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  1. PFPX, online wx with Sigmet option enabled at the top: Meanwhile on Skyvector: To clarify, the sigmet data in PFPX seems to only be missing in the US; I see sigmets all over the place in the rest of the world when I zoom out on the map.
  2. I got rid of my optimum altitude adjustment, and that seems to compute a more straightforward cruise profile.
  3. I can't think of what else would cause my issue, other than maybe I'm using US FLAG rules (Alaska is flag ops, even though it's technically in the US, same thing applies to Hawaii for example). Though I get this kind of result on almost any flight I try to dispatch with step climbs. Edit. also to clarify, while I am using PFPX online weather, my fuel profile is slightly modified - cruise bias is about -26% (which I imagine would make me carry less fuel and be lighter - get higher). My optimum altitude is decreased by -2000 ft - I know it seems like some weird modifications but I've found this to match the FlyJSim 732 pretty well. Even with all that though, while I'd understand slightly lower altitudes vs the default profile, what primarily annoys me is the constant climb and descent.
  4. My 732 is not max payload (and gave me a lower crz than you), and even still, why the constant climbs and descents? Just to chase less headwind?
  5. Take for example this simple route from Seattle to Juneau with the B732: YYJ J502 SSR PFPX spits out: SEA DCT YYJ/N0430F280 J502 ARRUE/N0431F280 J502 ROYST/N0432F280 J502 YZT/N0433F280 J502 PRYCE/N0433F280 J502 DUGGS/N0433F280 J502 HANRY/N0434F280 J502 ANN/N0437F260 J502 SSR In past versions of PFPX if I had step climbs they were few and made sense performance-wise. I could understand altitudes like this (maybe not this extreme) in Europe where there are a lot more restrictions but I'm at a loss here. I could of course do the entire route without step climbs, but that doesn't make sense economically.
  6. I think everyone gets the message but I'll chime in anyway Same problem here. I am on 2.03 and have a yearly server subscription, but I think the server might just be down for now.
  7. Also: Air Armenia and/or Armavia (yes I know Armavia is defunct now), and Czech Airlines
  8. Check the liveries section, Frontier is already there. My other requests have been requested by others, except for United Airlines.
  9. ICAO: UHHH NAME: Khabarovsk Novy Airport TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNERS: Sergei Permyakov LINK: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/airport-novy-uhhh-khabarovsk-for-fs2004-37733.html?action=comments
  10. ICAO: UTTT NAME: Tashkent International Airport TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNERS: Eugene Vygornitsky, Rashid Bektyakov, Igor Pan LINK: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/uttt-v2-tashkent-airport-scenery-update-vaild-from-24-feb-2012-complete-version-43389.html
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