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  1. marvic

    Flaps at 0, but showing deployed.

    I have the same issue and the electric pumps solved the problem. Thanks.
  2. marvic

    The Airbus A220

    You can thank Boeing for the renaming of the C-Series. Glad to see Airbus got involved.
  3. marvic

    After Start Check List

    Mine did the exact same thing, it was the joystick, I re-calibrated it in Windows with the sim closed and re-calibrated in the sim. Good luck
  4. Which version of P3Dv4? 1, 2 or 3? looks like the issue that was from NOT using 4.3. reported earlier.
  5. marvic

    Engine Crank

    The reason that the A320 has a Crank mode is that it has an autostart function. Airbus has added the crank position for safety. The ignitors are isolated in this position. If you need to do a Wet motor over, you can select crank and then put the fuel/ignition to ON. This will feed fuel into the engine without ignition.
  6. I bet Aerosoft would be glad to do a NEO. Do you have complete access to a real A330 NEO and technical data?
  7. marvic

    My mistake

    I am going to put this here because I want those who are having issues to see that sometimes we are actually causing some silly issues. While I know that not all are the same or from the same root cause, nevertheless it was by my own doing. I was having an issue with the latest edition of the airbus family, The checklist would quit before 10,000ft and only start up when I completed the flight and turned off the runway. The issue was not there for the A318/19 so I kept testing and found out the simlauncher X was the culprit. First off I want to say the Marrten did a great job on this utility and he was very explicit in his instructions on using a default plane to start and switch when the sim was done loading, which I did.Still there is for now some sort of conflict, at least with my setup anyway. Anyway the plane is great, the support is great and looking forward to the service pack 1 and the next bus coming down the pipe Keep up the great work.
  8. Shift + 4 gets you the setup MCDU and the documentation is in the Airbus folder where aircraft is installed (Mine is installed here F:\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional, your may be in different location)
  9. marvic

    Complete powerloss mid light

    This happened to me as well. My case was not pushing the "generate loadsheet" in the fuel in the planner and running out of fuel.
  10. Did you fill in the CG and weights?
  11. marvic


    zero issues for me, and I fly on vatsim as well.
  12. indeed, great shots.
  13. marvic

    Ground rumble sound

    Sounds like this.
  14. marvic

    Airbus Pro bug

    on dirait que vous n'avez pas mis le CG. Dans la grande majorité des cas, cela a été causé par des informations manquantes. Les utilisateurs ont surtout oublié d'entrer les poids, etc. dans la page INIT B. Notez que ce n'est PAS un Boeing, la page INIT a deux pages dans un Airbus, INIT A, où vous remplissez la route et le vol, et INIT B où vous mettez les poids et les informations relatives au carburant. Désolé, le sujet est en anglais.
  15. marvic

    A318/A319 Pro pour P3DV4.3

    Heureusement que vos problèmes sont terminés, pour mettre à jour, utilisez le dispositif de mise à jour Aerosoft fourni avec le produit. Sélectionnez également la version bêta dans la configuration. Je mets à jour même si je n'ai pas de problèmes, il y a toujours des améliorations. Happy landings and clear skies.