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  1. Open the Aerosoft updater, click on the lower right tab "Configuration", check the box "Show experimental updates for my products" and click OK.. The update will appear on the main screen. the product will turn RED (Aerosoft A330), click on the update and the program will do the rest.
  2. Hi Rolf, there was no blinking light(s). the cargo and passenger were greyed out and the fuel was a solid green. which is odd considering the fuel was loaded first.
  3. Well, the checklist stopped again, no "before start checklist". Doors were closed, what I did to start it again, I clicked on init LOADSHEET and clicked on load fuel. the check list started.
  4. I just finished a flight after updating to and all checklist functions are working properly. With it was not. I had EZDOK V3 errors and only noticed them after the new update. Not sure if that had any bearing on the issue.
  5. Have you tried to set the chocks and turn off the park brake before you close the last door? That works for me.
  6. Well lets say this guy Steve would manage such a feat, would he be willing to share with the rest of the class?
  7. its NOT modeled since it is NOT a normal day to day operation.
  8. DO you have EZDOK? If so, try turning off the ground effects (shakes). EZDOK did affect the small busses for some.
  9. Just a suggestion, if you are using a weather program, try turning it off. Are you using the latest P3DV4.5 hotfix? hotfix 2 was released on 09/26/19 Also make sure you update any software that coincides with the hotfix. I.E. Active Sky has an update for the hotfix. Happy landings
  10. Finished a couple of flights on version and everything is working great. I hope everyone can have the same resolve. Cheers.
  11. ICAO: BGGH NAME: NUUK TYPE: Payware FS: FSX P3DV2 DESIGNER: FDSG LINK: http://fsdg-online.com/sceneries/41-nuuk.html
  12. As you can tell obviously, I am not FloRyan, I however can recommend you go to page one and read the first few posts and Mathijs has commented there will be no FS9 (2004) version.
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