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  1. Update: I managed to find another thread from long ago with the same issue, and Iv'e resolved it by checking "Airport NOTAMs". To my knowledge I had it disabled before and had no problems, so I wonder why the problem suddenly popped up again. Problem sorta solved, in any case.
  2. When I hit "release" flight I get the 'error chime' with no warning message or anything. This happens irrespective of which tail number/plane, aircraft type, OFP type, or city pair/route is being used. A little weird as I just made a flight plan two days ago and haven't changed anything since.
  3. My PFPX crashes to desktop after the weather fails to load in. My server subscription did expire a few days ago, but having an expired subscription shouldn't make the entire program crash?
  4. Also: Air Armenia and/or Armavia (yes I know Armavia is defunct now), and Czech Airlines
  5. Check the liveries section, Frontier is already there. My other requests have been requested by others, except for United Airlines.
  6. ICAO: UHHH NAME: Khabarovsk Novy Airport TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNERS: Sergei Permyakov LINK: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/airport-novy-uhhh-khabarovsk-for-fs2004-37733.html?action=comments
  7. ICAO: UTTT NAME: Tashkent International Airport TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNERS: Eugene Vygornitsky, Rashid Bektyakov, Igor Pan LINK: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/uttt-v2-tashkent-airport-scenery-update-vaild-from-24-feb-2012-complete-version-43389.html
  8. I'm using AES for FS9, and apparently DBS has a key command for CTRL+SHIFT+W, which also happens to be AES's command to open the main AES menu, and I cannot find anything in either of these programs manuals on how to change any key commands. I figured I'd ask you guys first, then maybe ask DBS about their product. Right now if I execute that key command, all it does is tilt the camera angle up (the DBS function for that hotkey combo). I get no AES menu. So, is there any way to change key commands for AES? Thanks.
  9. EDIT Disregard. Your suggestion of deleting the VistaMare folder worked. Thanks. Sorry I hadn't done it beforehand.
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