpg Hope it helps you. Hugo
  8. hm

    Electricity poles

    Shaun, Yes, they disappear when Brussels is disabled but so is EBBR :cry: Hugo
  9. hm

    Electricity poles

    Hi Shaun, Here is a screenshot showing some of the electricity poles and billing boards. You see EBBR in the background: Hugo
  10. Hi, Since I have uploaded EBBR (Brussels) in FS9 a lot of electricity poles and billing boards, sometimes in clusters of many, are appearing in scenery in the north west of EBBR, even poles in the middle of the runway of EBGB. How I get rid of them? Hugo
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